90s POP PUNK SHOWDOWN: which is best, Lookout, Fat/Epitaph or Cruz??

Generally speaking 90s pop-punk came in three flavors: Lookout and Epitaph/Fat Wreck Chords, and the weird Cruz bands who sounded like ALL. Yes there were other labels and some bands who didn’t really fit into any of those categories, but as far as bands who anybody gives a fuck about, the vast majority were one of the above.

In this post, I will compare and contrast these three subgenres/scenes and discuss my favorite examples of each. For the benefit of anyone who wasn’t around at the time, I will also share my recollection of how “real punx” (aka the scene police) viewed this stuff at the time, since it can be funny to remember how butthurt people got about stuff that in retrospect is completely trivial. Check it out and let me know what you think– oldz might get a kick out of being reminded that RKL existed, and hopefully some of you under 25ish might find a good band you missed out on!



The Lookout sound/scene is essentially all bands who copied the Ramones’ sound and look. Some of them departed a little further from the formula than others, but they all used that classic 1-4-5 chord progression (ala “Blitzkrieg Bop“) and wore tight jeans with leather jackets and Chuck Taylors. Pretty much all the people in these bands were exactly like the people who listened to them: skinny white dudes who were a little too smart for their own good and ultimately ended up being broke, bitter losers because they had a bad attitude and a problem with authority. For some reason I always think of Lookout style punk as “music for people who work at gas stations” (see The Queers  “Born To Do Dishes“).

In comparison to the Fat/Epitaph bands, and especially the Cruz bands, these bands weren’t very good at their instruments and all their records sound pretty much like shit. Also, all their songs sounded the same, but it was OK because they all sounded like catchy Ramones songs. Since they were smart guys with a chip on their shoulder, they were good at coming up with clever song titles that made them seem more talented than they actually were.

At the time it was considered more or less OK for ‘real punx’ to like this stuff, especially if they called it a guilty pleasure- sort of like how it’s OK to like Man Overboard or Fireworks now.


Screeching Weasel “Ursula Finally Has Tits”

There is no better example of the Lookout style than Screeching Weasel. The music is by-the-numbers, Ramones-style punk, but it has funny lyrics that make you forget how generic it is. In this case, it is about how Ben Weasel is excited than some teenage girl he lusts after has started growing breasts– par for the course, since this scene was full of super creepy weirdos.


The Queers “Stupid Fucking Vegan”

This song = never not funny. Without a doubt one of the best 90s punk songs, and the lyrics are more true every year!


J Church “Tide Of Fate”

Not sure where bands like Fifteen and Crimpshrine belong… maybe their own “pop punk for filthy East Bay squatters” category? Not even sure that J Church exactly belongs there, but I don’t know where else to put them, and I love this record. RIP Lance.


Mr. T Experience “I Wanna Do It With You”

With catchy songs and flirty lyrics like these, you can imagine why MTX shows attracted a lot more girls than most punk shows at the time… unfortunately, it being the 90s punk scene, almost all of them were fat and angry, with hairy legs and K Records tattoos.


Zoinks! “Uma 14 Times”

I think these guys were on some weird label with other weird bands like Brown Lobster Tank, but they were a really solid band that was kind of a hybrid of the Lookout and Epifat sounds. I actually had no idea there was a video for this song, but I liked it a lot in high school because I also had a celeb crush on Uma Thurman after watching “Pulp Fiction” (since she looked like a 90s punk chick, only hot, on the cover of the soundtrack).


Beatnik Termites “Angel Saw Reggie’s Dick”

This band was C-level at best, and this song doesn’t even sound like them, but when will I ever another chance to post a fucking Beatnik Termites video??? I think I saw them with FYP once in the late 90s.


Sloppy Seconds “So Fucked Up”

Although they were on Metal Blade, these guys were probably my favorite Lookout-style band- sarcastic, hilarious, fat dudes who hated the world almost as much as they hated themselves.



Also known as “skate punk,” back in the day many people referred to these as “Epitfat” bands, because dumb people thought all the bands on those labels sounded the same. Whereas Lookout was all about copying The Ramones, the Epifat sound was based on the Bad Religion sound (at the time that was called “melodic hardcore,” although these days I guess it’s just seen as pop punk).

