This bro posted the above pic of himself in a thread entitled “Kids who used to be scene and blatantly took a 180.” Courtesy of Bridge 9:

Hahaha, I’m surprised anybody remembers this, makes me feel important…or makes you guys look like pathetic losers, either way I enjoy it. That was my first encounter with the b9 when the thread was sent to me and I’m pretty sure I tried to defend myself…oh how naive to the b9′s ways I was. I also had a hate thread on a purevolume board and pretty sure NWhardcore the same week. Oh well, got me lots of scene pussy and it brings the lolz. 

I’m sure he did/does get “lots of scene pussy,” and there is def something to be said for that. But I am going to say that posting pics of yourself on the internets wearing girl undies is 1000000000000000000x more embarrassing than whatever bro-props you might get from banging from some random scene mattress. And as a B9 poster asked, WHO IS TAKING THIS PICTURE????

He should wear some of these shorts in his next set of mirror shots

Cheers to my bros from NWHardcore and B9 for providing a venue in which this bro can shame himself, you guys are legit!!

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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  1. mastad0ninfantry says:

    i lol'd at the idea of a scene mattress.

  2. cornholio says:

    how many times do i have to say it, everyone listen to THE FETALS! or

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