Peep the new FIGHT FAIR song

Our bros in FIGHT FAIR have a new album coming out on June 29th, and posted a new song from it called “Party Girl.” If you liked “Pop Rocks,” “Brain Freeze,” and their other poppy songs you’ll love it. There’s even a little mini-breakdown! They’re honestly my favorite current band, and if you don’t peep the song/pre-order the album, I will cry.

CHECK OUT THE NEW SONG, and have mommy’s credit card handy!
Follow the band on Twitter, and read more about Fight Fair in our genre-defining post on SKRAMZ

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3 Responses to Peep the new FIGHT FAIR song

  1. Eyelicker says:

    Fuck yeah summer tunes!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That drummer looks extremely out of place. Couldn't they find another young white male to play for their shitty band?

  3. Daniel says:

    i loved pop rocks, but the new jam annoys the tits out of me (bar the quasi break ofc). it's something about those chords. anyone else finding them tediously familiar?

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