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If you like R&Bcore, check out Atlas Uncharted

This band is best known for their R&B cover of About That Life by Attila, so I was unsure of how good their original material would be, but they just released a new video and it’s actually really sweet! The R&Bcore genre is still so small so I hope these guys can help move it forward.

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The Current State of Scenecore 2k15 (new songs from We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire, Asking Alexandria)

I’ve been concerned for the future of scenecore for quite some time now but now that 3 of the biggest bands in the scene have just released new tracks, I think we can get a pretty good feel for the state of the genre.

First off, I just wanna say that Denis Shaforostov, now known as Denis Stoff (I guess he changed his name to sound more Anglo) is one lucky dude. It seems like the band he was in before he replaced Danny as the vocalist for AA really wasn’t going anywhere. And now he’s the front-man for one of the biggest bands in the genre. How AA became one of the biggest bands in the genre is baffling to some, considering they started out as a British Attack Attack rip off band (at times in a very literal sense). Then Attack Attack slowly lost relevance and broke up while Asking Alexandria catapulted their way to the top. It’d basically be like if Neck Deep got 20 times bigger than The Story So Far and then TSSF disbanded and became borderline forgotten. I think Denis’ old band Make Me Famous copied quite a bit from Asking Alexandria so I guess it’s like a dude cheating off a dude who cheated off a dude in an exam. Nothing wrong with that, they all got high grades IMO. The question is will they be able to remain relevant? Or will the hype only fade? This song is pretty watered down and boring to me and I wish they would go back to tr00 scenecore but I guess tr00 scenecore might not be what kids want to hear these days. Seems as if their party days are over. Srs/meaningful rock songs only.

Speaking of tr00 scenecore, I’ve got to hand it to Memphis May Fire, they seem to really not want to back down from their OG risecore sound. Perhaps they have noticed the dangers of bands changing their sound because it can jeopardize their fan-base (like when Four Year Strong went dad rock for one album). Perhaps Matty already fulfills all his desires to make frivolous music through his solo material. I predict that Memphis May Fire will become the Pennywise of scenecore and just keep releasing the same album over and over. Unfortunately this album includes high levels of mediocrity and often times cringey lyrics. But it’s still tr00 risecore so I commend them for that. No traces of hard rock or nu-metal to be found.

Speaking of hard rock, WOW, We Came As Romans totally ditched their scenecore roots on this new song, which I can’t find on YouTube so here’s a video of a guy reviewing it (link to the song is here). No dirty vocals. No breakdowns. Minimal synth. Are We Came As Romans even relevant anymore? Their last album charted a lot higher than I thought it would (8 on billboard) but at the same time, it seems like not many people really care about them or talk about them anymore ever since their original fan-base decided to start jocking La Dispute and Touche Amore or whatever other wannabe-euro tumblrcore act. I predict that they will become the Nickelback of scenecore. Like, a super big band but hard to trace where the massive fan-base is coming from.

So that’s my take on it. What are your opinions on these bands’ new songs? Are you anticipating any of their new albums?

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Buy Fronz from ATTILA’s new cologne (srs)

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 8.59.09 PM

i hope it smells like a mix of tanning oil and that victoria’s secret citrus spray that girls spray in the bathroom after they go #2. they think that it actually covers up the smell of the poop, when in reality it just smells like a mix of fake orange scent and poop and it’s somehow even worse than just the smell of their poop by itself.

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Remember when bands used to rip off For The Fallen Dreams?


Despite having a name that epitomizes the words “generic metalcore”, For The Fallen Dreams was actually a pretty unique band. They started off playing “old school deathcore” and probably could have rode that train to mild success (they probably needed a bit more “br00tal” of a name though), but instead they said “fuck it” and pioneered their own genre, which eventually became known on here as “srscore”, also known as “meaningful mosh” (or as I liked to call it “melodic moshcore”). They gained quite a bit of popular, then had like 50 lineup changes and now probably have the most ex-members of any band besides Liferuiner (that’s a whole other story). I’m not sure if they’re even that relevant today but kids back then felt the urge to copy them. (yeah I know I used quotation marks like 50 times in this paragraph, IDGAF) ((I use parentheses a lot too))

TFW euros jock your sound! The melodic leads and breakdowns w/gang vox remind me of a lot of FTFD’s first album “Changes”. The whole “let’s really slow things down and get sort br00tal to show that we’re not just pussies” breakdown at 2:09 is also a signature element of FTFD.

