MERCH TABLE: DIAMOND CUT SXE CLOTHING = streetwear your mom approves of

This is the first installment of MERCH TABLE, a new column where we will talk about the most important part of hardcore: MERCH! Our first topic is DIAMOND CUT, a straightedge clothing line founded by Vincent Bennett, better known as the singer for The Acacia Strain.

The Christian music scene is all about being “the Christian version of [popular secular band].” For example, MXPX is the Christian Blink-182, Impending Doom is the Christian Suicide Silence, etc. But what about clothing, and what about straightedge?? What should edgebros wear who are into mall-level streetwear brands like Supreme, Diamond Supply and The Hundreds, but don’t like all the references to weed, 40s, and urban culture? Enter DIAMOND CUT, which is basically “the straightedge version of [popular streetwear brand].”

A few examples of awesome DIAMOND CUT merch, and the streetwear originals that they improved upon:

I love Diamond Supply, but I bet that edgebros feel like wearing one of their shirts is like 50% breaking edge, because Diamond Supply is from San Francisco where weed is basically legal. DIAMOND CUT is an awesome SXE alternative because they have the same diamond logo in the same color, and you get like 6 graphics for the price of one since they print all over the whole shirt!!


I know this is a Supreme parody/tribute but C’MON SON, Supreme “parodies” are as played out as ironic screamo covers- especially since the Supreme logo itself is a parody/tribute to Barbara Kruger in the first place.


Alternate caption: GOT DIABETES? And why are so many sxe guys fat, but alcoholic junkies are always skinny as fuck?


In this video, an awkward, husky edgebro opens a package containing his new DIAMOND CUT shirt. He calls it “dope” and “sick” about a dozen times each, and notes that he’s “going to Edgefest in two weeks and will definitely be wearing this.” Feel like he should straighten up his bookshelves- it looks like there is a ton of shit piled on them and his mom has probably asked him a million times to clean it up.


Mishka is sweet, especially this collabo with Diamond Supply. But it’s kind of hard to read, and it looks like a Mexican probably wrote it :( Definitely more into the Diamond Cut version- it’s way easier to read and it has SEVEN X’s on it instead of just the one on the original.


This shirt = so much truth!! I shotgunned a whole can of this shit once and I thought I was going to projectile vomit immediately. But I’m a pro, so I held that shit down, rallied and partied all night like a boss. But yeah, fuck Four Loko- they should also make a “FUCK SHITTY MIDWEST COCAINE” shirt, I would definitely wear that too!


At first I thought that Mishka bear shirt was cool, but then someone told me that “bear” is a slang term for a fat, hairy, homosexual man and I was like “lol I think I’ll buy this sweet straightedge wolf version instead!!!” I’m not racist against gay people but I don’t want to wear one on my shirt, you know??


That Rebel 8 shirt is sweet, but obviously not SXE :( Fortunately for edgebros who want to rock some tattoo skull art, Diamond Cut has their own version- and it even glows in the dark!!

Not sure how I feel about the tie dye, but other than that, this shirt = SO MUCH WANT. I hate hippies, and I hate weed (unless it’s free) so this is pretty much the sweetest shirt of all time.

What do you think of DIAMOND CUT?? Which do you like better, the originals or their SXE versions?? Would your mom be pissed if you wore a shirt with the F word on it?

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27 Responses to MERCH TABLE: DIAMOND CUT SXE CLOTHING = streetwear your mom approves of

  1. MobyIsADick says:

    Can’t fault Diamond Cut for appealing to the masses of straight edge dabblers, but was it ever cool to shamelessly plaster your ideologies all over yourself? I mean, being a boring, angry, butthurt (and stone sober) jagoff is fine and all, but something tells me that the champions of the No Fun Club wouldn’t want to rock shameless ripoffs of brands that are contra to the SXE philosophy.

    TL;DR – seriously, fuck hippies.

