NEW JAMZ: Fail Emotions [via epic trancecore]

Two things we cover fairly often here on SYWH are screamo and Eurodance, but I never thought the two worlds would collide… until now. Hailing from the frozen tundra/luxury shopping mecca of Russia comes Fail Emotions, a new EPIC TRANCECORE band that I am really digging. They’re far from the first band to do this style, but I think they are the first to really get it right. For whatever reason, I could never really get into Enter Shikari, I think maybe because they didn’t really take the trance elements far enough?? As you will see below, that’s the last thing you could accuse Fail Emotions of. They really put the TRANCE in TRANCECORE!

Their debut single/video “Makes Bad” [via Engrish song title]

Back in the early 90s, it was all about cassette “maxi-singles” of the latest RnB songs [via Blackstreet/Boyz 2 Men]. Perhaps Victory will add maxi-singles to their “package deals”??

This shit slaps! I really like how they wear their guitars really high like Abnegation did, reminds me of the glory days of moshcore. They give Ezophagothomia and Katalepsy a run for their money as best current Russian band– no mean feat!

The original video for Scooter “How Much Is The Fish”

Fail Emotion’s Scooter cover– I am glad to see that they’ve localized the proud tradition of American screamo bands doing semi-ironic covers of popular mnstrm songs [via Subscene/Of Mice & Men]

I… don’t really understand this band Scooter, perhaps one of our Euro friends can explain them? As far as I can tell they are sort of like that band who did “Who Let The Dogs Out,” only German so that means they bark orders at you while wearing futuristic costumes. I guess Fail Emotions is what happens when you take kids who grew up on Scooter, give them a gift certificate to whatever the Russian equivalent of Pac Sun is, and expose them to Attack Attack. My head hurts :(

What’s ur take on EPIC TRANCECORE? Do u think this genre could ever catch on in the US?? Will Of Mice & Men do a cover/collabo with E-Type? When will All Around The World sign screamo bands?

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11 Responses to NEW JAMZ: Fail Emotions [via epic trancecore]

  1. Anonymous says:

    The screamer's hair reminds me too much other the other guy in this video.

  2. Martijn says:

    The thing you are missing is football culture (or hooligan culture, but Scooter is too wimpy for real hooligans.) Every weekend all Euro guidos go to the stadium where they shout slogans and sing fan songs based on children's songs or popular hits.

  3. Sergeant D says:

    Martijn, good call! I didn't know that hooligan chants were based on childrens' songs- basically all I know about hooligan culture is from watching Ross Kemp On Gangs haha.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Im getting Asking Alexandria vibes from this band.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you should see "green street hooligans"
    Its about a hobbit getting lost in England and becoming a hooligan so he can destroy a ring and his soccer team will win or something.

  6. Anonymous says:

    US band Bloodhound Gang did a cover of Scooter:

    And so did German rap superstar Sido (note the Freddy Madball cameo "BEWEG DEIN ARSCH"):

    Explaining the phenomenon called Scooter:
    They're the kind of music people listen to when they really don't give a shit about music, at all. Scooter is for dance music what Dire Straits is for rock music, if you know what I mean.

  7. grobi wunder says:

    May I once again remind you of german icons Bionic Ghost Kids? I kno u kno them, so why so surprised by screamo/eurodance-crossovers?

  8. shawnyouwillhate says:

    this is all blowing my mind…euros don't know how funny they are

  9. Game_Slave says:
    fail emotions wasn't the first trancecore band to cover scooter =P maria, i like it loud – abandon all ships! wins

  10. Sergeant D says:

    Game_Slave, this is one of the few times in which I am happy to be ignorant and wrong. You should consider how you structured your life such that you knew the above information!

  11. Anonymous says:

    They are awesome!!! Thats all i can say

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