A few years ago I was looking through music blogs and came across the band Title Fight via Can You See The Sunset, which is a blog run by a dude who has a huge appreciate for the melodic emotional hardcore of the 90s. He posted the song “Memorial Field” which sounded like a slightly more moshy take on Lifetime’s Hello Bastards.

Here’s Lifetime “Rodeo Clown” off Hello Bastards

Here’s Title Fight’s “Memorial Field” off The Last Thing You Forget

The Last Thing Your Forget is actually Title Fight’s 7 inch, a split with some dumb band who aren’t going anywhere and have a dumb name trying to be funny (really worked dudes), and a song recorded just for the collection. The stuff on the split was very melodic and would fall under I guess what kids call easycore, which hurts my fucking eyes to read, but whatever. Kids are kids. However, the ep songs and collection only song got a touch more darker, and more creative as far as writing pop punk songs go. I gained a lot of respect for the band when i found this video of them at Warped Tour:

For those of you who aren’t and shocked that interlude their playing is actually a Texas Is The Reason song called “Do You Know Who You Are?” This made me excited because that meant at least one of them knew music existed before Blink-182, New Found Glory, and Saves The Day.

After some solid touring with Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Strike Anywhere, Cold World, Side1Dummy, home of Broadway Calls, Gaslight Anthem, and probably a few more bands who play the The Fest in Florida every year and Title Fight shot at the top is upon us.

However, it’s time to make a pop punk decision. Do you go Taking Back Sunday/Fall Out Boy and play to the preteen girls (and the preteen guys trying to find something in common with a girl his age) crowd and end up being dirty pleasure to older, too cool people that outwardly look like they hate what you do, or do you write the record you want because its what you came to do, keep your integrity, and pray to blow up like Against Me! did? Welp…say what you want about their personalities if there’s something about them people dont like (I girl I know who took photos of them said they were “dicks”, but that could go either way), I hand it to them for doing the record they wanted to do that harkens back to the good old days of Samiam, Piebald, Digger, and Dear You era Jawbreaker. Much like what Underoath did on The Define the Great Line and got heavy, technical and darker than they ever were on They’re Only Chasing Safety, which was chock full of catchy choruses between screamy verses. Title Fight showcase their superior musicianship and wrote instrumental breaks and arrangements a lot of their peers are choose not to do because they aren’t so radio friendly. Here’s an older, more melodic song called “Anaconda Sniper”

It’s good, but it has that “cute” vibe to it. A lot happens between 17 and 19 bro…..

Here’s a sample of a new song called “27”


Still catchy and awesome, but not in like a pussy as fuck Good Charlotte way. I mean, you could be a dude singing along hard to these dudes at a show and not look like a weener. Did you know there was a time when grown men would do that at Dashboard Confessional? Fucking horrible. Enough about wack shit though. This record is more or less then missing link between Lifetime/Kid Dynamite and The Promise Ring/The Get Up Kids. Appealing to the youth because it is what it is, appealing to the retirement home because its nostalgia done right.

Anyway, the Title Fight record “Shed” is out officially in May on Side1Dummy, but well, the internet happens, so don’t be a fucking douchebag. Go see bands on tour and buy their merch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    New song sounds a lot like Polar Bear Club to me, only without the Rise Against vocals.

  2. Chris says:

    Awesome band, their first album is one of my favorites, but I never understood why tough hxc kids went crazy for them, I mean the last thing you forget is a pretty emo pop punk album. I didn’t get that same tingly feeling with shed, but it really grew on me.

  3. bombonthebus says:

    Wow I never realized that the CD was a collection of all that stuff. That being said, I like the catchier pop punk older ones better. Will try out this new album to see if it grows too but I don’t have much patience for mature srs stuff these days. Not hating; just over it.

  4. xtrinidadx says:

    i love most of there old stuff but that new song is great it kinda reminds me of Hot Water Music.

  5. When It Pains It Roars says:

    They kinda sound like (or trying to) Jawbreaker. I agree that Texas is the Reason interlude bumped them up a few levels. Fuck em either way.

  6. pl says:

    I fully agree with this post even tho “music existed before Blink-182, New Found Glory, and Saves The Day.” wat ?

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