Stuff I should hate: the Pretty Reckless

Since SYWH is running ads for the new season of Gossip Girl, I should mention that the Pretty Reckless have provoked a crisis of conscience in my life.

LOL, not really, but I was kinda worried to discover that I actually enjoy some of the same music that the guitarists in both my bands like. I mean they like Deep Purple and the Doors and shit which is why we have to be extremely careful about letting them play anything they don’t hate. I pondered long and hard why I don’t hate this band even though in theory I really should. Fortunately the singers in one of the bands also like this band – they like Gossip Girl and they’re not much older than Taylor Momsen so I guess they can identify with her lyrics – and that made me feel a whole lot better.

I mean, I really should hate this band. Just listen to this song. It’s your typical Led Zeppelin ripoff (at least based on my dim memory of having heard some Led Zeppelin songs more than five years ago), only without the guitar solos or squeaky vocals, and with lyrics that you don’t have to be a grandparent to get. OK, so it’s like Led Zeppelin with the worst parts fixed, but it’s still got bits whose only purpose seems to be saying “Look! We have guitarists! And they’re playing something different than they were a few seconds ago!” On paper this music should be terrible, but it’s good, and it could be totally awesome if someone like Katy Perry did it. I’m sure there’s a great pop dance remix of it out there somewhere.

Tbh I only know the two of their songs that one of my bands covers. But I like this song even better – I guess it’s a bit more like pop with distorted guitars and has less classic rock influence. It almost sounds like one of those ironic pop covers that heavy bands do, only with good vocals.

It’s about being a zombie, which is good cause vampires are not trendy anymore. I mean, when even 300-pound redneck rappers are making fun of Twilight, vampires are over. Zombies are the next undead trend, and the Pretty Reckless have hopped on it in time. Yeah, that trend also means that those fat chicks who wear black and bad makeup will soon start wearing torn rags and even worse makeup. Not that it should really matter, unless you play in a “joke” black metal band named Overweight Vampire, in which case you’ll need to make some changes!

Back to the Pretty Reckless, though, I’m glad I gave them a chance. What do you think they’ll sound like in a few years? Will their “old fans” hate them and call them overrated sellouts?

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14 Responses to Stuff I should hate: the Pretty Reckless

  1. RandomFan says:

    I believe you meant to post THIS version of Make Me Wana Die (not the shitty “Viral Version”–wtf is that?) where the-cute-little-girl-from-The-Grinch-who-grew-up-into-a-sexy-whore is taking her clothes off the entire time, why else would anyone listen to this shitty band?

  2. jm6g90 says:

    implying this sounds anything like zepplin or the doors is pretty wtf. this is redneck rock, miley cyrus with a bit more edge

    • Martin Regnen says:

      This is the closest thing to classic rock I’m willing to tolerate, but it’s definitely got the stench of retro all over it. The guitars play way too many notes, like rock bands did a long time ago before ppl knew better. Even the electronic bits in “Make Me Wanna Die” sound like a mellotron off some 70s King Crimson album. But, like I said, I’m willing to put up with those flaws in this case.

      I’ve lived half my life in Texas and to me redneck rock would be Kevin Fowler, Jason Boland, Stoney LaRue etc. Nothing like this.

  3. fuckuidontgotaname says:

    wat the fk is up with ppl hating prog rock here? led zeppelin is awesome and so is…. yea nvm about king crimson and the doors but led zeppelin is awesome.

    i dont get wat u guise have against progressive music.

    “Look! We have guitarists! And they’re playing something different than they were a few seconds ago!”
    k wooooow sry u like simply-structured, repetitive music with unimaginative lyrics but dont be hatin on led zeppelin

    • Martin Regnen says:

      I hate music musicians like. I don’t mind stuff that’s complicated to play, as long as it sounds simpler than it really is. I don’t mind complicated in ways that follow the vocals, if that makes any sense – like the first two Shakira albums, or Sugarbabes’ “Too Lost In You”, Martika’s “Like Toy Soldiers” etc. We play that stuff also, it’s about as complicated as the Pretty Reckless songs to play and memorize, but doesn’t try to make the complexity jump out at you. That means hot chicks like it more.

      And what’s the point of liking music hot chicks don’t like?

      • fuckuidontgotaname says:

        oh im sry that u listen to music under the assumption that if attractive ppl listen to it, it has to be good, rite?? and not because u actually enjoy the music, or even music in general.

        u know, sometimes ppl like to listen to music bcoz they actually like the way it sounds, or feel a certain way. im pretty sure i dont go anywhere where theres music to get laid, but to have a great fukn time

        and im glad ur not a musician. if u were ud have been a sell out fuck like gene simmons

  4. Don’t even care would listen to that to fuck the blonde forever.

  5. Isaac says:

    I can’t take a band fronted by fucking Mary-Lou Who seriously.

  6. ShawnYouWillHate says:

    is legal?

  7. Rachel says:

    Their new shit they just put out on an EP is a lot different from their full-length album, and so much more classic rock-like. I love it. You should check it out.

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