Scene Hair: Z0MG UR Doing It Wrong

I am a huge fan of CHAINREACTIONCORE, comprised of the many Orange County moshcore bands who played at the legendary OC venue Chain Reaction in the 90s and 00s. At the center of that scene is Javier Van Huss– if Keith Barney is the John Lennon of CHAINREACTIONCORE, Jav is the Paul McCartney, having done time in just about every bands including 18 Visions, Bleeding Through, Throwdown, the Mistake, and Enewetak. He also runs the excellent hardcore-war-stories blog Some Dudes Tell Stories, which is an amazing trip down memory lane for those of us who came up in the 90s West Coast hardcore scene.

The “classic 18V lineup,” featuring Brandon who left for Bleeding Through, Ken on drums and Jav on bass. And of course Jame Shart on vocals!

Aside from being a blogger and the definitive CHAINREACTIONCORE bassist, he is also a hair stylist. It would not be an exaggeration to say that 18 Visions during the Jav years laid the foundation for what we know as “scene” today, so all you kids should probably listen to the dude who arguably invented this shit! I am thrilled to present the first of what I hope will be many posts from Jav– thanks bro, you are really touching some lives here!! The kids need you!

- Sgt D

Hi. I’m Jav, and I hate Scene Hair.

Not for the reason you might think (because it looks fucking ridiculous), but because YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. How can I make this judgment, you may ask? Well, when you have been doing hair for over ten years, and you have taught in some of the most prestigious beauty schools in the country, and learned from the best hairstylists in the world, then YOU can be the judge too!

I did my first Scene haircut while I was still in beauty school, in 1999, on a young Jame Shart.

No matter where I go it seems, 10 years later I’m still known as “that guy who used to play in 18 Visions (when it was good)”. And yes, we DID have a hand in helping the young “scene” look. I did my first Scene haircut while i was still in beauty school, in 1999, on a young James Hart. He wanted this Scene haircut similar to the girls in South County at the time, a haircut we called either DUCK BUTT or THE SHOTGUN BLAST: Short and spiky in the back, long and bob-like in the front, possibly with bangs.

This look is still cultivated today, mainly by 15-18 year old boys who’s waist size is about as big as my 7 year old daughter. Some people call these jerks fgtz, but I would rather look at Johnny Scene than some hipster riding a fixed gear with a Padawan tail and ironic moustache. Now, THOSE guys are FGTZ!!!

I’ve been trying to trace the roots and history of Scene hair, but i can only tell you what inspired US in the beginning: ORGY. The techno-goth-rocker-industrial-glam playboys who scored a minor hit with their cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday“. Every day on our way to beauty school, James and I would pass by the Virgin Megastore in Costa Mesa, and see these GIANT posters of the members of Orgy. These jerks had pointy hair and lipgloss and eyeliner and we were transitioning from wearing JNCOs with basketball jerseys to having to wear all black for school.

As a snobby hairstylist, I hate scene hair because it does look fucking stupid 95% of the time, but I also hate it because it’s DIY.

Keep in mind, flat irons weren’t really around yet (only the awesome black and gold Hot Tools ones), so we had to make our hair straight by using half a can of Murray’s a week. We started playing around with coloring our hair because it was easily accessible to us at school. Soon, we were spray painting everything gold and licking everything in sight. And trust me, people fucking hated us. I still read about how we RUINED the scene.

After a couple of years, bands like From Autumn To Ashes started picking up on the “fashioncore” thing, and it spread from there to bands like From First To Last, and then out of control. Soon, teens from Los Angeles to Leeds were running to MAC and HOT TOPIC to out-Scene one another.

With the advent of the internet, high speed connections, and YouTube, it soon became easy to take matters into your own hands when it came to your hair. You no longer had to try and find someone to try and do your hair, you could go to a website and buy color, extensions, or find how-to’s. You could just click on YouTube and see some 15 year old asshole cutting her own hair with a fucking BIC RAZOR.

This video makes me sick to my stomach. Watching this idiot butcher her own hair make the anger sharks swim. Sure, we’ve all had hair emergencies, and had to take matters into our own hands, or experimented with hair color, but this is just insane. I used to show videos like this in my classroom, to demonstrate what NOT to do, and after a few minutes the air was like with *gasps* and general comments like OMG! WTF?, and plenty of LOLZ.

I really do respect your right to be Scene, I am just telling you right now that I can do it better than you.

As a snobby hairstylist, I hate scene hair because it does look fucking stupid 95% of the time, but I also hate it because it’s DIY. Yes, the “punk” aesthetic has crept it’s way into Scene somehow. So, what’s wrong with a little DIY? Well, IT FUCKING TAKES FOOD OUT OF MY CHILD’S MOUTH, YOU FUCKING TWAT. Yes, I make money off of doing hair, and when you butcher your shit in the mirror at home, it takes business away from me. Plus, I CAN DO IT BETTER THAN YOU. And if you watch most of the videos on YouTube about doing your own hair, it’s little girls who most assuredly still live at home and don’t pay for SHIT, so I’m sure can afford to pay at least a little to make sure you don’t look like a fucking neon raccoon.

