Dennis of REFUSED reviews Pierce The Veil, BMTH, and Crazy Town

There are few people who can claim to be as polarizing and influential as Dennis Lyxzen, best known as the vocalist for Refused and The International Noise Conspiracy. I’m not sure he is eager to take credit for it, but he is pretty much the man who laid the blueprint for what 99% of current screamo and post-hardcore bands are doing. Of course, they are 10 years too young to know they’re ripping him off, but as far as I am concerned any fashionable, skinny white dude in tight pants who screams over a keyboard part owes Dennis some money. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to get Dennis’ take on what Kids These Days are up to– I think he did an artful job of hating without being a hater!

Thanks to Dennis for his time, and check out his new hardcore band AC4- they’re doing an Australian tour this April, so if you happen to be in the land down under, hit him up and tell him Sergeant D sent you!

Pierce The Veil “Carphernelia”

He is so angry at his girlfriend that he is screaming into the phone. There is something wrong with their haircuts, I dont understand. They are writing music on the tourbus, They get to go on tour. They are on the tourbus, They have tattoos. They play music for small children. One guy is sad, one guy is angry. I have no idea why they are so sad and angry. Are they politicial? Did their Facebook account crash? Did they realise that the music that they play is unlistenable?

Fight Fair “Pop Rocks”

Oh man, I just love ironic poppunk without any meaning.

Terror “Return To Strength”

Never really been a fan. I always felt that hardcore was bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Necros, Negative Approach, DRI, MDC, 7 Seconds, Youth Of Today, and so on and so forth. I always thought that bands like Terror and their like was just metalguys with short hair. But, in the present company this is really good. Raw and hard and agressive. Still not sure why they are that angry but… compared to all this music made for small small children this feel like a blessing.

Attack Attack “Smokahontas”

I’ve heard about this crab-core thing. I thought that it was a joke. I mean, it is a joke. One guy is angry, one guy is sad. One guy has dreadlocks. This is music for small small children. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. The sad singer made me think of the finnish band the Rasmus. Not good.

Cash Cash “Party In Your Bedroom”

What the fuck. Boyband with Tattooes? One guy rocking out with a Synt. Vocoder and autotuned vocals. This has nothing to do with any music that I ever listended to.
This has more in common with Kate Perry than anything. Some sort of super commercial attempt at selling an “alternative” youth-culture. As about as alternative as Let’s Dance or American Idol.

Bring Me The Horizon “It Never Ends”

I have no idea what is going on. Maybe I am such an old school fart and so far behind on new music that I just don’t get it. But, I just don’t get it. Out of all the boybands and bullshit that I’ve been forced to suffer through this was the best. I think. There was an actual chorus somewhere. Still, not my cup of tea. Angry without a message or a meaning. When I got into punk and hardcore we were proper outcasts. We got into fights with the pretty boys that nowadays seem to be the bands. We were ugly and stupid and no girls liked us. They still don’t. Now it seems like all the jocks and pretty boys got themselves some fresh Ink and everyone loves them.

This has nothing to do with my life and the way I grew up or the music that I create or listen to. Damn, I am an grumpy old fuck.

Chunk, no Captian Chunk “In Friends We Trust”

Oh my god. Will this ever end. Music catered to small small children that never heard a proper hardcoreband. This is just another boyband. Maybe it is more appropriate to compare it with the 90s  Hairmetal. Music that claimed some sort of metal stamp but was just supercommercial and substanceless music. Yeah, that’s what is happening. Music has no meaning, no substance. It just about haircuts and tattoes. We are living in horrible times.

I understand that people kill themselves if this is the outlet that they have. I understand that people shoot eachother at schools if this is their escape. Music for me explaind the world that I lived in and gave me the strenght to fight it. It was policital and radical and raw. This is has no meaning.

Crazy Town “The New Noise”

This might be one of the biggest misunderstanding in the world. To have missed EVERYTHING that we were. Which in itself is pretty impressive. History will no be kind on Crazytown and that feels good.

