New song from The Faceless

I understand that the Faceless is FAR from scene. However, the other day I heard their newest demo(pre-production), and I was curious to see what SYWH thinks of it. Mainly because my metalhead friends HATE IT. They’ve been raging over it simply because it has “too much clean vocals”.

Anyways, here’s the track. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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18 Responses to New song from The Faceless

  1. shiv says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz not enough slamz

  2. jondabudz says:

    Micheal keenes cleans lol are fucking ridiculous. I liked when they had lord marco drumming for em, thats when they were the shit. The faceless is always really good live too but I always sorta cringe during the cheesy vocoder parts haha.

  3. raeiNCYDE says:

    I like this song, but those clean vox are super lolzy – it kind of sounds like they forgot they weren’t Opeth for a few bars.

  4. jm6g90 says:

    its ok, bit of a o seeing this on SYWH tho.

    also, tell your metalhead friends to do the decent thing and remove themselves from the gene pool.

  5. Lol@youguys says:

    I love them, but I find this song boring not only because of the singing but because the faceless… Doing verse/chorus/verse/chorus? Lame

    • Obsequium Mindris says:

      exactly. the whole song didn’t have anything special to it, AND it was predictable. i just hope the rest of the album is better.

  6. MikeJ says:

    Forget The Faceless. I need to see a review of the new Genitorturers…er, I mean, the new Morbid Angel sampler.

  7. Briggzy says:

    It’s catchy and really groovy and overall a good song, of course everyones going to hate it because everyone hates everything new but as long as they throw in only a few songs like this to the record and keep writing more of their usual stuff ill be happy. A bands sound has to progress eventually and if this is the direction they’re taking i think one or two songs like this on their setlist would be a great fit.

  8. KVN_HFN says:

    I’m in.

  9. spinkicks says:

    i <3 the faceless

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