Buy this TRAP HOUSE RAVE shirt I designed

For anyone who doesn’t know, SYWH poster Kolgate is multi-talented dude. When he’s not writing some of my favorite SYWH posts (such as IRL-trolling Jonny Craig), he is also the frontman for crunkcore band TRAP HOUSE RAVE. Since we are BFFs, I was stoked to design a shirt for them, which you can see above.

They’ll be available soon– in the meantime, holler at Kolgate on Twitter and tell him you want one!

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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4 Responses to Buy this TRAP HOUSE RAVE shirt I designed

  1. says:

    the band sucks but i plan to order one regardless

  2. jm6g90 says:

    Trying to work out if I got this shirt would friends and peers ‘get it’, and whether I should care or not. brb in deep thought

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