South Sound Brotherhood’s crunkcore band, PINK BEAD FEDERATION

Remember that cute “hardcore crew” South Sound Brotherhood? As if they couldn’t get any lulzier, it turns out the president is in a CRUNKCORE BAND- amazing! I’m sure they think it’s a really clever, funny joke, but dudes it’s 2011, making ironic crunkcore songs is embarrassingly unfunny. At this point, it’s about on the same level as some used car commercial with a grandma who does a rap song about all their Camrys on sale, then folds her arms, looks at the camera, and says “Word to your mother!” Even more embarrassing, they clearly take this seriously enough that they want you to think they are actually “good MCs.”

Also, fucking LOL @ all the shots of Puget Sound in the background- I’m imagining all the people waiting for the ferry in Bremerton watching them and just shaking their heads in disappointment.

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22 Responses to South Sound Brotherhood’s crunkcore band, PINK BEAD FEDERATION

  1. nickynegative says:

    dude has andersons cartoonish high voice as well lololol

  2. Brandon says:

    I remember I had the displeasure of seeing these guys once… I thought it was a joke… This is unfortunate

  3. Chainsaw Majini says:

    These guys remind me of the crew from the movie Whiteboyz… if you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend it.

  4. Save Parker says:

    Lol, the whole ‘hardcore crew’ thing is much funnier now that I know when they say hardcore they mean ‘crunkcore’.

  5. andrew says:

    Sg D – It seems like they are pretty serious about this… I think they’re “joking” but actually think it’s cool. Also how funny is it that everyone in the crew is like 26-29 hahaha

  6. King Krakken says:

    OMG – so many lulz in this vid…! The purple patch pit lock down! Panning down the patches with the SSC Probate patch (told you there must be some ghey patch in shit!) NVmind the late pass crunkcore crap.. it’s funnier if they are serious – so I’m going to think they are.

  7. King Krakken says:

    Oh – and the biggest LOL of all – a crunkcore video without CHICKS?!?


  8. jondabudz says:

    Hahaha dude have you ever heard of gin & tonic. Reminds me of shit like this. The dude from deez nuts is actually taken seriously though.

  9. Anonymous says:

    These faggots wont last long. A presence is known and respected(whether by few or not) for how long WE have had OUR shit together. We are in it for the long haul.
    Just cause they sport rockers doesn’t mean shit. They’re nothing more than little homos.
    To South Sound Fuckhoods,
    See you soon.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you like it or not, whatever.. That’s your opinion. But where are the “rockers” you speak of? I see a circle patch… One patch means an organization I think.. Alot of animosity toward someone in a simple social club.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well if its a “social club”, its a shit one. Nobody is going to respect it. They’re social assholes/retards and they make garbage music.
    My animosity comes from years of putting my time in. Est. 2009?! Come the fuck on!!! Let them actually do something within the music scene other than look like assholes, like protect the integrity that is hardcore and/or beat nazis down. Oh wait… We did that years ago. and STILL DO!
    Fuck these dudes.

    • Justin says:

      Doesn’t matter-you’ll never go to one of these shows, and they’ll never come to a real hardcore show. This is mall shit.

  12. fuck off says:

    PINK BEAD IS THE SHIT!!! Even if the do suck dick

  13. lol@pathetichaters says:

    Seriously passing through reading about local bands and found this site bashing bands. Really? Get a fucking life you want to tall about not doing anything for the music scene, but you pussies create a website wasteing your time bashing local music, who gives a shit if you like it,others might. You all sound like a bunch of whiney lil bitch hipsters, who think they only know what is cool. YOU ARE NOT COOL. Lol damn tough guys get a life and grow up.

  14. piss says:

    you’re all screwed…

  15. Sami says:

    Honestly…its 2013 and I LOVE Pink Bead <3 like a guy introduced me to them and I just instantly fell in love with all their songs. Its amazing how much their songs make me feel better. So while people hate I will sit here and support fully <3 <3

  16. Toni says:

    i had the pleasure of seeing these guys live in Bellingham and they are amazing. They put on a hell of a show-lots of energy and I absolutely love their music. You all should do something better with your time….. PINK BEAD ROCKS!

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