This guy really likes EMMURE

Via the Bridge 9 board:

theres over 400 pictures of him in different emmure shirts…

A couple of highlights:

His girlfriend looks like a Kristen Wiig character from SNL

And of course someone sent him the thread:

Results not as lulzy as hoped but we support the effort– thanks B9!!

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10 Responses to This guy really likes EMMURE

  1. DarthZedd says:

    Holy dick does his hair just defy gravity all by itself?

  2. Nudefiend says:

    Why does that dude have the same exact face as his girlfriend?

  3. Lucipher says:

    > Why does that dude have the same exact face as his girlfriend?

    I thought the exact same thing. It’s probably because he loves himself :)

  4. Jakob says:

    putting the wig in wigger

  5. Kevin says:

    I think his girlfriends face is photoshopped onto him. or the other way around.

  6. Brah says:


  7. Brassington says:

    His hair fucking scares me, as does his girlfriend.
    Are dey cartoon characters? O_O

  8. trttryty says:

    that bitch is less than a 1

  9. fuck you says:

    the first one is photoshopped, if you look at the top left corner of his face you can see the girls hair they missed to block out. and you can fucking hate, but you wont stop us motherfuckers

  10. Josh. says:

    You can’t fun of his “favorite” band in the whole world, even if it was constructive criticism? They’re going to do that after someone had talked shit? Oh well, get the fuck over it, you make fun of people’s band[s] all the fucking time, anyway. This guy is a dumb-fuck, he also needs a haircut; it looks like he hasn’t had a haircut for a year or two. If someone had shown constructive criticism over my favorite band in the whole World, I wouldn’t even might worth anything. So what if he/she did that it was an opinion? To him: me nor you can’t even talk shit about Emmure to him and to his friends who are apart of this team entitled “Team Emmure”… They’re nothing but a worthless band anyway. Everyone of the songs sound nearly the same. They start off with a DJ scratch, shitty ass vocals, breakdown, vocals, drum solo, breakdown, vocals, and to finish it off–they’re generic as fuck. Arguably, the worst band in existence in the year 2011. Their first album,”Goodbye to the Gallows” (2007), was okay to say the least. I liked about 2 to 3, maybe 4 songs on there at the most. Nothing more than that. But still if you can’t say your own opinion to him, what’s the point? He doesn’t even learn worth anything.

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