Now, I wouldn’t trust just ANYONE to do Scene hair, because to tell you the truth most people that do hair SUCK at it anyway. I would suggest giving your stylist a mini-interview. Start with some basic questions:

  • “OMG did you see the new Millionaires video?”
  • “Which do you like better, Johnny Cupcakes or Umbrella?”
  • “Can you make me look Scene?”

If your hairstylist either has no idea what you are talking about or tells you get the fuck out of their chair, it’s time to look for a new stylist.

Now, I realize that Scene is all about individuality and expressing your inner creativity, but I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about approaching someone who looks Scene and telling them “ZOMG UR Doing it wrong, let me fix it”. So why don’t I? Well believe it or not, I really don’t want to offend these people (at least to their face). I really do respect your right to be Scene, I am just telling you right now that I (or hopefully another hairstylist) can do it better than you.

If you don’t believe me, come see me to get your hair done.

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36 Responses to Scene Hair: Z0MG UR Doing It Wrong

  1. Eyelicker says:

    "I would rather look at Johnny Scene than some hipster riding a fixed gear with a Padawan tail and ironic moustache. Now, THOSE guys are FGTZ!!!"

    Amen to that brother!

    I'd let you scene up my hair if I hadn't just shaved it off

  2. fagtronic. says:

    hahaha as a fellow hair stylist [an former 2006 sceney weeney] i applaud you

  3. dirty judas says:

    I was 8 years old when my father first played the game. He told me that it was something all fathers did with their big boys. I didn't believe him even then but I've always been taught to respect and obey my father and mother. Mostly my father because he was an ill tempered man with a heavy hand. The game was me, naked and on all fours while he, naked and red with anger shoved his fingers inside of me. I would bite my bottom lip so hard that I tasted blood. I tried to hold back the tears but they flowed down my shirt and onto the floor. The game would last long enough so that a puddle of tears would accumulate on the floor and make my hands slip and I was constantly adjusting myself so as not to fall. Once I made the mistake of falling. He beat me unconscious and I awoke with him inside of me. Not with his fingers, but with his…Well, enough of that. As a grown man I look back at those days and wonder if there is anything particular that I did wrong to deserve such punishment. Maybe I was born the wrong sex. Would he do this to his little girl? Probably. He was a wicked man. And that is exactly why I am writing this while sitting next to his bloodied corpse and dismembered head. Fuck you, dad. Fuck you.

  4. DRR7 says:

    Ha! I've been reading Jav on the notpop boards for years. I just thought he was in 18V during their coloring everything gold phase, didn't know he was a such a legend.

    As for the roots of "scene hair" there probably has to be a nod to JP and the whole San Diego "spock rock thing" (ditto the tight pants and white belts). I recall that look sharing equal time with the Kate Gosselin before it dominated. Scene also wasn't very colorful in the early aughts either.

    This transformation still astounds me 10 years later. Not the look itself, there were no shortage of style victims by the 90's, but how Hardcore went from being bad metal played by dudes in JNCOs & custom SNAPCASE basketball jerseys to bad metal played by dudes who look like they were in kajagoogoo in such a short time. Turns out a couple of xTOUGHx boys saw a couple of posters of ORGY & thought "I want to be that". I never cease to be amazed/disappointed by Hardcore.

  5. Drogomir says:

    Ha, when a professional hairdresser who invented scene hair calls you fgtz, it's pretty safe to say u iz fgtz.

  6. FATRABBIT says:

    i want to take food out of your child's mouth, then beat you to death with a chair leg. thank fuck coloring's carcinogenic.

  7. Anonymous says:

    first of all your obv not scene. and your prolly older. old ppl hate scene kids. thus he'll make fun of girls or guys who actually have awsome hair. Vanna Venom has retarted hair too but KIDS will like it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why do scene kids always say their so original and shit when they all look the fucking SAME! Saying rawr all the time and being 'obsessed' with gummy bears and dinosaurs does not make you FUCKING original in anyway!!! >:O

  9. Eazy Mothafuckin E says:

    Ha! I can't believe he said "Orgy"! I saw 18V years ago on their first tour, and my friend who was "cool" and "scene" (or whatever fascimile of scene back then…whatever it was called..) was like "Dude you gotta see 18V! They're like the Orgy of Hardcore!" He was excited and titillated by this. I decided right then and there that I hated them, before I ever heard them.
    And I still hate them.
    But dude uptop is right- don't forget the spockrock thing. OR the MakeUp (band). OR their precedent, Nation Of Ulysses. What these little rascals call "scene" today owes a huge debt to these people/bands. The saddest part of "scene" is the complete lack of context/void of historical realization. These kidz think they just rolled out of bed one day and invented Scene in a matter of days.
    Fcuk 18V.

