What do you think of the new FTSK album??

When it comes to carefree, G-rated, neon-covered powerpop, the first two Forever The Sickest Kids albums are essentially the bible of the genre. Pretty much every single track on the first EP and “Underdog Alma Mater” is a fucking hit- “IDKAYBICTD,” “Whoa Oh,” and “My Worst Nightmare” are probably my favorites, but I can sing along like a 14 year old girl to anything from those two records.

For a minute there, it seemed like FTSK were going to do it big, but then along came “The Weekend” EP. Not sure if the market research team at Universal felt like they should be going after fans of Dinosaur Train and Spongebob, but this EP is basically music for babies, and pretty much everybody hated it. Personally, my biggest issue was with the incredibly gay, forced rap references/element that somehow found their way onto the record.


So. Fucking. Embarrassing.

“Hip Hop Chick” is perhaps the most facepalm-worthy example, which kind of sounds like Blood On The Dancefloor except it’s about how Jonathan wants to bang some girl who listens to rap. The premise of the song itself is bad enough, and they only shame themselves further by revealing how ignorant and white they were by offering “she listens to Jay-Z” as evidence of how hardcore the “hip hop chick” was. Protip: if your band plays acoustic instore shows at Journey’s Kids, you should steer clear of hip hop references.


Sampler of all the tracks on the new record (kind of like one of those “TOUR OF ITALY” plates you can get at Olive Garden that has one of each of their appetizers)

Since everybody hated their “Forever The Sickest Kidz Bop” EP, my first impulse was to write this off as exactly that, their boring, “meaningful alternative rock” album, but the truth is that it’s fucking awesome. Yes, it’s different than their first record, but it’s kind of amazing for what it is. Yes, it’s shameful than Jonathan is like 28 and still creeping on 15 year-olds after their shows, yes Kyle looks like an AIDS patient with a grim prognosis and YES Caleb is way too talented to be wasting his time in a band (should be sitting at home, writing songs for less-talented bands and collecting royalty checks), but whatever– this record is sick. RIYL Third Eye Blind, mid-period New Found Glory, or the slow All Time Low songs.

What do you think, brahs? Is FTSK done for, or will everybody love this record?? Do you miss the “Underdog” sound? What’s your favorite FTSK song?

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5 Responses to What do you think of the new FTSK album??

  1. sjobb says:

    I actually like the weekend ep. Hip hop chick is good song, little different but still solid.
    I’ve listend to to new cd now two times and it feels good! But for me its way to early to tell if this is as good as underdog. Is the cd even out yet or did it just leak?
    Keep on bringing me down (the single) is prob the best track. Somehow that song feels most underdog.
    I think this album has a lot of potential and it’s nice to hear that they aren’t overkilling the autotune anymore. Or at least the tuning is more subtle now.
    FTSK is still good!

  2. Marne says:

    Kyle- WOULD.

  3. Calleiente says:

    You know me, Sarge, and in my mind, FTSK can do no wrong. Half of me wants to just comment OMGOMG FTSK STILL MAKIN ME BOP, however, I should go on for my name’s sake.

    This album is so much better than I had expected, not because I thought FTSK was going downhill (I was a fan of The Weekend: Friday,) but because the album artwork is just awful, and their album teaser was more of a vomit party made to appeal to girls who wear owl necklaces and 3D glasses with the lenses popped out. I was SO happy when I heard the whole thing through. Its a little different, kind of less synth-y (probably because resident keyboardist Kent aka the one no one cares about quit to pursue “other opportunities” lolrite), and the lyrics of a lot of the songs are almost embarrassingly relatable. I guess that this means, as I’m getting older and approaching the end of my teen years, I’m becoming more and more of a teenager.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Kent quit?? How did I miss that! Hardly surprised tho, he never seemed into it.

      “their album teaser was more of a vomit party made to appeal to girls who wear owl necklaces and 3D glasses with the lenses popped out”
      LOL @ this– EXACTLY

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