I told you that it was a bad idea to do this. I am not really making any new friends this way. Ah, fuck it. Who needs friends anyway.

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93 Responses to Dennis of REFUSED reviews Pierce The Veil, BMTH, and Crazy Town

  1. I think you’re probably too old to feel any relevance to any of this. lol.

  2. shawnyouwillhate says:

    y u mad tho?

  3. Walker says:

    Obv butthurt, and his responses are written in a stilted way which make me think that english isnt his first language?

  4. Travis says:

    I think we need a second opinion from the amazingly hot chick who played keys for T(I)NC (and was maybe in Victory Style II band Doughnuts?).

    “One guy is angry, one guy is sad. One guy has dreadlocks.” So good.

  5. “I don’t know what they are so mad/sad about” lol

    same thing with every song.

    • Brittanie says:

      That’s because every single song sounds the same: watered-down shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is also because the lyrical content either has nothing to do with anything, or is very general and vague with neato buzz words to make people feel like it has meaning. But since it’s all very shallow, no one actually gets anything out of it. Sad to see it become this, as Refused and INC had much depth to the music and words.

  6. Tom Chode says:

    I went to see T(I)NC in 2009 (my bad) and for some strange reason the band was all dressed like Austin Powers. Didn’t really get that thing.

    Still like this song though:
    A proof that Dennis was once young too.

  7. JimmyCraig says:

    This guy be hatin hard, who cares if its political!

  8. Stevhan The Invincible says:

    Must hurt Sgt D’s feelings that he hates Crazy Town.

    Funny he mentions the rasmus, these hipsters took a lot of their stylings.

  9. Sergeant D says:

    I feel like I have to stick up for Dennis here– he had fun with this, and if he is in the No Fun Club, at least he knows it and has a sense of humor about it. Don’t hate on him too hard!

  10. Jakob says:

    “We were ugly and stupid and no girls liked us. They still don’t.” ‘


  11. 7DRR says:

    Disappointed, but I have to say this at least comes off more real than 90% of these, where the featured oldster is soo stoked on the ipod fare of teenagers from northern Iowa for fear of coming off jaded or as a hater. I know old hardcore dudes, there’s a lot that can be said about them but most of them wouldn’t listen to this shit more than once.

  12. Nilsis s says:

    It’s cool Dennis reviewed these songs, he always seemed like a guy who took himself way to srs

  13. Ian Svenonius says:

    I’m still waiting for my royalty check Dennis.

  14. ob says:

    I refuse to believe his English is this poor, but maybe that is the genius of this post. Good work Sgt. D.

    • Marne says:

      This is a good point, I was thinking the same. Sarge, are you playing tricks on us?

      • Sergeant D says:

        Ha, I definitely didn’t make this up, but yes I agree that the broken english is fishy

        • The Mrza says:

          About the time of this he told a swedish reporter he’s dyslectic after spelling Public Enemy “puP…” Earlier he told another swedish journalist that sometime in the early 90s he overcompensated his complex of a bad high school diploma, through forcing himself through all the political literature his academic friends cared about for no less than a certain amount of hours a day. On the other hand he told reporters lots of things that could count as exaggerated. :)

  15. Marne says:

    I’m a little bummed that he wasn’t into Cash Cash as much as I am, but “this is music for small small children” is my new fav phrase!
    Everything was perfectly executed!

  16. Tom Cash says:

    i think the hardest thing for me is seeing these young bands getting girls and thinking “dude, when i started going to shows, the only girls there were like the singers girlfriend and the fat chick that wanted to hook up with the bass player.” dennis was right on. with the “girls didn’t like us” thing, even though refused were a pretty sharp dressed band.

    • Sergeant D says:

      i think the hardest thing for me is seeing these young bands getting girls and thinking “dude, when i started going to shows, the only girls there were like the singers girlfriend and the fat chick that wanted to hook up with the bass player.”

      +1 zillion

    • o. srsly says:

      you know the early 2000s were a special era when you realize that Justin Pearson was a major sex symbol.

