WIGGED & CONFUSED: When U Run Out Of Gancha

The mellow-reggae-stoner-bro is one of the most objectionable versions of wigged & confused, combining the most annoying aspects of hippies with the general wretchedness of wiggers. In this video, a group of teens play an amazing reggae song entitled “When U Run Out Of Gancha.” It’s everything you hate about white reggae and bad high school punk, all rolled into one!

Hey mon

I haven’t been nailed 2 the X for a long time, but things like this make me consider the idea of being ironically straightedge just to have an excuse to hit these kids in the face with a hammer.

(I think someone emailed/Tweeted this to me, but I forget who– sorry!)

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7 Responses to WIGGED & CONFUSED: When U Run Out Of Gancha

  1. Anonymous says:

    Even 311 and 24-7 Spyz had to start somewhere. You love it dontcha Sarge? At least they ain't bland emo froots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wiggers are QUALITY people, dude…

  3. IndieFaceKillah says:

    So much here to be shocked by…

    0:00: Guitar-bro has a Misfits sticker on his axe! WHAT.

    0:17-0:25: Backwards-cap bro has a dose of unrequited love for singer-bro. Either that or he's deaf and doesn't know the lyrics and has to lip-read them. Either way, a touching scene of bro-love.

    0:36: Camera-bro obviously hasn't run out of 'gancha' since he thinks zooms on people's boring t-shirts is worthwhile content for music videos.

    0:51: A hideous ghost! No, a drummer. This guy honestly looks like you'd see him for one frame in a Japanese horror movie and fucking shit yourself. 'Did I just see that?'

    1:40: Guitarist: 15 year old bro or homely art school chick of unknowable age? Whichever it is, yikes.

    2:06: Wait, actual APPLAUSE? These fuckers were performing for an AUDIENCE? At least they seem to realise how bogus any praise they get will be, as they just shamble off looking suitably humiliated and not flashing a single peace sign.

    And that's not even commenting on the lyrics, which to be fair were TOTALLY RADICAL.

    PS I'm nail'd 2 the X and basically I want to hang out with these guys, they seem chill… but if they got out their 'band gear', yeah, the hammers would definitely come out…

  4. Sergeant D says:

    Wow, epic comment, you outdid my post haha! Totally missed the insanely creepy drummer but YIKES!!! He should be in The Ring.

  5. Ultrafucker says:

    Pretty sure these guys are "taking the piss" as they say on the British isles. From the lethargic performance to the dudes not knowing the lyrics via the improbable Misfits sticker (covering up a big hole where dude pulled out the neck pickup, I suspect) on a pointy-headstocked guitar and interest for playing some value of a solo in this shit.

    Did you see the other vidio with the same band? Vocalist dude shows off an odd Misfits influence what with singing out loud but not into the mic.

  6. Tom says:

    They were a band called "Mental Note" and they played on a Canadian public access show in 1992.


  7. Anonymous says:

    "Mental Note" is 10x cooler than any tool who took any effort whatsoever to tear them down on the internet almost two decades later, much less anyone who broke it down by seconds. Love these goofy fucking kids. Fuck You, "IndieFaceKillah".

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