NEW JAMZ: Love Via Dance Machine

Alright, so remember the post I did awhile ago? With that chick doing a lip sync video for a Taylor Thrash song that was sped up?

She strikes again.

Here’s a video I found on her channel, it’s less of a lip sync and more of a short music video for this song.

It’s another one of those songs that kinda reminds me of FTSK. The band is called Love Via Dance Machine and the song is called Find Your Way. It’s available for download for free from their purevolume page, as well as 3 of their other songs, all of which I’ve downloaded.

P.s. The chick is still too damn cute.

Check it out and let me know what you think or feel free to call me ghey and say I’m losing my mind.

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8 Responses to NEW JAMZ: Love Via Dance Machine

  1. Nick says:

    Holy shit my band played with these guys a few months ago. It was a Tuesday night on a hastily thrown together five band bill on which three bands no showed. Turnout was like seven people (basically our friends). Felt bad for this band cause their manager or whatever booked them to come through Downriver Detroit on their way from like Massachusetts. They are nice kids and I hope this means someone is buzzing about them.

  2. Sergeant D says:

    This song is sweet and def reminds me of FTSK!

    As for the girl?? Would I guess but again only bc I’m not the type to turn anything down :p

  3. jmt says:

    Didn’t read the description and I thought that it was an actual music video, and that the girl was the guy lead singer :/ . (I think it was the hat/sun glasses/guy singing combo. Without those things throwing me for a loop, she’s definitely a do)

  4. DarthZedd says:

    Too bad that ugly kid is prolly tappin dat right now.

  5. Watt Par says:

    WOULD. Dope jam.

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