Chix With Dix Bands

Over the last few years, there has been a trend of post-hardcore/lolcore bands that are fronted by guys that sound like bishes when they sing aka CWD bands. I personally enjoy these bands quite a bit, but go into a ‘roid rage when I see these bands perform live over the fact that I hear a bish singing but only see kawks on the stage.

This is the first CWD band I got into…

I srsly thought this was a chick singing…until I noticed the lack of bewbs.

These bands are actually have talent and make really good music. But why couldn’t these bands find a chick to sing, instead of confusing the fuck out of me when I look up info on them and not see any bishes in their pics or videos? So fucking annoying…

This is probably my fave CWD band…


What are you opinions of these bands/this genre? Do you know of anymore bands that fall into this category? Do you rage when you hear a chick singing and only see kawks?

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22 Responses to Chix With Dix Bands

  1. crucialbro says:

    Ha. This reminds me of when I was 14 and purchased a nitro records comp and fell in love with AFI and then became disgusted when I found out they had a male vocalist…. keep in mind this was in the mid 90′s, before he became a full blown trannie.

  2. Leandro S says:

    I remember the first I listened to A Skylit Drive. I don’t really like female voices no matter how good they are. So, when I listened to ASD, I thought “man, this chick gotta be hot!”. Checked their myspace, no chick, checked wikipedia, and still not conviced that it was actually a dude. So I had to do something drastic, watch live videos on youtube. Man, that’s actually a dude! FUCK! he must have no balls.

  3. xIAMDOOMx says:

    No love for s/t ep era Saosin with the one and only Anthony Green? C’mon, we can pretty much blame him for all this

  4. KOLGATE says:

    what of Coheed and Cambria?

    • TheRealAnarack says:

      Same thing as Anthony. The singer has a high pitched voice, but you can tell that it’s a d00d. And his hair scares me…

      • whoreforyourtroubles? says:

        i couldn’t tell the first time i listened to them, it was some comp w/ A Favor House Atlantic and i was liek o shit this girl is probs real hawt

  5. michelle says:

    I still thought the Sleeping with Sirens vocalist was a chick… ummmm.

    And I defnitely thought Claudio from Coheed was a chick for about three months back in the 2000s.

  6. Andy says:

    How does Alesana justify having three guitar players?

  7. foobear says:

    The first time I heard Mike Posner I thought, “Since when does Macy Gray do dance music?” Does that count?

  8. ob says:

    Am I even listening to any of these dudes’ real voices or is this all autotuned and pitch shifted?

    I am not against employing a falsetto though as I do own some Into Another records.

  9. Austin Nutter says:

    That bish singing for Pierce the Veil has got a man face. Wait……OH!!!!
    But seriously, that guy has the most awful voice I have ever heard. I want to grab his mic stand and bludgeon him to death with it. I wonder if he would make really high-pitched, screechy sounds when you hit him with it.

  10. shawnyouwillhate says:

    realizing that I like most of these bands…..hmmmmmm AM I TEH GHEY?

  11. Lexie says:

    They all suck. Their voices are so fuckin annoying.

  12. Anjelikahhh says:

    My mom thinks Craig Owens has a feminine voice. And I suppose Jeremy DePoyster from The Devil Wears Prada has a kind of girly voice. But PTV&Alesana<333

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