Do you have Snap back Swag?

Well everyone, snap back hats have returned(as well as 80′s fashion in general) and fitted hats may soon become a thing of the past. For the unaware, snap back hats are nothing new. They’ve actually been around for roughly 30 years. Recently, they’ve been making their way back into the hip hop scene and gaining popularity. Chris Brown seems to think him and his friend Mr. Tyga brought “The Snapback Back”. They even made an angsty music video about it to prove their point. However, they aint takin’ credit fo’ it.

This is the other snap back-related music video I found. I actually like this song waayyy more than “Snapback Back”. It’s simple and chill as fuck, which is exactly how a song about hats should be. Also, Mr. AJ Hernz is from San Antonio, a pretty fucking cool city. Hopefully, Mr. Hernz has inspired you to go out and get some snap backs before they’re uncool again. Even if you’re white. Even if you’re old and white. You can claim you wore them when they were cool the first time around, but you’ll still be white and old. :(


Anyways, you don’t want to miss the boat. You might have to wait 20+ years before they’re cool again. Just be sure to hold on to dem fitteds. They may be worth something one day.

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38 Responses to Do you have Snap back Swag?

  1. Sergeant D says:

    This post makes me feel like it’s time to cop an UNDFTD snapback- I’m still on the New Era fitted program. Feelsbadman :( Although I am old and white, so I had lots of snapbacks when I was a kid and fitteds didnt really exist.

    Also, that AJ Hearns song is tight- LOVE that beat, and the police station skit in the middle is pretty funny (“my diabetes is acting up”)

    • Sergeant D says:

      also, stoked to hear them talk about jerkin in the club– are there still jerkers down in Texas??

    • DarthZedd says:

      Dude if you still have any old snap backs they might be worth something now.
      Some people are selling off their old caps for like 300 dollars. Obviously very few are worth that much though.
      Also, there is definitely jerkin down here too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    every man and his dog has a snapback in britain COZ DEY R DA NU KOOL THING N IF U HV 1 ALL DE BISSES WILL THINK U HAVE SWAG N DEY WILL FUK U.


  3. Awilhelmscream says:

    Do snapbacks even make that much of a difference? I mean, people wear them the same way as New Eras.

  4. Save Parker says:

    “which is exactly how a song about hats should be.”

    Couldn’t agree more, my favorite hat related song is chill as fuck.

    This makes me want to bust out my Bulls championship snapback I just bought at a garage sale. I hope no ones asks me about Chris Brown.

  5. Milkman says:

    i have a snap back under a dollar in shitty camouflage.
    thats swag.

  6. xjustinx says:

    Snapbacks and flat brims are for little boys.

  7. Alex_P says:

    Man, I fucking hate snapbacks. I’ve got a size 7&7/8 head, which is just a quarter-size below hydrocephalus, so anything OSFA as a rule will not fit me. I am looking forward to cheap fitteds, though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m still rockin’ regular skater brand fitteds, i’m african american, with big hair, so if I wear a snapback my afro goes through the hole and looks silly.

  9. jondabudz says:

    New era hats are fucking expensive it used to suck paying practically 40$ for a hat. Ive been sporting a couple of these snapback hats for a while now, theyre like half the price.

  10. nickynegative says:

    cant wait for the “I BROUGHT BENT BRIMS BACK” song!

  11. ob says:

    Do you keep the stickers on the brim or take them off?

  12. Lear says:

    Every single thing Chris Brown does annoys the fuck out of me.

  13. HOLYCRIZZAP says:

    Meek mill wale and jcole have a song out about snapbacks that is infinitely better than any songs mentioned in the post

  14. Sgt D you need to check this out… Deez Nuts singer with Louie Knuxx

    Grips and Tonic – Keep a fitted…

    A song about hats…

  15. anon says:

    my hat steez is white trash/thrift store rather than hip hop, so, great.

  16. Isaac says:

    Chris Brown trying to look cool is always funny.
    I found both songs fairly dull and annoying.

    • Totes says:

      Snapbacks, tanktops and basketball jerseys way out out in less than 6 months.

      Tanks are already hip not cool, anyways.

  17. steve says:

    the child in the first picture has such sweet gear. his parents must be less than a couple decades older than him, and they get him swag now so they wont feel bad when he’s older and jordan prices go up as the size of his clothes increases. his parents will no longer be able to afford it because they had to drop out of highschool to raise him. but because he had jordans as a child he can’t complain why his parents never bought him any.

    TL;DR: bitter bro is upset bcuz he has to wear fakes his homie gave him to play pick up games where he gets smashed by the urban kids bcoz he was too sc3n3 to try out for the high school freshman basketball team when really he shouldve played. the popular myspace girl will only “date” you for a week and not put out.

    TL;DR, again: life sux

  18. steve says:

    also has 7 5/8 sized noggin and a dank faux on top of it, so a snap back wouldn’t even work on days when he’s out of axe hair product for girls to touch his hair someday because he’d look like an oaf with a snapback adjusted to the last button

  19. Wintermute says:

    Y’all niggas need to peep my new joint: “I’m bringing Zubaz back”

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  22. Atomic Dingo says:

    Yo Sarge you’d go apeshit fr this snapback I have. “Come At Me Bro” emblazoned on it.

  23. Anon says:

    Yoo, Mac Miller brought back the snapback son.

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