  10. Eazy Mothafuckin E says:

    What do you get when you mix one part Velvet Revolver with one part Buckcherry and throw in the singer from a mildly successful "hardcore" band?….
    Ugghhh… now I wanna throw up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    scene pepz are awsum. people just dont like them because they are really pretty and decide to be different instead of the classic bitch popular girl

  12. Anonymous says:

    Theres a lot of
    kids who try to be scene;
    And its really annoying because,
    its so obvious that they dont noe
    wtf there doing?
    ITs lyk really?
    ive been scene for 2 yrs now,
    i see new scene kids tryen so hard
    everyday at school.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh Jav I fucking love you, you're hilarious and correct.
    The sad thing is, scene should be dead already but these kids that live in podunk backwards ass towns are just now hearing about it and keeping it going like it was all brand new. Dumb asses.

  14. Anonymous says:

    ok i want to make this clear.

  15. Anonymous says:

    i dont realy know much about scene, but i realy want a new look,not like my hair now. i have straight hair with no bang! to it!. it anoyz me. i just want something to make me feel like me, cuz the hair i have makes me feel, wrong and to girly. i reALY DONT LIKE THE big puffy hair thing going on, BUT i do agree, just because u have a bow in your hair doesnt make u scene.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Stupid Orange County fucks always taking credit for what they did not "invent". If not for San Diego and Hollywood, you wouldn't have known which direction to take. Ironic that such a waste of a county is in between two superior ones. Bury your past underneath that putrid Orange Curtain and rid our memories of the atrocities you and your kind created for not only our ears but also our eyes. Lies, lies, lies (on shit) like flies, flies flies. Once you all realized XXXL JNCO jerseys and bandanas were as passé as the pop punk and purple shorts that were vandalizing eyes and ears before your scene, your collective egos inflated to the point of Roseanne Barr-sized blimps and you came to realize…. holy fuck! Drugs > sXe. Frauds not gods! Frauds not gods! The end.
    -Johnny P.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i was always told if you call yourself scene you are not scene. And if its about being yourself then how on earth are people doing it wrong? so now there are rules on how to be original? wow.

  18. Samantha says:

    jus cuz sum scene kids r doin der hair wrong doesnt mean all the rest r. i,ve seen tons of kids with totally bitchin hair. nd jus cuz its not lik it was bak in ur time doesnt mean it looks bad.

  19. dm says:

    this is the gayest fucking thing i have ever read in my life.

  20. hoolpa says:

    HEY don't diss Orange County!
    I live there >.<

    and yes I hate when ppl do it wrong.
    I also plan to go to Toni&Guy :D
    but I hate when ppl DIY
    cuz there are blindspots and it looks all crooked and choppy and they straghten it so much their hair looks like dryed up hay and its so full of split ends :P

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dude I love scene people there hair is totally BOMB!!!
    my friend is scene and i lovve there clothes makeup and style im not scene because i know i look horible with scene makeup and hair and all that but yeah i love it!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    i wanna suck some cocks please

  23. Kenzi says:

    To Jav: Was the peacock inculded with the duck ass and shotgun blast? I have a peacock right now… it looks similar, like a fair mix of both.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I can understand if you actually know how to do hair. Alot of chicks I see who do their own hair "scene" And Bleach it. It turns orange. Seriously. Go to a salon so you dont look like a retard. Its called toner, btw. It usually helps with orange hair. But. Hey, Gives me something to laugh at

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  26. anon says:

    wow, a bold stance against DIY. now that’s authentically HC.

    maybe you shouldn’t have had a kid on a hairdresser’s salary?

  27. stephenix says:

    My ranting stance on scene hair is that it developed as a sort of gay ‘caring-too-much’ version of punk hair because punks do crazy shit with their hair but it’s never primped or anything and looks like they did it to be punk but they’re not really trying to make it pretty.

    Then some dumb teen thinks it’s oh-so-cool to be punk but is too self-conscious to have punk hair that looks bad and puts so much effort into it we get scene.

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  30. Jacob says:

    Yeah right! Flock of Seagulls started that shit!

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  32. Amy says:

    Well those “little girls” That do their own hair can actually make it look good, believe me, I know tons of people who have gone to hairstylists including myself, brought pictures of and explained what cut they wanted and it ends up looking like a fucking RATS NEST. And if we can do our own hair why should we pay you like, $80 when you’re bashing on the scene style and will probably shave any girls head if she asks for that cut when we can just do it for free for ourselves.

  33. Garrrrr says:

    this sounds nothing like asking alexandria :(

  34. Anonymous says:

    Horrible horrible horrible

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