In stark contrast to the sloppy, amateurish performances in the Lookout scene, most of these bands could actually play (and  in the case of bands like Strung Out and RKL, were total shredders). Thanks to producer/engineer Ryan Greene, they also had pretty flawless recording, and most of the guys in the bands were chill stoners/heshers from underrated parts of California like the Valley, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

Epifat bands were much more popular than Lookout bands (with the obvious exception on Green Day), so of course “real punx” hated them. I can understand why, because lots of snowboard/motocross bros were into this stuff, and what’s more threatening to some insecure, awkward kid in a leather jacket and a Vindictives shirt than “normal people” coming to punk shows?? These bands were looked at similarly to how people today view A Day To Remember: posers who make music for 15 year-old girls who shop at the mall. I will leave it up to you to decide whether that’s accurate or not, but it definitely NOT acceptable for “real punx” to listen to Strung Out or Lagwagon.


NOFX “It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite”

Much like Screeching Weasel were the epitome of the Lookout style, no band emobided the Epifat style more than NOFX (runners up: Pennywise). Pretty sure this song is about now-completely-irrelevant zine Maximum Rock N Roll? Either way, the lyrics are still 100% relevant today, and NOFX stand as one of the very few bands who can give The Vandals a run for their money in the lyrical department.


No Use For A Name “Soulmate”

This was something of a punk rock “hit single” at the time, and is basically a checklist of Epifat scene gear: dude with a goatee and backwards baseball hat singing; a snowboard; bowling shirts; Manic Panic hair; and Mesa/Boogie guitar amps. Also, I remember thinking the girl was kind of hot– this is how starved we were for girls in the scene back then O_o  (Bonus trivia: Chris Dodge of power violence legends Spazz and owner of Slap A Ham records was in an early version of NUFAN and worked at Fat for a long time in the 90s).


Guttermouth “Do The Hustle”

Back in the mid 90s, the rising popularity of rollerblading and subsequent rivalry with skateboarding was a hot topic! Leave it to the brilliant Guttermouth to drop some science- check out the lyrics to this track and it should be obvious what a big influence this band was on me!


Strung Out “Solitaire”

There’s way more to say about this awesome band than I can fit in here, so check out my older post on Strung Out– but if I had to pick one 90s pop punk band to listen to for the rest of my life, I would probably make it Strung Out. So good!!


Millencolin “Boullion”

Hailing from Sweden, Millencolin were one of the first Euro bands to pretend they were suburban Americans– I hope that Chunk No Captain Chunk, Me Vs Hero, and Your Demise give these guys the credit they deserve for their pioneering work as fake American mallcore kids!!


RKL “We’re Back, We’re Pissed”

In addition to being one of the original Nardcore bands, RKL were also the only punk band who could shred harder than Strung Out. They weren’t very popular, but this album RIPS! Still some of the best drumming I’ve ever heard, especially when you consider that this was before the days when punk bands could afford to use triggers and so forth. Also, the singer sounds a lot like Dave Mustaine :(


Pulley “Cashed In”

Featuring MLB pitcher Scott Radinsky on vocals, in my opinion Pulley were criminally underrated. I still listen to these guys all the time, and I’m bummed I never saw them back in the 90s.


Unwritten Law “Lonesome”

Call me a poser if you want, but Unwritten Law’s self-titled record is one of my favorite albums of all time. I went through a few phases over the years where I would listen to it like five times a day– there’s something about pop-punk songs that revolve around self-destruction, self-loathing and substance abuse that I just can’t get enough of. That’s probably not a good thing…



Finally, we have the odd man out, the scruffy, fleabitten, but super-intelligent dog that hangs back from the rest of the pack, content to eat their scraps if it means he answers to no one: the Cruz Records bands. Cruz was a short-lived spinoff of SST (the label founded by Greg Ginn of Black Flag) that mostly existed to put out ALL records, from what I can tell. For anyone who doesn’t know, ALL = the final lineup of the Descendents, but with a different singer– imagine the Descendents “All” album, only with more weird songs like “Impressions” and “80s Girl.”

Cruz was a refuge for very, very weird bands who were equal parts Cheap Trick/Van Halen-style arena rock and pop punk. Imagine a bunch of dudes in their 30s with long hair who played pink Ibanez guitars and wore tie-dyed tank tops, but spent their 20s touring with DIY hardcore bands like Massacre Guys… an odd bunch to say the least.

