“The passion I feel for my music is so authentic and pure!!!”

Hot Water Music was a boring, bland, angsty rock band that was popular with fat girls, beardos and betas back in the 90s. Basically, they were the band who played with hardcore bands but wasn’t hardcore, and people who liked them we really annoying proto-hipsters who were only into hardcore for a couple years before dropping out to become indie rockers, DJs, bartenders, and all the other things that hardcore kids become when they get old, boring and cynical.

I didn’t think it was possible for a band to be even more boring and tuneless than Fugazi, but these guys pulled it off!

I had no idea they were even still around, and I have even less of a clue why Rise would sign them- I can only assume that the owner, Craig, made enough money off of mosh4christ records that now he can basically run the label like a vanity project. But what do I know about the music business- maybe the typical HWM fan is the next big thing! Maybe 36 year-old suburban dads who drive a 2001 Subaru Outback wagon, teach English for $42K a year at an inner-city school, shop at Ikea, and have no fucking clue about anything that happened in hardcore since 1999 will be the driving force behind the music industry in 2012.

Either way, definitely not my thing, but they do seem like good guys so I wish them the best! (srs)


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51 Responses to IKEACORE legends HOT WATER MUSIC sign to RISE RECORDS

  1. Isaac says:

    Not my thing either– sounds like they took their act entirely from Sunny Day Real Estate/American Football and the like, except then they made it louder, yet more boring.

    I have never heard Fugazi until just now, and they are indeed similarly dull.

    • Sergeant D says:

      listen to the fugazi song “waiting room.” i honestly have no idea how anybody can take it seriously, it sounds like someone making a parody of shitty 90s emo

      • Isaac says:

        That’s the song I listened to– how were/are these guys so lauded?

          • CallPastorJerkface says:

            “Waiting Room” is my favorite Fugazi song by a country mile. On the other hand I own nothing by Fugazi – not even a shirt.

        • King Krakken says:

          Well, in ’90 they were a fresh sound – and they played pretty much exclusively with HC bands when they played… which brought them to a new audience. Fugazi with Eye for an Eye/The Channel/Boston ’92 was a HUGE show. It’s all time and place tho – doesn’t hold up now IMO. But without Fugazi, prob no bands like Quicksand.

          That said, tons of chicks listened to Fugazi. If you can talk to a smokin’ chick because of Fugazi – A+++ in my book!

      • King Krakken says:

        it sounds like someone making a parody of shitty 90s emo

        I thought all 90s emo was a parody of Fugazi?!?

  2. T0t4lly not gay (LOL!!_ says:

    omg this muzik is so horrible :((( i cant blieve tihs is evn made wehn we hav3 MCR and FOB <333 ang 0mg MCR's new album was t0t4lly d best yet y wuld u listn 2 dis? dey dont evn hav a h0t s1nger like Gerald!!! :] s0 muhc <3 for real punk!!!

    • Sergeant D says:

      it was obvious you are old, clueless and butthurt when you used MCR and FOB as examples “current popular bands who embody everything I hate”

      • T0t4lly not gay (LOL!!_ says:

        lol! i dunt get wut u said but i wz jst citing d clazzic muzik i lstn 2. i can gt mor recent w/ all tim low but sinc it wz abuot ol’ bandz i just listed my fav 2. no need 2 h8 :( ur mean

        • Chainsaw Majini says:

          Isn’t it more difficult to type like that than it is to just write in english? With the numbers in place of letters and things like that? And “clazzic”? The ‘zz’ does not even make an ‘s’ sound.

        • King Krakken says:

          What I would like to see is that paragraph before it went through whatever ‘oldz talk -> youngz talk’ web converter he used ;-)

    • Isaac says:

      Honestly, MCR’s new album was pretty decent. I’ve never really had a problem with them, either, even in my unfortunate tr00 periods.

  3. uppercut613 says:

    hot water music = meh for the most part , not into their style, though some of their songs have cool melodies i guess – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yQ0y8TnVBs&feature=related

    but real talk, rise records is an awesome fucking label. they pretty much run the current post-hardcore scene

  4. Anonymous says:

    fugazi sucks more

  5. Inmyheadache says:

    I had no idea they still existed. Maybe they were signed in the wake of Gaslight Anthem’s popularity? Former punks who really relate to BRUCE!

