This week in #sludgewave: GOLIATH “Inside My Mind” ft JOHNNY PLAGUE

Our friends in GOLIATH just dropped this new single featuring John from WINDS OF PLAGUE. You might notice that it is by far their best sounding material yet, courtesy of Eyal Levi. If you like this, stay tuned for more– they just tracked an EP with Eyal that should be out early next year.

Now, if we can only get Michael to write a song that’s less than 5 goddamn minutes long…

hard rock best form of music

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ABOUT THAT LIFE release new song “Pop Punk Sucks”

Check out our hot new single that we just dropped! Share it with your friends, especially if they like pop punk.


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‘Real Hardcore’ kids = literally worse than the holocaust

harms way kid


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Matty Mullins releases new video of himself walking down the street for 4 minutes

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.43.31 PM

‘A bit different than a typical music video’ = him sitting in the back of the mini cooper with the back hatch open while ms mullins drives

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Jonathan from FTSK is a real estate agent now

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.05.55 PM

“Look with Cook!”

It’s been a rough couple years for the boys in FTSK. Not only did they lose their main songwriter (Caleb), but singer Jonathan Cook got arrested for selling fake watches on eBay AND was sued for several million dollars by Rolex for trademark infringement. Something tells me that FTSK isn’t exactly raking in the cash these days, so it looks like he is looking toward the real estate game to pay those legal fees.

Jonathan’s appearance on D-level reality show Shipping Wars. As u can see, he is dripping in whatever the opposite of charisma is.

On the one hand, I feel kinda bad for kicking the guy while he’s down. And really, becoming a real estate agent is much less embarrassing than keeping FTSK together and wearing neon snapbacks at 32 years old. On the other hand, he is by all accounts kind of a creep and a bit of a dick so whatever. The main takeaway here is that this is the endgame for band guys: eventually the band runs out of steam, and you’re in your 30′s trying to start a career– only you’re 10 years behind your peers because you spent the last decade in a van instead of going to school or building your resume.

And remember, FTSK were more far more successful than literally 99.99% of bands, on a major label and everything. So this is actually an example of the UPPER end of outcomes for post-band life… at least he’s not barbacking or answering the phones at a tattoo shop like some guy who was in DONNYBROOK or TERROR for 1.5 tours :/

Their latest video. Bums me out a) how crappy the song is and b) how they all look so old and haggard and dirty :/

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 6.06.08 PM

if ur looking to buy an empty lot in the Dallas suburbs, Jonathan has you covered!

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If u fetishize 90s NYHC, check out NOECHO.NET


Lately I’ve spent a lot of time complaining about sites like Noisey and NPR jizzing over 80s/90s hardcore– people who would never dream of giving it a word of praise when it was actually relevant. And while I am sure that I will spend a great deal more time complaining about that in the future, in the mean time I thought I would give a shoutout to my friends at NO ECHO.

NO ECHO is a relatively new site run by my IRL friend Carlos Ramirez, a Queens native who played in the power violence band BLACK ARMY JACKET, and my internet friend Andrew who did the excellent site Aversionline for quite a few years. Think of it as Noisey, only if instead of new jack hipsters, it was run by guys who were actually part of the 90s hardcore scene– who actually went to go see bands like MERAUDER play to 14 people in some Brooklyn shithold rather than just sing their praises on Instagram.

If you’re not into NYC MAYHEM, we’re not friends

The site covers way more than just hardcore/metal, but if you’re reading this that’s probably the stuff you will be most interested in. I really dig their interviews for being a great balance of genuine appreciation of the “good old days” with the perspective that comes from age. Do yourself a favor and dig thru the entire archives, but here’s a few favorites of mine:


Freddy Madball


The graffiti/hardcore connection


The Sunset Skins (w Minus and Jorge of MERAUDER)

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more evidence of the impending neon revival: SILVERSTEIN’s new website

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 9.07.54 AM

Only thing that could have made this more perfect would be a zany genre description like “crunk / reggae / grindcore”

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.37.42 AM

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Jello Biafra goes on longwinded, cringy rant about selfies

feeling super embarrassed that not only does grandpa jello have an excessively strong, unsolicited opinion about selfies, he can’t even figure out how to take a horizontal video so it fits nicely on youtube. also the part at the very end where he calls it ‘farcebook’ *cringe emoji*


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BREAKING NEWS: ENPEDESTALMENT releases new single “DICKSQUAD” *please read*

(ft Samantha from GUTTURAL SLUG on vocals)

If u love Sergeant D and controversial new artists ENPEDESTALMENT, please visit them on Bandcamp and purchase one of their releases (we recommend the ENPEDESTALMENT/DEPRESSED TEENAGER “Love Slam” split 7″). Please note that a real supporter of Sergeant D will *PURCHASE* his music, not simply take advantage of his willingness to provide free downloads!!!



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