Much like the bands themselves, the typical Cruz fan is a more than a little on the weird side. I’ll just put it this way: the biggest ALL fan I knew was a guy named Wayne who was 30 at the time, dated an 18 year old, worked as a bagger at a supermarket, spoke fluent Japanese, and had an amazing collection of Sega Saturn games and Gundam models. Pretty sure he actually moved to Japan to get married to some girl over there. I think that says it all- although I should add that he was an awesome dude and played drums in a fucking great Cruz-style band called The Unknown that you’ll see below. MISS YOU WAYNE!!

Aside from ALL getting a tiny bit of airplay on 120 Minutes, nobody gave a fuck about any of these bands back in the day, and even fewer people give a fuck now. I’m including them here because I love the Cruz sound, and I’m hoping someone will bring it back one of these days. I really appreciate how pure this scene was– you definitely weren’t going to make a fucking dime off playing this style, and there were no girls (just legions of weird dudes), so anybody in a Cruz band was doing it purely for fun, and there is something to be said for that.

As far as credibility with “true punx,” I think these bands were totally off the radar of the No Fun Club. They probably knew who ALL were, but I’d be pretty surprised if any of the snobs with Antischism or Spitboy backpatches had any clue about Chemical People or Gameface– imagine a Venn diagram in which the two circles just don’t overlap.



ALL “Frog”

I love the Descendents, but I love ALL even more. And just to underscore how weird I am, “Allroy Saves” is my favorite. Feelsbadman.jpg, but this song never gets old to me.


The Unknown “Biff The Cat”

The appropriately-named The Unknown were a band from Cleveland who carried the Cruz torch well into the 2000s. Their records are pretty hard to find, but if you miss that sound, I think some of them are still available through Boss Tuneage and iTunes?


Big Drill Car “In Green Fields”

BDC were really more rock than punk, which was sort of what the Cruz sound was all about. They had a few EPs and two LPs, all of which are worth tracking down– it’s a huge bummer that this band didn’t get more recognition at the time, but I guess it makes sense since they sound more like Cheap Trick than NOFX. Also check out the video for “Friend Of Mine,” from their final album– great song.


Gameface “Guess What”

Although not actually on Cruz, and in my mind possibly more aligned with the Orange County hardcore scene, the first couple Gameface records sound almost exactly like BDC and should not be missed. I even like their more “rock” album on Revelation (check out the video for “My Star,” didn’t even know that existed until now).



Personally, I feel like the Epifat stuff has stood the time better than any of the others. A lot of that is because they actually had good recordings, but it’s also because they weren’t rehashing Ramones songs that were 20 years old even back then. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Ramones as much as the next guy, and The Queers have their moments, but for the most part I just think of that stuff as what the guy who’s changing my oil is listening to- it’s hard for me to separate it from all the bitter, jerky losers who were into those bands. On the other hand, I can still listen to NOFX and Strung Out records from 10-15 years ago– and Guttermouth never gets old!

That said, I’ll always have a place in my heart for those weird Cruz bands- there’s nothing like Scott Reynolds-era ALL or Big Drill Car!!

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52 Responses to 90s POP PUNK SHOWDOWN: which is best, Lookout, Fat/Epitaph or Cruz??

  1. m00k says:

    I could be perfectly happy listening to nothing but NOFX and gangsta rap for the rest of my life.

  2. Nick says:

    Slight advantage to skatepunk (nofx, guttermouth, propagandhi, early AFI, Pennywise’s “Unknown Road” etc.) over Ramonescore, although I still listen to SW and the Queers on the reg.

    Lookout! put out some cool stuff early on like a couple punk-era Neurosis records, Corrupted Morals, Plaid Retina and, uh, Green Day.

    I enjoy this era in which people who try to set a standard for tr00 punx0rz get laughed at on the internet and told they are mad bro.

    • Sergeant D says:

      I enjoy this era in which people who try to set a standard for tr00 punx0rz get laughed at on the internet and told they are mad bro.

      I’m doing my best to encourage this trend!

      • Nick says:

        Oh btw i appreciated the fyp mention. When i was in high school i saw them on what i think was their last tour. They played for like ten minutes and i remember them spitting in each other’s mouths, although i am not sure if that actually happened.