    To be honest I’ve never heard Gaslight Anthem’s music so I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

  6. Shiv The Impaler says:

    This is like listening to the color grey

  7. Nick says:

    idk, HWM has something of a following among the hipstercore crowd as well as the old/beardo crowd. Plus ppl in the latter group are more likely to still actually pay for music. Rise could theoretically make some money off of this with with little promotional effort.

    • King Krakken says:

      Plus ppl in the latter group are more likely to still actually pay for music.

      Hahaha.. oh god you are so dead on with that.. A++ point.

  8. CallPastorJerkface says:

    Is there some connection between Hot Water Music and Leatherface? For some reason when I think of one the other is not far behind…

    Love that “Not A Day Goes By” song lots and lots.


  9. m00k says:

    I like them. But only cause I think a few songs are really catchy. I like MCR and FOB too. Take This To Your Grave is one of my favoritest albums ever.

  10. matt says:

    youre all idiots. hwm is a classic. listen to “old rules” off their “a flight and a crash” album.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Every time I read hot water music I replaced it with make do and mend. Post still made sense.

  12. xjustinx says:

    HWM was never my thing, but holy Christ, lol a them signing to one of the worst labels of all time. Craig used to threaten to beat up the guitar player of my old band, but every time we would play his town, he would never show up.

  13. King Krakken says:

    Lol – Sarge nailed it in that last sentence. I liked Fugazi in um… 1990, when they were a ‘fresh’ sound to hardcore kids – and granted it was because of McKay that any HC kids even listened to it. Honestly have not heard Fugazi for like 15 years – until I hit play on that clip above. I think alt music can just endlessly recycle these kinds of jamz for years and years… see also young female singer/songwriters on radio stations called things like ‘The River’

  14. keithus says:

    Does this mean HWM will perm their hair now, wear v-necks, get snakebites and chestpieces? That’s what real hardcore is all about. Not like that stupid old stuff. Look at these old guys being all old with their loose fitting pants and facial hair. Maybe they’ll at least get with the times and make some dayglo tee shirts with slime font.

    I don’t hear any autotune or blast beats at all. This is just terrible. Lol I cant believe people listen to 20 year old Fugazi records. Dance gavin Dance and The Devil wears prada are bands that will TRULY stand the test of time.

  15. peacix8e says:

    wow, you people are fucking pathetic. i really had nothing to say here until i appreciated the irony of such ‘hardcore’ people talking like such pussies. please enlighten me with any song that’s better than HWM ‘manual’.

  16. Save Parker says:

    Everytime Rise signs a non-Risecore band it starts a little shitstorm, both with older people and Rise fanboys being confused. They still need to sign like 5-6 more bands that aren’t based on breakdowns and computer created shit for anyone to think of the entire label differently, and they’ll need a few Joey Sturgis projects to make the money to do it.

  17. The only punk I like is the punk from the 90s and early 2000s like bad religion, rancid, the offspring, pennywise, old green day afi and blink 182. It seems like all the punk that’s come out in the past 6 years has all been really boring midtempo stuff thats hardly what id call loud and fast and sounds like the gaslight anthem and Against me. Or really crusty or skrmaz revival kinda stuff.Total no fun club snoozefest either way. When it comes to good rise records bands imma listen to abandon all ships, for the fallen dreams, dance Gavin dance, and of mice & men ydg?!

  18. the condor says:

    I still listen to Fugazi pretty often. I met my fiancee at a Fugazi show.

    I tried to like HWM back in the day, but it wasn’t going to happen. I have 4 of their albums, and I like it a bit more now, because i’m old, cynical and don’t give a fuck, but I still dont really get it.

    Aren’t you guys for the completely relevant WUGAZI? it’s a Wu-Tang/Fugazi mash up that is coming out. everyone is stoked. http://soundcloud.com/wugazi

  19. Pedro says:

    This post is a joke right? This whole website is a joke right? I don’t know this site and this is a serious question, must be a joke.

    • Crusty says:

      “Stuff You Will Hate is a blog where we make fun of stuff we like”

      Make of that what you will, genius.

  20. Mattah says:

    Ahahaha this is one of the worst things I’ve ever read! Are you butthurt because Wollard fucked your girlfriend in the 90′s? I can’t help but think this is a complete troll! Especially the response about 90s punk (blink, green day, offspring)

  21. I every time spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s articles or reviews all the time along with a cup of coffee.

  22. Anonymous says:

    You all really have no idea what music is.

  23. mike says:

    they are actually really good this song is meh but trusty chords,remedydrag my body all classic songs……plus the acoustic thing chuck ragan does is amazing

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