Discuss this pic of FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS

I feel like I could write a whole book about this picture of For The Fallen Dreams. As much as I would enjoy doing that, I’ll just jot down a few things that caught my eye. Please add your own notes:

  1. Whatever popularity these guys have is obviously not due to their looks. In addition to being a little on the homely side, they are clearly not friendly with the camera: they all look mildly stunned/uncomfortable/frightened. And good call on putting the guy on the right in the very back.
  2. LOL @ the color in the tank top guy’s tattoos! Obviously it’s photoshopped, but WTF– did they think it would look cool to leave everything else untouched, but crank up the saturation to 11 on his sleeves?? Maybe they figured it was important to draw attention to his tattoos since the rest of the band doesn’t really have any, and tattoos seem to account for approximately 75% of scene bands’ popularity.
  3. I am guessing kids in bands like this are around 21-23. Do kids that age listen to the Misfits?? They are too young to have even caught the horrible, late 90s reunion lineup, so I’m not sure how they would even know about the band. Or do they just think it’s a cool logo? Confusing.
  4. The baseball-sleeve shirt on the guy in the middle has “Electric” on it, but I can’t read the whole thing– what band/company is this?? I really, really want it to be Electric Frankenstein (for the lulz) but it can’t possibly that, right????
  5. I was going to make fun of tank top guy for wearing a shirt that says “SHIT” on it in bright red cartoon letters, but then I realized that he is 22 with hand and neck tattoos, so a shirt with mild profanity on it is the least of his worries.

What did I miss??? Why am I so fascinated by this picture?

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22 Responses to Discuss this pic of FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS

  1. DarthZedd says:

    The guys tatts looks like a black light poster.
    Also, the baseball shirt is possibly Electric Wizard… The only other “Electric” band I can think of is Electric Mayhem(the muppets band), and I think we can assume it’s not that. :\

    • Austin Nutter says:

      I’m not sure which one would rule more, since both are amazing. And yeah the tattoos remind me of a Black Dahlia Murder shirt I got. Have fun going to a job interview with that sleeve when you realize your semi-popular band isn’t making you enough to get by when you aren’t touring.

  2. xalecx1992 says:

    Lol I just saw this girl post a bunch of pictures of their singer, Dylan Richter, on Tumblr talking about how hot she thinks he is. I can feel a monster breeding…

  3. Dunno a lot of girls fancy the FTFD’s singer, I figure all it takes these days is sleeves, hand and throat tats and you’re swimming in pussy with daddy issues. Clearly I’m doing it wrong.

    • DarthZedd says:

      If you don’t have tatts I’m pretty sure you can substitute them with piercings. Just be sure to get snake bites.

  4. Save Parker says:

    Thought it was BMTH at first glance.

  5. pooper says:

    its electric zombie. their clothing line is all the rage in the scene apparently.

  6. Nick says:

    In my experience, kids that age DO listen to the Misfits and many of them make no distinction between the different eras of the band. They’re just one of those bands that people know about. Plus Danzig is responsible for a few great memes.

    Photo looks semi-impromptu. You can see stage lights at an awkward, distant angle in the background so obviously they didn’t go out of their way to pick a great location. My guess is that one of the guys in the band had his “photographer” friend at a show and was like, “OK guys, get over here, we’re taking promos today.” That would also account for the expressions and body language.

  7. tom cash says:

    Those tats are so bright because he probably got them all done the day before that picture to look tough.

    I always believed that the misfits were universal, and then I saw a live video of that metro station band and saw the non-horse looking one wearing a Misfits shirt. I think it’s just a fashion thing. It’s like all the “classic rock” kids I went to HS with and their Zozo shirts.

    • Obsequium Mindris says:

      everyone/anyone wears misfits these days. if it’s at hot topic, they put it on whether they know the band or not

  8. jondabudz says:

    Haha if anything these dudes might even be older. I know the original member one of the guitarists is like 26 or 27. Ha fucking singers zoolander face.

  9. Inmyheadache says:

    Even Cee Lo Green wears Misfits shirts, so it’s probably a fashion thing. I teach in a high school and I see Misfits shirts/jackets/belts/etc fairly often, and some students didn’t even know it was a band.

    At the same time, I’ve seen students wearing Michael Graves-era Misfits shirts, but then they know bands like Celtic Frost and the Cro Mags. It makes no sense.

  10. Genaro says:

    I am 18 and I listen to the Misfits, so it’s not something that is completely out of the way. Started listening to them when I was around 14 due to a Metallica cover of “Die Die My Darling”, and I started to like the gritty feeling it had (I was, after all, impressionable at the age of 14).
    My point being, the fact that they are around 20 and 25 doesn’t automatically mean they can’t now of bands from before 2000…. Then again, I don’t have any sleeve tats or any real contact with “da scene”, so perhaps I am just not the usual example. Bleh.

  11. Andrew says:

    Why are you so surprised kids like/know the Misfits? I am 24 and although I have always kept up with new music and love it, (and it’s better half the time), I have also always know the classic 80′s and 90′s hardcore and punk bands. I continue to find ones I like, while keeping up with new music. Why is this hard to understand? My friends and I have always been this way… liking the classics, and the budding classics.

  12. joenigga says:

    Umm, a twentysomething being a Misfits fan isn’t that weird. I’m a teenager and I’ve been listening to them for years.

  13. Anon says:

    ummm yea kids def know about bands that were around before they were. i dont get wats so hard to understand that

  14. Anonymous says:

    he’s a tattoo artist when he’s not in the band

  15. Anonymous says:

    The white singlet actually says ‘Holy fucking shit’. It’s a band tee from Confession, an Australian hardcore band

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