so my uncle decided to make a YouTube video :/

I was over at my uncle Jerry’s house last night for his 73rd birthday (can’t believe he’s still with us! yay uncle J <33) and he was like “hey, what you got there” and I was like “it’s a cell phone uncle Jerry” and he was like “a what” and I was like “a cell phone” except this time I said it louder because I remembered he lost part of his hearing after the war. He was like “oh, like my jitterbug?” and I was like “lolol no this is an iphone. you can text message your friends and update your twitter and make cool videos of you and your friends lip-synching to Forever the Sickest Kids.” I told him I had like 2000 followers on Tumblr and he was like “blarrhblarrh I used to tumble 5 miles to school in the snow uphill both ways urgg” or something.

i grew up kinda poor and this jitterbug was my first phone. it’ll prob be my uncle jerry’s last (rip uncle jerry <3 u will be missed when you go to heaven <3)

After cake I tried to explain to him what Twitter was and he started asking me a lot of questions about Disney stars! Obvs I follow Demi, Miles (even tho she’s kinda slutty right now :/), Hillary Duff (old school!) and my all time fave girl Selena Gomez. I didn’t even know that my uncle Jerry knew who Selena was, but he got real excited when I mentioned her name and asked me if he could use my jitterbug camera (urgh uncle J it’s an iphone 4!!) and my cousin’s karaoke mic to make her a video. I was like “yeah totes” and here’s what happened next. I feel closer to my uncle J after directing this message for him <33

lol my uncle almost says the “a-word”!!!

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6 Responses to so my uncle decided to make a YouTube video :/

  1. Sergeant D says:

    This video makes my skin crawl :/

  2. Watt Par says:

    Just knowing people like that exist makes me clutch my non-existent purse a little tighter when I walk down the street.

  3. steve says:

    this was on tosh.0 last week. is this really your uncle?

  4. Austin Nutter says:

    For what it’s worth this is basically how I feel about Selena Gomez as well, but we’re like the same age so it’s different.

  5. Sergeant D says:

    The jitterbug jokes = next level. YYKI is a genius!!

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