It’s not often that I listen to rap, but when I do, it’s Z-RO

As the title states, it’s not often that I listen to rap. Mainly because I simply don’t fit rap’s targeted demographic. I’m white, I’m a business major, and I live in rural Texas. Also it’s because most of the rap I hear is just shitty. 98% of the time, rap doesn’t appeal to me.

So what is in the 2%? Well, one part is rap that isn’t ironic for me to listen to. Not necessarily rap for white kids. Just not gangster shit. Odd Future is a good example of this(I had to include OF in this post, otherwise someone here would suggest them to me because of their recent popularity). Then there’s the rap that is ironic for me to listen to, but I just listen to it anyways because I actually like it. Z-RO is undoubtedly the best example of this. Now I’ll be honest, I really don’t know how popular Z-RO is. He’s from Houston, so he’s obviously a giant there. I just don’t know what his status is in other areas. More importantly, I don’t know if the SYWH audience has even heard of this guy(Z-RO is true H-town thug shit, def. not scene). That is why I bring you Z-RO today.

This is the first song I’ve ever heard from Z-RO. Whenever I’m feeling forever alone, I put on some 1 deep. Yes, this song is all about being alone and independent. It’s powerful stuff from start to finish.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the meaning behind T.H.U.G. I just find it very relaxing and catchy.

This is Dip and Turn chopped and screwed. I didn’t post the original because it sounds sooo much better chopped. Also, this technically isn’t Z-RO, but he’s in the song, so there…

Of course, Houston rappers are all about dat purple drank. If you’re unaware of what drank is, my friend Grimace is happy to educate you! The more you know!!

By now you should get the gist of what Z-RO is all about. Also, you’re probably wondering why I listen to Z-RO, out of all other rap artists. Truthfully, I think it’s cool because it’s not mainstream and senseless crap like most rap is. Also,  I really like his style and his lyrics. They somewhat appeal to me because I’ve been to the areas he raps about, so I can kinda relate to his music. Maybe you think this crap sucks, or maybe you like it. Either way, I hope I at least exposed you to something new.


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11 Responses to It’s not often that I listen to rap, but when I do, it’s Z-RO

  1. Watt Par says:

    I approve of this post.

  2. Martin Regnen says:

    Good shit though maybe you have to be a Texan to understand some of it so it won’t work for Yankees and other foreigners. Btw do you like Trae, or is he too depressing for you?

    • DarthZedd says:

      Ehh, I never really got into Trae’s stuff. Just never liked it :/
      and being from the area helps mainly w/ exposure to this music.

  3. gnusosa says:

    What is more relevant to me is, how the fuck do you cope with living in dumbfuckistan?

    If I recall Sergeant Mothafucka D once stated “people from the westcoast are more progressive and intellectual…”.

    • DarthZedd says:

      Well, the rural areas are boring and full of retards, but the big cities have some pretty cool people. To answer your question though, I spend most of my time on the internet. It sucks ass here, but I’m moving to Austin soon anyways. nbd

  4. Brah says:

    “I’m gonna move to Austin and I’m gonna grow a BEARD, I’m gonna move to Austin and KEEP THE TOWN WEIRD.” Fuck Austin, fuck everyone in it. I liked this state better when douches weren’t moving across the country to clog up my weekend drinking haven with their scummy bullshit.

    Are you into any other Texas rap? Scarface? Pimp C?
    This guy just came out of the middle of nowhere not even a major city, and I’m digging his style.
    Jan ’11
    Feb ’11

    • DarthZedd says:

      Honestly, I’m not into much else as far as rap goes. I’ve listened to other stuff like Paul Wall and Mike Jones. I just didn’t get into it heavily.
      Srry to hear about your troubles brah. I hear it’s a very crowded city.

      • Brah says:

        It became a “cool” city like Portland. It was a crowded college town to begin with (most popular football team in the state, big aging hippy community) and now it’s CRAWLING with useless teenagers and 20-somethings who all want the same “cool” entry-level jobs.

        It expanded so much the transportation infrastructure can’t handle it and now it’s just a perpetual traffic jam.

        I was a weekend visitor though, I prefer Denton these days.

  5. whoreforyourtroubles? says:

    this guy has a pretty good flow and voice. i was surprised by the quality of the raps. i highly recommend checking out UGK, esp their recent stuff, as they’re also from texas (i think)

  6. HAMTARO says:

    what part of texas you from zedd? z-ro was real big in east texas where i grew up. and trae is a favorite of mine, depressing or not

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