NEW JAMZ: T-Mills "Stupid Boy" official video

If you’re not familiar, T-Mills is a scenebro MC from sunny Southern California. Unlike most of the other dudes doing the scenebro MC thing, he is actually a talented kid, with a great pop sensibility. His music is a rebellious-but-not-totally-fucked-up tween girl’s dream come true, with the melody and fresh good looks of Justin Bieber, but with naughty lyrics and an edgy appearance that gives him that irresistible bad boy factor.

Transparently pandering to rich girls is a truly brilliant marketing move- this kid is an advanced-level manipulator!! The more they feel like he’s using them for their parents’ money, the more they’ll love him/feel like they’re getting back at their workaholic parents… sheer genius.

I can imagine parents everywhere shaking their heads in disappointment when they hear a T-Mills song coming out of their daughters’ MacBook Pro as she does her Algebra II homework at the dinner table. They’ll be even more hesitant to use their American Express card to cop some merch off his online store, but they’ll feel too guilty to hold out for long. After all, they tell themselves, the only reason she’s into bad boys like T-Mills in the first place is because they worked too much at their corporate jobs and never gave her enough attention. In a desperate attempt to buy her love, they’ll cave in and buy her whatever she wants- after all, you can buy his entire line of merch for a total of $123, which is a small price to pay to hear her squeal “I love you sooooo much daddy!!” as she hits “submit” on the order.

In any case, T-Mills premiered his debut video for “Stupid Boy” last week on MySpace– since MySpace is for poor people I waited until I could watch it on Youtube, so I didn’t catch it until now.

When I interviewed him the other day for Substream, he made it sound like they filmed the video in some sick mansion like you would see in a high-budget porn movie, but this looks like they filmed it at my girlfriend’s sister’s apartment in Ontario (only hers has a pool, whereas this one just has a dirty little walkway behind it where you probably put your trash for them to pickup or whatever). But that’s actually perfect, because it captures the vibe of an Inland Empire house party to a tee, even down to the details like the off-white carpeting and cheap blinds on the windows.

I’m not a homo, so I can’t judge, but from what the ladies tell me this kid is a little hottie. What do you think?? Would you let him touch your junk if he gave you a flirty smile and said whispered something in your ear just naughty enough to make you blush and make you feel sexy??

Mills’ debut LP drops in September on Uprising Records (which was founded by the singer for Vegan Reich, something that will definitely mindfuck anyone else who remembers him from the 90s hardcore scene like I do), and he’s about to do a US tour– lock up your daughters!!

T-Mills on Twitter and MySpace

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5 Responses to NEW JAMZ: T-Mills "Stupid Boy" official video

  1. shawnyouwillhate says:

    wings on her back, wings, wings on her back

  2. Anonymous says:

    it's hard to tell sarcasm on the internet. I hope to got the entire article you wrote was sarcasm

  3. D. Smolken says:

    This is good. Very white rap with a completely white beat, but it works.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Looks like fuckin McLovin.

  5. yeahyouknowit says:

    I've never thought of the 'Your Bank Account is Beautiful' shirt in the way you did, but that analysis, my friend, is sheer genius. A+++

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