Sigh, Craig Owens And His Commitment Issues…

At least his most recent project is coming out with a full album right away and not just an EP so when he bails we won’t be left with only four or five epic tracks that will taunt us because you know they could have been something amazing if he had stuck around…

In case you haven’t heard, his newest band is Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (or just DRUGS if you prefer, not like they planned it that way or anything) and they even have a video for their first single If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is.

Note how Craig is still sexy even when he’s tweaking out.

If you’re confused about what’s happening there’s also an extended version of the music video that’s like nine minutes long—which will not help with the confusion but it will confirm that If You Think This Song Is About You, You Are Super Fucked Up.

I’m not gonna lie I was (and kinda still am) a super addict of this song and video tho—I couldn’t stop playing it over and over and drooling over Craig tweaking out on meth…

Then they released…


…and they weren’t nearly as addicting so I was sad–but they’re still pretty damn good.

What do you think?? Will any of the other tracks from DRUGS’ self titled album (out February 22nd) be as amazing as “If You Think This Song…”? Will there be more drug filled videos with Craig being all cracked out yet still sexy at the same time?? WILL HE STICK AROUND THIS TIME???
(jk Craig, I love you)

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3 Responses to Sigh, Craig Owens And His Commitment Issues…

  1. t-payne says:

    i liked it. and the music too

  2. trttryty says:

    diarrhea of the ears

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