  3. The Condor says:

    This is a great article. 100% Top Crotch.
    I agree that the Epifat stood the test of time better. I still listen to NOFX pretty regularly, but that started about a year ago. Something about turning 30 I guess. The Decline is a fantastic song. I listen to it at the beginning of every run I on.
    A lot of my friends were really into all of this stuff, so I’m really familiar with it, but at the time I wasn’t super into it. I wanted to listen to Buried Alive and Slayer, but everyone else wanted to listen NOFX and The Bouncing Souls. I do think I saw almost every band you mentioned. Except ALL which is the only band I still really want to see.

  4. XIAMDOOMX says:

    Man, this brought back so many memories of learning to skateboard and cruising around town. But that’s besides the point, I hated lookout exactly for the ramones worship. The ramones put out a great first record, then started re-releasing it over and over again with changed lyrics in my opinion. Never heard of cruz except for ALL who I thought were almost as good as the descendents; but fuck, i’ll be damned if millencolin, the offspring’s “smash”, all of pennywise’s early shit, and guttermouth did not provide the absolutely perfect soundtrack to skateboarding around fontana and spruce skate park in rancho…fuck I want to skate so HARD right now!

  5. Alex says:

    Best article. I probs back Epifat shit the most out of the 3. I love BDC though. I’ve always hated that shitty ramonescore bullshit and I honestly can’t believe there is still shitty bands doing it today. It’s pretty funny when they talk about being influenced by Screeching Weasel though. I say this from the perspective of a bitter broke loser, so maybe you weren’t entirely right.

  6. Alex says:

    Oh and lol at all the uptight ramonescore fans who get super mad about shit like The Wonder Years being called pop-punk on their gay little tumblrs.

    • bombonthebus says:

      Haha the fans for TWY and related acts are smothered in so much butthurt its unreal. Even when they aren’t dishing it out themselves they are on the receiving end. I love it!

    • Sergeant D says:

      so many levels of gayness there– lol @ those uptight little kids and how seriously they take their gay little bands

  7. DMatt says:

    I’ve been filling in on bass for the Beatnik Termites, recently… i’ve been reading SYWH since day 1… my worlds=collided.

  8. The Condor says:

    Remember when Ben Weasel punched a girl at SXSW?

  9. pl says:

    Millencolin are workshiped in europe to a point you wouldnt imagine.

  10. Jose says:

    - ZOINKS was fronted by a guy who used to be in Reno’s premiere hate-edge outfit XDISCIPLINEX,
    - Funny you mentioned BDC and Cheap Trick because one of my favorite all time split 7″s is the Chemical People/Big Drill Car 7″ where BDC cover Cheap Trick’s surrender. while we are at it…Pinhead Gunpowder (featuring members of Green Day and Monsula) sampled the beginning of Surrender for the song “Losers Of The Year” http://youtu.be/NHmQqz0D-HM . Speaking of Pinhead Gunpowder, I’d put a lot of the lookout bands, (Samiam, Crimpshrine, Monsula, Fifteen, Jawbreaker) into the category “effing awesome east bay punk” category, basically music played by weirdo punkers that was trying to sound like the Descendents but ultimately never got to be as polished because of sheer lack of musicianship. However, I love all of those bands because that’s the scene I was into at the time and saw those bands every weekend.
    - Dude, RKL! such a ripping band – listen to the bass player, this guy makes Geddy Lee’s bass playing seem downright anemic.
    - I was never ever a fan of the fat records stuff, BroCore as we call it here in Nor Cal = snowboarding dudes listening to Pennywise and hanging out with nazis at sketchy Johnny Cash themed dive bars.

    • Sergeant D says:

      had no idea about the Zoinks/XdisciplineX connection!! that’s bizarre…

      snowboarding dudes listening to Pennywise and hanging out with nazis at sketchy Johnny Cash themed dive bars.

      you say that like it’s a bad thing??

  11. Steve says:

    I see what you’re saying about Gameface, but I always associate them with Dr. Strange Records more so than anything else cause I’m pretty sure the majority of their pre-Rev stuff is on Dr. Strange. Great post.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Ah, good call- I forgot all about that label, but they did have their own (very small) niche.

      • SouthbayCB says:

        Dr. Strange was a pretty big force in the Inland Empire. All early Guttermouth, Face to Face, Voodoo Glow Skulls Gameface, Zoinks, Rhythm Collision to name some. The article has some good takes on the 90′s scene although some of the takes are a little off. It is tough to put all of the bands on these labels in little defined pockets, but kudos for trying.