These guys are srs business. I love the scene hair/basketball jersey combo that the singer is rocking. These guys incorporate a bit of clean singing into the music like FTFD eventually did.

Those words wouldn’t hold much weight in the court of mosh.

I didn’t know any of these types of bands made it to a label, but apparently these guys did, so props to them! To be honest, whatever they were trying to achieve with those creepy sound effects in the middle of the song kinda failed. Sounds like something they’d play inside a haunted house ride at the fair. But the breakdowns still go hard so it’s all hood.

You’d have to be delusional (no pun intended) to think that a band like this was made specifically to sell records. They were obviously made specifically to sell youth large t-shirts and rubber wristbands.  


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State of the pop-punk union 2k15: tr00 is OUT, fun mallpunk is IN

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 11.36.24 AM

It’s kind of amazing that SYWH is now 6 years old, and as such has been around long enough to see the trends change a few times. Back when I started this thing, BROKENCYDE were at their peak of buzz, OF MICE & MEN were a brand new band best known for their LADY GAGA cover, and easycore was the dominant flavor of pop-punk. Then as we all know, the tr00nami hit, washing away MySpace, neon, major-key breakdowns and everything else we loved, replacing it with a sea of black-and-grey merch, braying donkey vocals, and sadboi bullshit.

But friends, WE MADE IT! We knew if we just kept the faith that this day would come, and here it is: tr00 is definitely on the way out, and fun is BACK in pop-punk. Don’t believe me? Think how long it’s been since anyone gave a shit about MAN OVERBOARD, CITIZEN, TRANSIT and the other tr00 hype bands of 2012. Seems like a different world, doesn’t it??

Don’t get me wrong, tr00 is still here, but it’s dying. Think of this as a transitional year like 2011, when all the crabcore bands were at their peak but clearly about to take a fall. Tr00 is still a force to be reckoned with, but right beneath the surface is an ez/fun revival about to boil over. Mark your calendars so you can answer the question, “Where were YOU when tr00 died??”

Supporting evidence:

Exhibit 1: Perhaps the most obvious and meaningful example is FOUR YEAR STRONG returning to their easycore roots after putting out a bunch of crappy rock albums that nobody liked. Given that FYS were one of the main reasons easycore died in the first place, it is a very significant move. On the one hand you could make fun of them for transparently caving into fan demands, but on the other hand it’s kind of cool and I wish more bands would have this kind of customer service!

fys revival shirt

A few years ago FYS wrote a butthurt song called “Fairweather Fan” about how if ur a REAL fan, u wouldn’t ask them to play breakdowns and synth parts. Fast forward to 2015 and they are embracing the same fans with open arms. Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.

Exhibit 2: Just a couple years ago, you could charitably describe NECK DEEP as “The British TSSF,” but their new album is pure hollistercore goodness, like if I CALL FIVES were still around (and people actually cared about them). Or actually, now that I think about it, like a slightly tr00 version of SIMPLE PLAN lol. In the same way as FYS are kind of the torchbearer’s of the last generation of pop-punk, ND are one of the hotter commodities in the new generation, so it is noteworthy to see this happening on both ends of the pop-punk spectrum.

Exhibit 3: Speaking of hollistercore and americaneaglecore, this STATE CHAMPS song and video would not be at all out of place playing on the monitor in the back of either of those stores while some cute, slightly-slutty-in-all-right-ways mainstream girl shops for a crop top to go with her new white jeans. I feel like this is indicative of what to expect from the next wave of a pop-punk, a weird-but-awesome combination of tr00 and mallpunk.

