Poor Foreign Country Jamz: Ikechukwu

I post a lot about music from poor countries which I like, but I know that a lot of our readers want us to make fun of music that’s not any good. As contrast to Nigerian hip-hop which I like, here is a track that reaches Dot Dot Curve levels of stupidity.

The good news is, if you were wondering how to pronounce the name “Ikechukwu”, now you know. And he can do a lot of different voices. The bad news is that he doesn’t know that when you want to rap “to the death for y’all”, it’s not a good idea to deliver the word “death” in your squeaky cartoon voice. Half his boasts are completely bizarre, but “I’m dark like oil, I’m like a big stain”? Dude’s comparing himself to a stain?

I could go on and on, but those two examples are representative of the general problem here – the basic elements of a rap track are there, but they are put together in a completely random manner by someone who seems to have no idea how they’re normally supposed to be used. It’s almost like those Pacific Islanders and their cargo cults where they’d make vague imitations of airfields and Jeeps after World War II, hoping that Americans would show up and give them real Jeeps and shit. If we make something that copies some random characteristics of a rapper, maybe a real rapper will show up and drop some rhymes that actually work?

But this is a story of redemption, of the triumph of the human spirit, and of a man who stopped sucking. You probably don’t give a shit about that part, though, so I’ll put it below the fold.

Just two years later, Ikechukwu (now also calling himself International Killz or E Killz for short) figured out when to use which voice, and started working with some people who definitely know what they’re doing like Don Jazzy, Wande Coal (the chubby dude who sings the hook) and D’Banj. Still, there’s a little random stupid shit there. It’s one thing to have a filler line that doesn’t quite work, but if you’re going to say “I’m a Spartan, I’ll take you deep into space like a Martian, it’s awesome” and apparently think that line’s worth repeating a few seconds later, that’s difficult to overlook. Though maybe that line is really important. I mean, some people have accused Ludacris of stealing rhymes from Ikechukwu’s track “Wind Am Well”, but maybe we should wonder if this inspired Lil B’s “repeat stupid shit about Martians” schtick. But aside from a few bits of silliness, this track works. The randomness has been mostly tamed.


This is from last year. The random stupidity is completely gone, and all that’s left is a solid party track. Fuck yeah. He’s still doing different voices, but he’s finally using them well. When I first heard this, before the video came out, I thought that Don Jazzy (who produced this track) was singing the echo part of the hook, but it turns out that’s just Ikechukwu giving us his “old man with sore throat” voice.

Also, I approve of his choice of shirts, now that he’s figured out how to wear them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor man’s DMX?

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