  17. fuckuidontgotaname says:

    i grew up listening to bands like BMTH and Attack Attack! and most girls don’t like and I’m sort of a social recluse but I’m also a pretty boy. shoot me or sumthin.

    hataz gonna hate

  18. j says:

    wtf? is this real? man i love refused and inc. havent heard ac4 yet, i should check it out. great stuck up arty music for those of us who were so pissed off that the only response was to hide under headphones and fight jocks. i dont know if he actually wrote this or if its just a subtle joke, but either way, i have to agree, most of this is music for children – luckily for me im a child at heart and i can enjoy anything. well, not crazytown. :P

  19. Christopher Anodyne says:

    THank Jesus someone said it. These kids have nothing pertinent to say about life. No confessions of fatigue as decadence becomes our society’s culture. No anger about having to become enculturated in such a culture. Nothing. Nothing at fucking all.

    Let Dennis know I consider him a friend, but I’ve always thought he wrote music from me especially. He is to me what Lady Gaga is to pretentious, stuck up, homosexual hipsters.

  20. Mikey says:

    God damnit Sarge you’ve given the oldz ammunition for days now!

    I really really want to believe this is Dennis though hahah.

  21. The whole concept of this is so fucking hilarious. I can just imagine a dude like Dennis sitting there looking at this shit…Fight Fair? LOLOLOL Most of this stuff is such shit it’s ridiculous. Although I gotta give Scotty V and the Terror crew their props. Dude’s been doing it forever and is still pissed. Never went Mike Judge and “Holy Smoke” or Kevin Seconds and “Praise” on us.
    The only way you could one up this is get whatshisname from Catharsis and Requiem to review some easycore. I would shit myself!

  22. Austin Nutter says:

    I just subjected myself to watching that entire Pierce the Veil video. I’ve seen that video before. I thought “hey, maybe it isn’t as soul-crushingly awful as I remember”. It was just as awful as I remember. The guy’s voice is like…..I can’t even think of anything to describe how bad it is. I’m not trying to be a hater, that’s just bad music, no two ways about it.

  23. Refused is real
    ofc course political part is important ,

    Dennis is still cool dude

  24. Dope says:

    dude i wondered the same thing about PTV. you’re touring on a fucking tour bus bro, you’ve got the life I always dreamed of, fuck your girl.

  25. Anonymous says:

    i am 21 and i don’t understand this shit either. altho i do like terror and bmth

  26. Miranda G. says:

    LOLOLOL @ Attack Attack.
    They’re the first scenie-screamie band that are made up entirely of 12 year old girls!
    …oh wait.

  27. pepsifiend says:

    Dennis took the the first bus, out of Coca Cola City, They didn’t want him around, because he drank all their Coke… Besides that, he’s highly adequate!

  28. Ol Dirty Mustard says:

    I know he was into the whole Locust fad so maybe there should’ve been a band based on that thrown in there. Nevertheless, made me smile.

  29. Refius says:

    I totally understand Dennis, gotta take this kind of bands with some sense of humour. You can’t take this seriously.

  30. ickle says:

    They should have shown him some Letlive. or Kvelertak or something…

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  32. Mark says:

    I like Dennis’ bands, but I find it odd that he focuses so much attention on the visual part of the bands. He talks about the dudes hair, look, tattoos, as if that’s important to the music. This from the guy who is seen preening his hair in most of the videos of Refused and INC. Maybe I got it wrong. Maybe the way people look IS important…?

  33. DiscreetSqueazer says:

    “When I got into punk and hardcore we were proper outcasts. We got into fights with the pretty boys that nowadays seem to be the bands.”

    Dude, you were picked like hottest man in Sweden years ago. Pot meet kettle. Shape of Punk to Come is still one of the greatest records ever, even if he does come off like a bit of a pretentious twat.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I back Dennis. All of this is garbage.

  35. marky says:

    dennis. spot on. refused are fucking dead.

