Ex-Attack Attack! singer starts new EPIC SCREAMO band on Craigslist

My good bros at Weedsteeler found the following listing on Columbus’ Craigslist. As they pointed out, it is 99% certain that this is the recently-departed singer for crabcore pioneers Attack Attack.

A few notes:

  1. What is the difference between regular/orthodox/standard/basic screamo and EPIC SCREAMO?? Is that like a plain donk and a BANGIN DONK??
  2. Love the “MUST HAVE PRO GEAR AND IMAGE” bit, just like the “musicians wanted” ads that filled local papers back in the hair metal days
  3. Why is he resorting to Columbus’ Craiglist to find new members?! Did he burn ALL his industry bridges or something?? He might as well put up a note on the fucking Westerville South High corkboard at this rate (Yes, I am aware that they are from Cbus)

Thanks to Weedsteeler (Twitter)! Also check out SYWH/Weedsteeler bros Homage Clothing (Twitter)

More on Attack Attack! and crabcore for the few who haven’t read about it already

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9 Responses to Ex-Attack Attack! singer starts new EPIC SCREAMO band on Craigslist

  1. Burch says:

    Epic screamo must be some kind of screamo/power metal fusion. The dude's probably ready to crank out the riffs after visiting Blind Guardian's back catalog.

  2. shawn says:

    I'm thinkin we should email and actually try and start this band…

    Btw it's weedsteeler.com thanks for the shout my dude

    epic crabdonkcore Columbus style

  3. Sergeant D says:

    Whoops, sorry dude- fixed!

    I'm down for whatever band you wanna do whenever!!

  4. Jake says:

    Bahaha, excellent. Even if I hate Attack Attack!, I'm also a total bandwhore who will join just about anything for money and/or groupies, so I'd be down to play bass. I also want that shirt at the beginning of the article, for some reason.

  5. Matt from Denver says:

    That crabcore gif is the greatest thing on the internet ever.

  6. Eyelicker says:

    dammit! all the good band opportunities are in America!

  7. steve says:

    shawn, i'm in. i don't have pretty hair but i do have a 19 y/o girlfriend whos clothes i can borrow.

  8. Darsh says:

    Even HJ Freaks busts out some crab moves in his latest video!


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