Interview with Jake of DEFILER

Like I said in my Metal Sucks post the other day, I am very stoked on DEFILER, a young deathcore band from Northern California. Aside from having a sick video that’s been making the rounds lately on the internets, they are real friendly, approachable guys- I predict big things for them. Here’s a little interview with their singer Jake (follow him on Twitter) on the video, being on house arrest, and how lame the Bay Area is.

Hit them up on Facebook or MySpace, and stay tuned for more news from Defiler in 2011!

First of all, can you tell us a little basic background stuff about the band? How old are all of you, and how long have you been together?
I’m 17, our guitarists Nathan and Ethan are 15, our bassist Pat is 19, and Craig our drummer is 23. Nathan and I started the band back in February last year.

The video you did for “Cryomancer” got you a lot of attention. It’s super polished for such a young band- how did the video come together? What do you think of the reactions you’ve gotten so far to it?
Well a close friend of mine (Jon Zombie) heard Pangaea and said he really wanted to do a music video for us. So, we spent awhile getting the money together and just went for it. As far as the reactions, i think all the posetive ones are fucking awesome, considering how everything has been almost overnight for us.

LOL @ this nerd’s gay little pube-beard in his gay little video

On that note, obviously you have heard from plenty of haters. Although it doesn’t really seem to bug you that much, I’m sure it also is pretty annoying. What are your thoughts on haters? Why are gay, uptight metal fans so negative and hateful towards anything that isn’t some obscure technical death metal band from the middle of nowhere?
Hey man, people are going to do what they want to do. If they want to talk shit and seem cool to all of their awesome cyber friends on YouTube, more power to them, because some of the comments i’ve read have literally made me fall out of my chair. And it’s quite unfortunate, but most metal fans are among the most close minded of any music, so if you’re a dude who only listens to Cannibal Corpse or Nile or some shit, you probably hate us already.

I jam this song a couple times a day, every day

You seem like a real nice guy, but also pretty pissed off. Where are you coming from with your lyrics? Also, I heard a rumor that you got in some trouble for fucking a dude up with a baseball bat or something???
I don’t know, man. It’s sort of my life motto to say “If I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all.” So I try to be as nice as I can, but I really fucking hate everything on this planet. And for the bat thing… I really hate telling the story, but yes. Kid steals my exes phone, I confront kid with bat, and he decided to call me a faggot. Swung a couple times, spent a month in juvie, and I’m still on house arrest.

I guess I would call Defiler a deathcore band, but I feel like I hear a little more of a hardcore influence in your music than I do with most deathcore bands. What kind of stuff are you guys into that influenced your songwriting?
Well, my biggest influence has always been Slipknot. Them, along with a bunch of other nu-metal bands are what I grew up on. With Nathan, He’s more influenced by bands like After The Burial, Whitechapel, etc. He and I are the ones who wrote and recorded the album, so those are the influences that might shine through.

I’m almost twice as old as you guys, and I’m always interested to know what younger people think of old stuff that I grew up on. Tell me what you think of each of these songs, in a couple sentences each:

Skarhead “DFF”
I dig it, I can see myself going and picking up this CD. For me it sort of has a party feel to it, and I love to party, so it makes sense for me.

Devourment “Babykiller”
Did not really dig this one too much, the instrumentation was cool but I could’nt get into their vocalist.

Cro-Mags “We Gotta Know”
Cro-Mags! Taking it way back, are we? I’ve always been a fan of them.

Excruciating Terror “Life Ends”
Erm, I feel the same way about this as I do the Devourment video.

Hatebreed “Perseverance”
Now this is my shit! I’ve been listening to these guys for years. And their vocalist Jamey is a really cool dude.

Not a lot of bands like Defiler come from the Bay Area, but to me Hayward seems like the perfect place for a super-pissed off deathcore band to start. What’s your local scene like, and why aren’t there more national bands like you guys from the Bay?
You know how a lot of bands love to rep where they’re from? I’m the opposite, and your question of why there aren’t other bands will be answered. I fucking hate my town, the scene is complete shit. I’ve been in and out of bands for years and every band fell apart because nobody was ever determined enough and didn’t believe we’d ever do anything. Nobody around here takes anything seriously. And most of the scene kids around here hate me anyway, for reasons unbeknownst to me.

So much want and trademark infringement, all in one shirt!

You’ve gotten some good buzz off your video- has there been interest from any labels? What are you hoping to do with the band in 2011 and beyond? Any plans to tour?
Yes sir to all of those! We’ve been talking to a few different labels, but I don’t want to disclose anything yet and look like a douchebag. When I’m off house arrest (mid February) we want to start setting up tours, a new album will be recorded hopefully in April, and we’re going to slowly take over the fuckin world, man.

That’s it for me– anything you want to add? Thanks!!
Thanks for chatting, bro. Party.

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18 Responses to Interview with Jake of DEFILER

  1. trttryty says:

    They should do some slipknot acoustic covers

  2. JGD says:

    I sorta liked this kid before he said he wasn’t into Devourment.

    • AUss says:

      I dunno, man. I saw Devourment live. They’re okay. Most people aren’t really into the whole intense guttural vocal thing.

  3. Phil says:

    I was waiting for you to do an interview with this dude. So awesome.

  4. BROSEIDON says:

    loled @ pube beard. That thing is fucking gross.
    I hope this kid gets some success as a vocalist. He has a monstrous voice.

  5. ryan donnelly says:

    you sound like every other deathcore band ever. you do have a decent voice, but you guys need to cut it on the whole genericness. oh and going after someone with a baseball bat doesn’t make you hard, because you needed a weapon to confront someone.

  6. marc d says:

    fuck all the kids below me, i think these kids have alot of potential and all these other faggots that think otherwise can go fuck themselves


  7. marc d says:

    oh yeah and also going after someone with a bat doesnt mean your a pussy it means your fucking pissed off and you dont want to fight the kid your just straight up goin out for blood so again FUCK YOU FAGGOTS

  8. stephanie says:

    Wow thanks for this interview. I just found Defiler and I’m slowly becoming obsessed with them. Had no idea they were that young though! Same freaking age as I am and I’m not doing shit with my life. I feel severely unaccomplished. XD

  9. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Ie. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon. Cheers

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