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  37. Joe says:

    Can we all focus and hate more on crazytown for a few minutes…

  38. anonymous says:

    lolz yep, pretty good.

  39. Oconnor says:

    Love how threatened no fun clubbers (no matter their history) get if they think a dude in a newer band is better looking than them, so beta. Oli Sykes would get way more love from the troo metal community if he put on 100 lbs. and had a beard.

  40. Zacbrain says:

    Dude, I totally forgot about The International Noise Conspiracy, haven’t listened to them since I was 13

  41. Zachary says:

    Hardcore dudes shouldn’t review deathcore bands. Hardcore bands write with a purpose and all their lyrics mean something. No hate, I get it but I also understand where Dennis is coming from. Different people need different things from music. Some need lyrical strength while others are content with a heavy groove and sick breakdown. Great article though. Got people pissed off enough hahaha

  42. MMMM says:

    I think Dennis is correct in saying that Crazy Town covering “New Noise” is one of the biggest misunderstandings in the world… Jesus Fucking Christ…

  43. Muhammad says:

    LOL classic. How old is Dennis now anyway?

  44. Alan says:

    hey buttfuck. I listen to both the oldschool hardcore AND Katy Perry and I fucking enjoy it. Shes a talented artist who writes her own music and no damn autotune at all. The liveshow showed her amazing voice. So.. hardcore and Katy yeah, both works fine for me!

  45. Mikey says:

    Mr. Dennis is my hero! :’) I’m 21 and even I agree with every word he said. All of this new “hardcore” “music” is just fucking garbage.

  46. averageroadkill says:

    this article is all fair game, but… “Of course, they are 10 years too young to know they’re ripping him off, but as far as I am concerned any fashionable, skinny white dude in tight pants who screams over a keyboard part owes Dennis some money.” come on. really? all bands draw influence from some other band. even refused.

    I personally love ‘easycore’ (as defined by chunk! no, captain chunk!) i don’t see it as hardcore going queer, (although it would be if i did) it’s soft music going hard.

    AC4 is some good punk, keep it up.


    to compare any of these bands to refused is shameful. what’s worse is that these bands make money recreating shit that nobody ever really liked. bands like attack attack are a novelty, they are the harlem globe trotters of hardcore. these arms are snakes involves screaming and keyboards and i don’t think they owe any credit to refused.They also broke up before they really caught on. there is still good music out there, this garbage music is just more accessible and the majority eats it up.

  48. zipE says:

    i couldn’t get all the way through a lot of these songs, but some of the boys were rool purty, chiz

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  50. Ana says:

    I laughed at this article because
    -I think that quite a few Refused fans would put TINC into the realm of these shitcore bands
    -The Lyxzen/Bloody Beetroots collaboration video has a similar visual impact as this junk

    Still, I doubt I will ever write Dennis off completely. I felt some major joy at TINC shows in the mid 00s.Though I questioned the…relevance?..of their political leanings, I was consistently won over by the sheer force of their live performances. It will be interesting if I get to see Refused on their reunion tour this summer.

    Also, I call bullshit on girls not liking Sweden’s Sexiest Man (2004). I briefly met Dennis 2 or 3 times, and found it very difficult to form words while he was around.

  51. nustejjj says:

    Sgt. D PLEASE put some sort of warning b4 these posts e.g. “Danger: Eurofggt from soft utopian country, STRONG OPINIONS”

    I still luv u longtime tho.

  52. Brenden Sheard says:

    Why is there a crazy town?

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  54. the truth says:

    why make a review of shitty bands, these are all fucking garbage and a discrace to the music world to the same extent as bieber n the jonas brothers

  55. br4ve says:

    This is pretty funny and mostly true, they should have given Dennis a track from the new BMTH album though (antivist perhaps), that thing fucking shreds and those lads definitely aren’t jocks. People from a different generation though, hardcore is still alive and well in the right circles, this other music just borrows from its aggression and markets it to angsty teens. So what, everyone needs an outlet. Live and let live

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