For those who weren’t around, back in the early/mid 90s, Lookout Records was the biggest name in pop punk. They put out records by a ton of legendary bands like Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Operation Ivy, and of course Green Day. Many (if not most) of those albums were produced by an Italian immigrant named Mass Giorgini at his studio in the unlikely location of Lafayette, Indiana- you can think of him as the Joey Sturgis of 90s pop punk. In addition to producing a zillion brilliant records, Mass and his brother were in a little band called Squirtgun.

“Long So Long,” from their first album

“So Cool,” from the second LP

Squirtgun kind of flew under the radar, most likely because they rarely toured, but I loved both of their records. I can’t say there is anything super unique about them, but if you’re looking for solid 90s pop punk, you won’t go wrong by jamming some Squirtgun. I prefer the first album by a small margin, but they both have some great songs- you might remember “Social” from the movie “Clerks” (h8 u Kevin Smith).

I’m curious: for anyone reading who is under 25ish, what do you think of this? Does it sound super dated and shitty, or does it hold up today?? I can’t tell haha.

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19 Responses to BANDS U MAY HAVE SLEPT ON: Squirtgun

  1. shawnyouwillhate says:

    squirtgun rules….LOOKOUT PUNK UPRISINGS 4 EVA BRO

  2. jelena says:

    This was one of my favorite punk bands around 15 years ago! Awesome!

  3. xtrinidadx says:

    Mass Giorgini produced the best pop punk record if all time the Lillingtons “death by television”. Lookout, Panic Button, and Dirtnap put out great pop punk music in the 1990′s and early 2000′s

  4. steff dogg says:

    can dig. also Kevin Smith is my dude.

  5. Austin Nutter says:

    I can dig it. But I like the 90′s style pop punk more than most pop punk today. The jumpy basslines and drums do it for me.

  6. Inmyheadache says:

    Feeling that dude’s Zero Boys shirt

  7. heemeyer says:

    kevin smith is the living, breathing embodiment of beta

  8. Andrew says:

    Holds up today. Sounds like pop-punk that was before 1997-ish and turned emo! haha.

  9. Phil says:

    I bought the Mall Rats soundtrack for “Social”. That whole first album rules! I’m under 25 and can dig this shit. If you want dated and shitty pop punk, check some of the shit Fat Wreck put out in the 90′s

    • Sergeant D says:

      Ha, I am actually working on a post about the two sides of 90s pop punk: Lookout vs Fat/Epitaph. Personally I like the Fat stuff a lot better.

      • uppercut613 says:

        fat wreck style punk is more dated and shitty than this stuff? cmon man, this whole style is based on the ramones (the 70s). fat wreck punk is based on nofx and lagwagon albums from the early 90s and you wont be able to find anything similar sounding to it that predates the 90s besides maybe bad religion in the late 80s, but thats a stretch even. the fat wreck sound has way more substance and is way more interesting than this stuff imo. <—- i just cant see how you can hate on that

  10. Isaac says:

    This is pretty fucking sweet, yeah.

  11. uppercut613 says:

    eh… it sounds pretty dated and shitty to me but im pretty biased cause i never liked this style of punk to begin with. i dont know if you got my email about under spinning lights but i definitely think you should do a writeup about them cause i feel like theyre the future of powerpop, especially their new song:

    no spam, just recommendin’ shiz

  12. Andrew says:

    I am 24 and I like this stuff.

    What are these guys up to now?

  13. The Condor says:

    Haha, I saw this band at a shitty club in DC. My friend’s shitty pop punk band opened for them. That is the only time I ever heard them. I thought they were just some no name punk band at the time, and didn’t give them a chance. This was also durring my HC elitist phase. Which was an awesome phase BTW.

  14. cougar party says:

    I just had a flash back to freshman year of high school. I am pretty sure I had every Lookout, Fat/epitaph release from 92-98. Hardly listen to punk anymore though.

  15. Miguel Hernandez says:

    This is hardly a no-name band. Producer/Bassist Mass Giorgini played in Screeching Weasel for almost a decade and formed Common Rider with Operation Ivy singer Jesse Michaels. As a producer, I know he worked with the Green Day guys, Rise Against and one of the dudes in All-American Rejects. Even the drummer, Dave Lumley, was the first drummer for Rise Against. These guys helped invent the genre, and they were way more experimental and less “Ramones-y” than most bands in pop-punk. I think the only reason they weren’t bigger is because they barely toured.

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