Look, you can almost see the crack of her pussy- she knows this is a good way to get male attention

For the most part women are mentally weak creatures who will do all kinds of mental gymnastics to avoid facing reality. For example, if a girl says another girl is “soooo pretty” there’s a 99% chance the other girl is fat/homely/etc. On the other hand, if she says another girl “is such a slut,” then she is probably really hot. With that in mind, when a girl says something that isn’t completely retarded, delusional and backward, it’s always a pleasant surprise.

I stumbled across a couple videos last week on Misc in which an extremely annoying (but hilarious and very intelligent) girl tells it like it is, and thought I’d share them here- they have like 14 million views so you may already be familiar, but I was very impressed. Ladies, take notes: this bish is advanced-level. I kind of love how she is obviously a very weird, super-smart nerd, but must have realized that it makes life easier when you look like a slut.

“How To Trick People Into Thinking You Are Good-Looking.” Pretty lulzy, and also very accurate– she starts this video as maybe a 5/10 and ends up a solid 7.5/10.

“I’m super nice, I’ll talk to anyone. But as soon as your penis touches my butthole without me knowing, I’m not happy!” I wanted to hate this girl, but I can’t lie, this is fucking hilarious and I think I would die laughing if I saw her bust this out at a club or whatever. Also mirin that PA/MD accent.

What do you think, brahs?? Is she annoying, hilarious, or both? Kinda gross, really hot, or both?? I can’t decide, but these videos = A+++ in my book.

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  1. JERMY WATERS says:


  2. Marne says:

    Saw these a while back. She’s great. I love “hot” girls that are total weirdos.

  3. Watt Par says:

    Yeah, she definitely falls in the “would” category. She is pretty attractive, although I guess not like HOLY FUCKING SHIT hot. She also seems pretty cool, although there’s like a 30% chance that she might be really annoying. It’s a gamble, but if it pays off, she’s definitely wifeable.

  4. Dr. Unk Phd says:

    pretty smashable in video 2, but yeah, that transformation was pretty nuts. also kudos 2 her 4 showing those myspace pics. good lol’s all around.

  5. Julie says:

    Every time I put on my makeup now, I think “hot girl disguises.”

  6. I am in fucking love with this girl.

  7. Alex_P says:

    This is brilliant and informative. Would bff.

  8. shawnyouwillhate says:


  9. Dope says:

    id put my penis on her butthole without her knowing any day

  10. Anonymous says:

    How can u not appreciate a stripper with a master’s degree. Would. But probably wouldn’t want to talk to her- she thinks she’s too cute and funny.
    Penis touching butthole was funnier when I read it- I thought it was going to be about the old “woop-de-doo” move where you ‘accidentally’ insert in wrong fuck hole.

  11. 7DRR says:

    I started thinking that maybe some huge batch of great genes made girls 10 times hotter than the typical girl a decade ago, but any digging on youtube and beauty blogs reveals that the general girl population has just gotten really, really freakishly good at “Hot girl disguises” by way of make up, tanning, hair dye, style and some artificial enhancement. Minus makeup the average girl still looks like your brother with boobs.

  12. Inmyheadache says:

    “Before I leave for work I like to psyche myself up by crying over my Master’s degree”


  13. KVN_HFN says:

    This girl is truly awesome. funny, smart, gorgeous. Anyone got her number?


  14. br0, who the hell said you could post my girlfriend’s vids?

  15. Rachel says:

    Ok, Sarge, you are certainly strolling for a trolling when you said “For the most part women are mentally weak creatures…”
    However, I agree that the more that girls say that another girl is pretty, the uglier she probably is.
    And yes, she is correct in realizing that being smart and dressing like a slut is the best of both worlds.

  16. Isaac says:

    For me, it’s gotten to the point where whenever I look at a tanned blonde girl, I think “duckface” and instantly lose any semblance of attraction.

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