Exhibit 4: Lots of newer mid-level/up-and-coming bands playing stuff that sounds straight out of 2008/2009 like SEASONS CHANGE (above), BROADSIDES, SETTLE YOUR SCORES, and so forth. Basically, this is the default template for new bands on No Sleep/Pure Noise/etc.

is my band ez

Exhibit 5: If you’ve ever had the misfortune of looking at the “Defend Easycore” group on Facebook, you know that it’s about 3,000 annoying tryhards who basically just parrot memes that me and Alex Bigman made up years ago. And it’s full of new bands like this one who are all tripping over themselves to be validated as “ez.” Beyond embarrassing, yes, but also solid evidence that the next wave of bands are going to be more 2008 than 2012.

deck neep

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jarrod allonge parodies over 20 metalcore songs in medley

The best part is at the end when he does a Downfall Of Us All/Stick Stickly mash-up and unintentionally creates #ezcrab.

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check out the new NECK DEEP song/video

I love this song. They have come a long way since being a mid tier TSSFcore band. I like how they keep getting poppier. If they continue progressing at this rate their fourth album will sound like Ariana Grande. Congratulations Neck Deep!

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bands that never got anywhere then disappeared: OG moshcore edition

When I first got into the music scene, most kids who went to a lot of shows could fall into one of two categories: those who were into fake/mall emo (The Used, Silverstein etc) and those who were into OG mosh (Hatebreed, Throwdown). So basically you were either a tough guy or a pussy. I never felt like I fit into either of these categories, but in retrospect I’m probably mostly just a pussy. Well, if fake emo/mall screamo is making a comeback, then maybe OG moshcore can too. I mean, Expire is only a few open string breakdowns away from sounding like these bands, so who knows. If this stuff DOES become trendy again, then here is a list of super unknown bands you can’t flaunt to your friends

Death Sentence were beyond heavy and it sucks that they’re so unheard of. Having a super generic ass name doesn’t help their popularity either and makes them hard to search for (the first thing that popped up when I searched “death sentence band” on YouTube was this rly bad recordcollectorcore band from the early 80′s). They have a few other songs you can listen to on their MySpace. Goodluck finding one of their albums or demos or whatever though. Also, this is probably the best band on the list, so if you think these guys suck then you should probably stop reading now.

These guys look like the typical tough guy hardcore kids who would wear gym shorts 24/7 and try to look intimidating at shows but secretly hid in their room and cried while listening to Saosin albums when no one was around. Pretty sweet lyrics in this song, “I’m bigger than Hitler and I’m bigger than JEEESSUS”.

To be honest, I have no idea who these guys are/were, I just think “Speechless At Gunpoint” is an amazing band name.

See above ^. Someone really needs to start a band in this vein called “Bust A Cap In Your Ass”.

These guys were kinda popular locally, across the river from where I live (on the French side, grose). It reminds me of this one time I saw this French dude at a show wearing Throwdown shirt and walking around with a cane, which he apparently had with him for street cred.


tfw the only person who has your band’s tattoo is a member of your band. In this picture we are presented with a tough guy conundrum: do you let your leg hair continue to get in the way of your ink, or do you shave your legs like a girl?

These guys were pretty sweet and I think their songs were a bit better written than lots of moshcore bands. They sound like they have been able to play their instruments for at least a year before this recording.

I’M MOSHING. These guys have some of the better mosh riffs I’ve heard. Unfortunately, like a lot of these bands, the production could be better. Dat key change at 1:57 doe!

This band is pre-Trapped Under Ice. You can hear a lot of TUI in their music, which I guess maybe makes them Real Hardcore™, not OG moshcore, but whatever.

These guys don’t really have anything that stands out about them. Then again, neither do most bands on this list hence why this is a “bands that never went anywhere” list. Their breakdowns go p hard tho.

BACK OF THA NECK. The wignorance is strong in this one. Although apparently this band started as a joke according to their page.

Have you ever even heard of any of these bands? Are there are any forgotten OG mosh bands that you like? Do you still own your black combat hat and camo shorts from 2003? Did you take things too far and get a regrettable brass knuckles tattoo?

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Fronz from Attila signs It Lives, It Breathes

not sheriff super advanced or rise records back burner circa 2011

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