NEW JAMZ 4 U [wknd mosh edition]

Being old is cool because you have more money and power than teenagers and people in their early 20s, but one of the bad parts is being jaded as fuck about new music. Sometimes I just feel like I’ve heard it all, and there’s nothing new and interesting out there. That might be true, but one thing I never get tired of is some ignorant moshcore, such as these two tracks I came across this week.

This hot deathcore track from DEFILER kicks off with one of the hardest misogynist breakdowns since the ABACABB record: “I WANNA SEE YOU CRY, BITCH! OOOOOOOH!” Hard as fuck!! Kinda lulzy but you can’t hate, apparently these kids are still in high school and this song is fucking sick.

I guess this song is actually old, but whatever– it brings the mosh so it’s worth sharing. CROOKS TO KINGS is a sweet moshcore band from Tacoma, Washington which is cool because that’s where my mom is from. These dudes are all thugged out, but I just think of Tacoma as where I had to go for Thanksgiving and stuff when I was a kid. Anyway, tight song!

Hope you moshed your balls off! How long until one of the guys in Defiler quits the band to start a non-hardcore project (Pierce The Veil-style post-hardcore or dubstep DJ are the most likely IMO)?? I am always looking for new moshcore tracks- do you have any recommendations??

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8 Responses to NEW JAMZ 4 U [wknd mosh edition]

  1. Anonymous says:

    I haven't seen such fat wiggerish fucks like Crooks to Kings since Biohazard. Motherfuckeeeeerrrr!

  2. TC says:

    i was at a new years eve party this year with a lot of people that were a good 5 or 6 years younger than me, and they were listening to stuff like this and i realized that i will never love anything as much as those kids love moshing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    King Conquer takes a steaming shit on Dobby the house elf's gay little band.

  4. Sergeant D says:

    @TC I need to meet some kids like that

    @Anon I'm feeling King Conquer– kinda like Impending Doom when they were still good

  5. shawnyouwillhate says:

    Lol @ the dude in the 2nd vid popping out of the trashcan.

  6. Guav says:

    Best part of the Crooks To Kings video is when the dude pops out of the dumpster, the guy crouching down in the lower right is on the verge of totally losing his shit and cracking up.

  7. Sergeant D says:

    Haha yeah I sort of know the guitarist (big dude with the shaved head), he's a real nice dude with a good sense of humor– I'm sure that was a joke.

  8. cookingham says:

    Like the Defiler

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