Who The Fuck Is DEV?

So apprently the scene needed another talentless girl that likes to party hard and dress like a homeless person from the future.

She likes her beats fast, and her bass down low.. that’ s neat. T.I. and UGK do to :)

This is DEV. I guess the best way to describe her is Katy Perry meets Ke$ha.. which, unless we’re talking about them meeting around the tip of my cock it’s not a really good thing.

She’s been bopping around the radio lately on a ton of super annoying songs that sound like they were concieved and preformed by Will. I. Am of the terrible as of late, Black Eyed Peas and a retarded monkey.

I swear to Jayreck if I hear this song again, I’ll fucking hijack a G6 and slam it into the internet.

I’m not really sure where she gets off thinking she has talent. I’ve heard 4 songs from her and she repeats the same lines in 3 of them. Honestly, she’s extremely repetitive. Chick singers are annoying enough without all of the stupid vocal effects and refrains, the least she could do is not take herself so srsly. Srsly.

I kinda do wanna see it bounce. Mostly on my face.

I don’t know.. maybe I’m just on Ke$has nuts and I can’t handle the fact that some other dame is trying to step to her. Maybe I’m just getting jealous that she’s on the radio and I’m not. Maybe I dated a girl named Devon in middle school and now I just naturally hate any girl with that name because she broke my heart when she dumped me on the bus to go out with that asshole Ryan Denton. I really can’t say for sure. Is I mad? Yeah, I’s mad.


I be all up in dat band Trap House Rave, and i also be all up in ur grl. u mad.
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11 Responses to Who The Fuck Is DEV?

  1. Sergeant D says:


  2. Leandro S says:

    oh shit nigga! Fucking 5 star post

  3. Some awesome guy says:

    She looks weird without sunglasses, but tattoos, facial piercing, and boobs. I would hit it like Thor hitting something with his comically large hammer.

  4. Marne says:

    Ugh. Embarrassing.

  5. jondabudz says:

    Dev is the hottest one of them all. Id still rather be in the presence of a girl who doesnt do more drugs than i do.

  6. Anonymous says:

    and who the fuck are you??????????????

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