    • DarthZedd says:

      “was it ever cool to shamelessly plaster your ideologies all over yourself?”
      Yeah I agree with your point it’s not a cool thing to do.
      I’d personally never wear any straight edge clothing. I honestly don’t even tell people I’m edge because most people don’t even know what the fuck that is. That becomes a problem because explaining it is just annoying, so I just kinda keep it to myself.

    • Isaac says:

      “was it ever cool to shamelessly plaster your ideologies all over yourself?”

      “something tells me that the champions of the No Fun Club wouldn’t want to rock shameless ripoffs of brands that are contra to the SXE philosophy.”
      Not if they’re parodies of the looked down upon brands.

  2. xLICEx says:

    I think Vincent is just exploiting the need for a parent/youth pastor friendly outlet for adolescent testosterone, he seems way too cool to be sincere about all those goddamn self-righteous XXXEDGEXXX slogans

  3. Anonymous says:

    a barbara kruger reference? every time i think i have you figured out, you throw me a loop. props brah.

  4. XIAMDOOMX says:

    I like maybe 10% of diamond cut’s output (i own their night of the living dead shirt) but even the remaining “eh” 90% of their stuff is better than what x1981x has become, and everything that seventh dagger has ever released. If people ask what the”straight edge” on my clothing or whatever is, I tell em. If not, its just clothes, nbd.

  5. pl says:

    That’s a lot of research
    Very pro

  6. Dave says:

    This is so much win… ever since the late ’80s raver scene, which ripped off popular brand logos for design, jocking on ‘popular’ brands is totally cliche – so of course SXE brands jump on it. Completely unoriginal and awesome.

    There’s also a post on shitty hardcore bands ripping off ‘classics’ like Minor Threat and Bad Brains for their fonts/logos/designs.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Except I don’t think this is “parody logos” like that stuff (and all the 90s skate brands who did it), this is more like *cough* borrowing ideas

      • King Krakken says:

        Which does make it like 1000x lamer. I’m as completely boned by ‘current’ bands jocking off old ‘classic’ HC logos. For a lot of reasons. All of which result in immense hurting of my butt.

  7. T-Bone says:

    Let’s be honest, all this $40 t-shirt, “crazy collab” nike dunk street wear stuff is ridiculous. I don’t care if you’re fucked up on drugs are the hardest edge bro out there, you kind of look like a rich guido douche. Are those Hundreds shirts really that different from Armani Exchange?

    I like a lot of the ideas and messages associated with straight edge, but as is always the case (and why I distanced myself from it many years ago) a lot of the people involved with it tend to be pretty horrible.

    In regards to Diamond Cut, all these street wear companies rip each other anyways. They hype “X”s instead of uzis, who cares.

  8. ob says:

    This is a good feature. Is Bennett selling this shit to his fans or is there cross over appeal in the “real hardcore” scene? Is he sponsoring fellow bands? Is there really a market for SxE remakes of streetware? Is that his entire business plan?

  9. xxxBROxxx says:

    “I hate weed (unless it’s free)” lol

  10. Walker says:

    What is the retail prices on those things? I’m not a fan of tshirts that are super expensive, if I’m going to spend shitloads on clothes I’d rather have them be nice. And putting ideologies on shirts is super lame…like those xtian shirts where they will take something like the mountain dew logo and make it say “Jesus”. Its a mixture of PLZ ASK ME ABT WAT I THINK and IM GOING TO LECTURE YOU.

    Given that, the fuck you hippy shirt is pretty funny

  11. BloodyGuts says:

    Andrew Thomas Company= way cooler merch.
    Wish I still had those shirts. I bet they’d go for $$$ on ebay… Maybe?

  12. Derp says:

    I’m not going to lie, seeing as I hate TAC and thought they were a bunch of douchebags, I have a bit more respect for them seeing as the lead singer is Straight Edge, I’m sick of the IDGAF/Nocareever attitude scene/hardcore hybrid kids are putting.

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  15. 2gheyXtrollX says:

    i was given one of these shirts for a birthday a year ago. the last time I saw it, I was using it to apply varnish to an old computer desk.

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