  12. Jose says:

    PS – this song from Screeching Weasel = BEST.
    When I saw them play Gilman in the mid 90s the no fun club pelted Ben Weasel with cream pies. It was sad and surreal to see.

  13. cougar party says:

    Fat/Epitaph was the shit. No other punk label had so many great bands at once. They had the holy trinity of modern punk in their prime for fucksake – NOFX, Pennywise, and Bad Religion.

    Also I saw Strung Out at Warped Tour ’96 and they slayed. Those guys can fucking play. They sounded the best of any band that day.

  14. This shit is solid. Totally loved Big Drill Car back in the day.

    D, did you ever see J Church when they played Ground Zero in like 96, 97?

    • Sergeant D says:

      hmmm I don’t think so, but it’s possible?? I do remember seeing 10:07 many times at Ground Zero though, I forgot all about them until just now! Solid band.

  15. Epi fat is great stuff. I was into that before I got into deathcore and hardcore. It seems like the ramonescore crowd are the no fun club nowadays which is funny cuz they were hated by the tr00 punx at the time lol

  16. saywhat says:

    That girl in the Soulmate video is half Ann Veal, half “Buzz, your girlfriend, woof”

  17. Dave says:

    This post has so much win… I can barely contain it! A++++ for remembering Bad Religion as ‘melodic hardcore’ – damn those were the days…

    I always liked Cruz bands… but no one else I knew did. Dont think many made it to far out east… least I never saw any of ‘em.

  18. CallPastorJerkface says:

    Back in the 90′s my favorite pop punk records were “Wanna Smash Sensation” by Bum and “24 Hour Revenge Therapy” by Jawbreaker. Other than Propagandhi I really wasn’t into the EpiFat stuff. The hooks and melodies were weak and the bands all came across as Iron Maiden jocks trying to glom onto hardcore. Checking out these videos now I was totally impressed with Unwritten Law and RKL (I should give Pulley another chance as well). However, I way prefer what the Kids These Days are doing with the Fataph sound. Breakdowns, shout alongs and, honestly, way, way better melodies. New music wins again!

    It took me almost ten years to really start digging the Ramones. Hence, I liked some Queers (mostly the stuff that the gal from Cub sings on) and Screeching Weasel but never enough to get a job at Mr. Lube.

    All’s best album is “Mass Nerder”. Not a dud on that one my friend!

    Current 90′s pop punk faves: Muffs s/t, anything by Mega City Four, Doughboys “Home” and “Happy Accidents” and Mr T. Experience’s “Milk, Milk Lemonade”.

  19. xtrinidadx says:

    damn, my friends used to love the beatnik termites and along with anything that was put out on mutant pop/lookout/panic button records. That style was pop punk to us in high school

  20. ob says:

    Good write up here.

    I hope to see an article on the bar punk, Dillinger 4/Off With Their Heads/Dear Landlord scene which seems to be the modern equivalent of the Lookout sound and lifestyle.

    • bombonthebus says:

      Dear Landlord is nice but The Dopamines have really nailed down that sound imo. Check them out if you haven’t already!

    • Sergeant D says:

      good call– I don’t listen to any of that stuff, so I would be pretty useless as far as actually writing about it in detail, but you’re definitely right on them being the new version of the Lookout scene

  21. Walker says:

    Unwritten law is awesome, I wonder what happened to those guys?

  22. Isaac says:

    I have been wanting to get into pop punk for awhile but have never had the initiative… From what I’ve checked out, Sloppy Seconds, Pulley and Strung Out are fucking sweet.

  23. Alex_P says:

    I forgot just how great RKL are. I should get around to buying downloading one of their albums today.

  24. shag to da fag says:

    10+ youtube videos and 20seconds of scrolling through the article?

  25. gunter_du says:

    no love for pansy division? first album is a classic to my ears. what about jughead’s revenge and early afi (who were on nitro but i guess you can lump em together with the fat bands)?
    scott reynolds era-all is also my favorite. this is my post-break up music of choice :( what’s your take on ‘new girl old story”? grossly underrated stuff!
    i loved reading this, sarge! you should write something on pop punk samplers (go ahead punk, cinema beer nuts, the ones from epi/fat etc). keep em coming!

