Got this question from my Tumblr and I thought it was worth posting:

Anonymous asked:You should write about Between the Buried and Me. Some of their fans look kinda emo, but they also have lots of Beta fans, as well.

Ugh. I make fun of them all the time on Metal Sucks. Genuinely cannot stand that stupid band. Here’s how they formed:
Guy 1: Dude I fucking hate chicks, especially the hot ones who fuck guys in metalcore and pop bands.
Guy 2: Me too!
Guy 1: We should start a band that is the exact opposite of the kind of music we would play if we wanted to get laid.
Guy 2: Word.

I just don’t get why a guy who is 18-20 years old would start some fucking nerdy mathcore band. I mean I’m sure they get their share of groupies, but I am scared to know what they look like. To borrow from Brokencyde, YOU AIN’T GOT NO GAME, SO QUIT PLAYIN.

Please tag this band as “vagina repellent” on

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44 Responses to Regarding BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME

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  2. Mongorian says:

    Listening to BTBAM:

    *Press play

    ‘Hmmm ok this is a bit dorky but not too bad

    *Song suddenly turns into some weird jazz-folk fusion for absolutely NO reason


  3. Anonymous says:

    Lololol Cmon you didn’t like the Converge and Cave ins etc back in the day? Haha

    Lately, if I wanna get my prog nerd-on, I’ve been putting on the djent like Animals as Leaders and The Contortionist. Fully acknowledge: just as and prob more beta than BTBAM. DGAF understand females and 99% of doodz think its shit but keep it to myself. Victimless crime.

  4. KVN_HFN says:

    c’mon sarge! give BTBAM their due, dude they were in Prayer For Cleansing. One of the sweetest bands ever!!

    BTBAM rulez!!

  5. Alex_P says:

    I like this band. Anyways, I saw them in MTL and I can tell you that they repel far less vagina than your average metal band. There was some damn fine girls in the audience.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah , i was going to say here in VA the audience is like 60/40 men to women everytime i go to one of their shows

  6. Isaac says:

    While I can’t comment on their beta-ness, I don’t really like them. Their melodeath parts kind of suck, and their LAWLPROG is laughable at best. I’d rather listen to later Death or something. At least they had structure and good riffs.

  7. fuckuidontgotaname says:

    u said on ur tumblr that u actually enjoyed most of the things u made fun of minus hipster BS. does this mean u actually like BTBAM? coz if u dont wtf is wrong with u? alaska and colors have to be some really really great metal albums even if the rest of their shit is unbearable.

  8. Pixy says:

    BTBAM attracts the semi-scene/nerdy girls i think, i saw alot of them at their shows

  9. Austin Nutter says:

    I suppose if you wanna get chicks you gotta start a band called Devourment and have a decapitated naked fat guy on your album cover, right?

  10. Brah says:

    There’s actually always a ton of tail in the crowd at all the BTBAM sets I happen to see while getting drunk. Bitches love pretentious shit.

  11. spinkicks says:

    eyyy SGT D listen to decade of statues the breakdowns in it go hard,
    first 20 seconds MOSH

  12. trttryty says:

    anyway last,fm consists only of ruskies and poles lately, fuck that joint

  13. deven says:

    on this day, we agree

  14. Andrew says:

    BTBAM makes great, interesting, technical music, and PLENTY of bitches love it.

    u mad bro????

  15. Troy says:

    Dude… I’m petty sure Tommy can some tail.

  16. Ian says:

    LOL. BTBAM is awesome. Some dudes don’t play music to get laid…… They’re all music majors, and write music for musicians. I’ve played BTBAM for people who aren’t, and they don’t really get it. They’re not a super listener friendly band. Being a musician, I get what they’re doing, and it’s pretty fucking amazing.

  17. fuzzyxpickles says:

    favorite band :( cant help it.

  18. AndySixx says:

    I genuinely like this band. Nothing gets more pussy than prog-math-metalcore. Trendy metalcore is fine if you want jailbait but I guarantee you BTBAM are huge with the 23 year-old post-scene-but-still-into-metalcore bishes.

  19. Kevin says:

    Love how you rave on and on about some of these truly terrible bands, but shit all over BTBAM. You ARE the trend man. You are everything that is wrong with music. Opinions are one thing, I respect that, but you clearly have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. Mathcore? The Fuck? I’m sick of these stupid fucking lables, and there are PLENTY of them slapped on music. Go listen to Miss May I and Through The Eyes of the Dead you faggot, you know nothing. BTW, Animosity totally digs BTBAM, like, OMG. Respect the music troll.

  20. Anonymous says:

    WTF does getting laid have to do with musical talent and songwriting capabilities? Haha wow. That’s like saying you don’t like your new car because you got syphilis in Thailand, it doesn’t make any fucking sense lol! And if you think BtBAM’s music is “riff salad” or just a bunch of genres mashed together you need to open your ears and mind. There are so many recurring themes, melodies, rhythms, etc… Very intricately and meticulously crafted into brilliant compositions. Just my opinion though…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Btw if you have to listen to and/or play a certain style of music to get laid, you’re already doing something wrong, and you need to step your game up! :)

  22. Pussymuncger says:


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  25. Dillon says:

    Fuck you lame ass tail chasing losers

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