Stuff You Will Hate t-shirts out now! [SYWH X GRIMJOB X IT'S ALIVE X COALESCE collabo]

Sup bros!! We are stoked to announce that Stuff You Will Hate t-shirts are finally out!

Printed in super-soft discharge inks on a grey ringspun tee, these shirts are an all-star collaboration: art is by Michael Shantz of GRIMJOB and IT’S ALIVE, who you may also know as the former designer behind Drop Dead, and they’re printed by our bro Sean Ingram of 90s hardcore legends COALESCE at his shop, Blue Collar Press.

They’re super limited, so don’t sleep on this- order below using either Paypal or debit/credit card.



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37 Responses to Stuff You Will Hate t-shirts out now! [SYWH X GRIMJOB X IT'S ALIVE X COALESCE collabo]

  1. da bza says:

    when will these ship? I need to know so I can wear it at the next hardcore gig and get twizzy in da pit with it.

  2. Austin Nutter says:

    Gah I get payed on Thursday, ordering this shit ASAP.

  3. Some awesome guy says:

    you ship to apo?

  4. Shiv The Impaler says:

    Don’t really like this design at all, are any more coming?

  5. TheRealAnarack says:

    FUCK YES!! Shit’s tight and will spread where I can…especially IRL when I start wearing it everywhere.

  6. Chainsaw Majini says:

    I am rrrreally on the fence about ordering this!!!! The price includes shipping, right?

    Is this the softest fuckin shirt I will ever own?

  7. Mikey says:

    I could have almost justify wearing this if it didn’t say SCEEN 4 LYF across the top

    • pl says:

      yeah what would people think about you then

      • Mikey says:

        Well since I’m a grown ass man, I could be mistaken for wearing it ironically as a hipster. If people think I’m serious It’d leave me only a hop, skip and a swoopy fringe away from being emo dad. THERE IN LIES MY CONUNDRUM

        Do something with a weed leaf sarge

  8. Sergeant D says:

    Yes, price includes shipping. Dont be a pussy, just buy it already

  9. Ouch. Jumping on this bandwagon hurt my balls.

    Sergeant D better felate me cos i’m unemployed but i only have 2 tshirt… (All my polos are Hollister)

  10. jm6g90 says:

    Got mine, didnt like design at first but its grown a lot on me.

  11. KVN_HFN says:


  12. yodude says:

    isn’t this based off of the old pusshead “skateboarding is dead, now leave us alone!” design?

  13. JERMY WATERS says:


  14. BloodyGuts says:


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  16. ReallyGood@Wounding says:

    No XXL??


  18. Kenzi says:

    If it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get all that crap started, I would have said extend the sizes by adding XS and maybe XXL for guys like ReallyGood@Wounding who will probably tell you they’re “too muscular” to fit into XL.;D

  19. nickerton says:

    If someone, say, wanted to design a shirt for you… What would that process entail? I’m envisioning a DEFEND TR00 or perhaps DEFEND CRABCORE. How about a whole mess of copy-pasted DEFEND X shirts?

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  22. Coolest design ever
    Now u have my street address Sarge, pls b gentle

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