  26. uppercut613 says:

    yeah epifat is the shit. didnt know they called it that lol. i actually used to be a really big underground skatepunk buff. like the bands that were influenced by all those bands, i knew and listened to hundreds of them. didnt know about the ‘cruz’ stuff so this was educational for me. and i still think ramonescore is meh as fuck. but its all preference in the end, ya dig

  27. Eli says:

    I really liked Avail – they were a Lookout band that didn’t fit. Never really got into the other Lookout bands, though I have to admit now that I can listen to Green Day more than any others mentioned. The problem with the other Lookout bands is that a joke is only funny once or twice, then it’s just stupid.

    I used to really like the Epitaph sound, but from the late 90s on it has made my skin crawl.

  28. benbaddude says:

    best thing on the internet ever. i’m listening to the decline now and reminiscing about junior high. and fucking fyp. saw them before DI so long ago. god. miss this shit.

  29. Todd Colman says:

    Great Post… Its funny, but I never really get it when people say “i liked them back in the day” – but “dont listen to them anymore”… I know musical tastes develop and change (or are supposed to) but I still listen to all the stuff i did back in the day – because it was good then and is good now… got nothing to do with a “scene”… there never really was much of a :scene” in Australia… not that i knew about anyway.. I wasnt friends with many people that were into this music – I just kind of discovered it by myself, and listened to it by myself, and just loved it..I used to spend hours at Waterfront records – the best record store of all time, or at SoundGarden in hurstville… I got into All/Descendents first – then the guy at Soundgarden inroduced me to Chemical people – and I went through all the Cruz bands from there (except Skintyard – just dont get them…).. NOFX too, they were great and are still great.. BR and on. I dont minfd screeching weasel, but i really dont get the fuss of the Ramones… and i hate that fucking dumb scene uniform… I never giot “scenes” I always thought they were stupid. I still see kids at shows now.. there to hang out – they arent even really into the music – baffles me.. Id go to shows by myself – I didnt give a fuck about anyone else..
    Strange that you call the Cruz bands the wierd guys – the best by far I reckon – fucking love that sound. There will always be room inm my collection for NOFXand BR – they are all time… But I recently saw the Descendents play in Sydney – the first time they have ever been here.. and they still played true top record – fucking spot on and they ripped it. There wasnt even a massive mosh pit going on – people were just watching – they were legendary.. I think its not what label or “micro scene” a band is in… if they are good, innovative and unique then they will stand the test of time… just like bands in the mainstream like REM etc.. Bands like Big Drill car still went on to do other stuff…All Systems go is a nice little spin off…. Got to agree with you around Scott Reynolds era ALL – thats really what snagged me into this music,… and I think Lagwagon are one of the best bands of all time- they just kept getting better and better – NO ONE sounds like them – Joey Cape is a dsuperb writer – his Bad Astronaut stuff was unbelievable.. they were always always excellent live… unlike NOFX – who can be outstanding or aordinary…although i was treated to the decline live once ..awesome..

    In short – Cruz for me.. anyday… epitaph/Fat is up there in aclose second,, but a buit of a distant third to the lookout stuff.. pretty samey samey, and if you cant sing you cant sing….

    • Dr. Trash says:

      I know this is a super necro bump – but Sound Garden? Bro! That place was my second home until it shut. I spent so much money there even after iTunes and downloading became a thing.

  30. guillo says:

    it’s not OK to like Man Overboard or Fireworks now.

  31. Wally says:

    Did he just write “Ursula Finally Has Tits” was a Ben Weasel song? WTF

  32. kingofthemall says:

    There is no comparison, Lookout is the best. Operation Ivy,The Queers, pinhead Gunpowder,Screeching Weasel,Riverdales,Squirtgun and the blatz….Nobody comes close

  33. Mark says:

    I like bands from all the labels.

    My favorite was the Cruz sound though.

    I loved the original crop of Fat Wreck artists (Strung Out, NUFAN, Face to Face, 88 Fingers Louie, Lagwagon) but anything after that I didn’t really care for.

    with the exception of Bad Religion and NOFX most of the Epitaph bands are pretty generic/boring sounding.

    I definitely think Dr. Strange Records belonged on this list, during the 90s they had a lot of great pop punk bands (Brown Lobster Tank, Zoinks, ManDingo, Voodoo GlowSkulls, Gameface, Schleprock, Sinkhole).

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