Looking Back At Remembering Never

Remembering Never were a metalcore evolved into hardcore(used loosely) band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and they were one of my major musical influences. Consisting of SxE members, they didn’t consider the band SxE since they didn’t sing about that lifestyle. Here are the albums they have released and a couple memorable tracks from each.

Suffocating My Words To You was their first EP. It consisted of mostly high pitched shrieks and clean vocals. Not much mosh value and my least favorite album by them.

(Overly distorted guitars and black metal-ish vocals? FML…)

(Not a very strong track, but the freak out at the end is lulz.)

Their second album, She Looks So Good In Red, was the album that started to define the sound that they would be remembered for. Deeper screams, heavier riffs, and still clean vocals. Their second best album, IMO.

(One of their best songs ever…)

(A lot of emotion in this one…sounds like child abuse, maybe?)

For their third album, Women And Children Die First, they started to stray away from the clean vocals and focus more on some breakdowns and mosh material. It still wasn’t perfected and sort of came across as awkward and amateurish.

(Your almost moshing…so very close. Amazing, nonetheless.)

(some clean vocals, but a solid song…no mosh though.)

The last album they have released, God Save Us All, blew me the fuck away. It was straight fucking mosh material. Very little clean vocals, heavy as fuck riffs, and plenty of breakdowns. It even had a track featuring Phil Porto of The Red Baron(a X-tian SxE band also from Florida)…

(The guy who sounds like he belongs in Comeback Kid is Phil…lulz)

(Admit it, your fucking moshing!!)

A couple years ago, they put on their myspace(aka deadspace) that they were working on some new material for an album. I’ve been waiting patiently for an update since then and starting to give up hope. If they do come out with something new, I can only hope it’s heavier/more br00tal than God Save Us All…

Have you ever heard of Remembering Never before now? Do you think they are underrated or just another generic piece of shit from the Florida hardcore scene?

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15 Responses to Looking Back At Remembering Never

  1. tom cash says:

    That song “words” by them was always awesome. Especially the Alanis Morissette part.

  2. jakey liaf says:

    imo the worst example of florida mosh. one-fifth had the best breakdowns, casey jones was the catchiest, i have dreams was the best.

  3. xIAMDOOMx says:

    Saw them years ago at the glasshouse opening for either bleeding through or himsa, I can’t remember. Guys killed it live, but it was during their “women and children…” era so I never got to see the awesomeness that was “god save…” performed live. Only other downside was that even though I’m edge, dude did alot of preaching on veganism…and I love meat….and hate preaching of any kind…

  4. Sergeant D says:

    I was never that into the Florida sound– the “metalcore talking parts” are kinda phaggy time to me, and they all seemed to have this melodramatic, feigned-angsty vibe that turned me off. I got into the Morning Again 7″ at the time, it’s still pretty solid, but that’s about it.

    But yeah these guys were one of the best of the bunch towards the end– that last song is definitely solid mosh.

  5. Chris says:

    I saw this band less than a year ago at a stageless church venue with forty winters, and dr acula was supposed to be there but they got in an accident or something. Anyway, they were great, but by the time they got on there were maybe 30 people there, and one of them was a super sloppy drunk chick. What I had heard from my friend is that the band told him they were breaking up, but idk if that’s true. This band is great but I like the singers sXe band xBishopx better, even though that band is breaking up soon :(

  6. Colin Boyle says:

    Bishop is having their last show in May. Casey Jones is hokey. South Florida these days is the antithesis of the melodramatic (but still good) stuff that came out around ten years ago. From what I heard, Remembering Never is working on some new material.

  7. lucifersmile says:

    i vaguely remember them. You know who was fresh from Florida? Scrog. And Omega Man. Scrog played a house show in Atlanta with us that was so fucking heavy and crazy loud we’re talking 3 guitar heads, multiple bass cabinets, fucking intimidating. i miss the mighty Scrog.

  8. Tom araya says:

    xUntil the Endx was my jam.

    Poison the well- opposite of december, best florida metalcore.

    • Sergeant D says:

      fuck yeah, Until The End were sick– Brendan from Circa Survive told me he wrote like half those songs haha (back when he was living in Ft Lauderdale I guess)

    • TheRealAnarack says:

      Poison The Well is another band that I loved during my teen years. I stopped listening to them once they released “Versions” though. That album was god awful.

  9. mr lun says:

    oh man, this band was so fuckin terrible. i saw them play a show to about 12 people (not counting all the other bands) and had to leave because they were so bad. bare in mind that i sat through From a Second Story Window and didn’t even deem them bad enough to prompt my exit, so that kind of says it all.

    Fun fact, i also kicked some kid in his buttocks for PITTING HARD right next to me during one of the bands, when the ENTIRE venue was available for moshery (see above for attendance figures). I mainly did it just so i could say that i kicked someone in the buttocks.

    “cool story, bro”

  10. gnusosa says:

    Holy shit another great post man. You hit me in the heart. Yeah, this band was part of my working out combo in my 128mb mp3 fuck yeah. It was Remembering Never+ Poison the Well + Love is Red.
    Good times. I saw Remembering Never like two times, best times. It’s all crazy moshing and crazy vegan speeches. I loved their last album, really tight hardcore pits.

  11. xCHIPxSEM says:

    Remembering Never wrote a new record…and then scrapped it. They are currently writing another record…to the guy who liked Until The End, I played guitar for them until we broke up. We are playing final, final show at Bringing It Back For The Kids Fest next month along with Bishop and Remembering Never.

  12. Dante says:

    All the grammatical errors in this posting comes across as “awkward and amateurish”.

    Without sounding butthurt, I thought WACDF was the best album. I give best track to Meadows.

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