GRIMLOCK “Ritual of Steel” = ultimate mosh / gym soundtrack!

I consider myself a pretty hard worker in the gym, but even the best of us need a little extra push at times. Sometimes you’re tired, hungover, or just plain lazy– you’re kind of half-assing it with lighter weights than you should, not squeezing out that extra rep, and then BOOM! The right song comes on your iPod and you hulk the fuck out and ATTACK THOSE FUCKING WEIGHTS!!!!

For me, there is no better song for those moments than “Ritual of Steel,” by the one and only GRIMLOCK! Much like Irate, I don’t know a lot of background info about these guys, but I do know this: they’ve been a permanent fixture on my gym playlists for the last five years.

If this song doesn’t make you want to do deadlifts, chug a protein shake, and rip the trachea out of a Trash Talk fanboy with your bare hands, you have no soul (or you’re a girl, which is basically the same thing)

Anyone who wants to nitpick and factcheck me can GTFO and check out a more comprehensive history/discography at Definition of Hardcore.

EDIT: Hit up our bros at X STUCK IN THE PAST X for Grimlock history/discography.

Are you fucking moshing yet??? Did you drop and do pushups as soon as the double bass started at the beginning of this song?? How could a band named after a Transformer be this alpha????

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26 Responses to GRIMLOCK “Ritual of Steel” = ultimate mosh / gym soundtrack!

  1. serious machine says:

    I would truly appreciate a SYWH High Intensity Interval Training playlist. Just a thought. Help all of your reader get fit, so you know you only Alpha readers.

  2. says:

    sergeant d- wasn’t it you that created the sparticus workout playlist?

    never heard grimlock before. just downloaded, and will probably be moshing hard next time i work out.

  3. Inmyheadache says:

    Best Grimlock story I’ve heard is the one where they played a gig with Snapcase. Apparently one of the dudes in Snapcase was saying how Snapcase as a band could beat any other band at any sport. Apparently the singer of Grimlock got in his face and challenged him to a wrestling match (Greco-Roman I believe). The Snapcase guy apparently tried to shrug it off and backpedal but the Grimlock guy picked him up over his head and did a suplex or something similar.

  4. Mike C says:

    Trapped Under Ice makes me hulk the fuck out in the gym.

  5. King Krakken says:

    Scientific Fact – Terror’s “Let Me Sink” = at least 1 extra set of reps

  6. cougar party says:

    Resist by As Blood Runs Black pushes me over the edge when I feel like being a pussy during my workout.

  7. xjustinx says:

    That Definition of Hardcore link is definitely my Grimlock post from SITP word for word, and with my download links.

  8. ob says:

    This band played a show at my house in 1997. The singer punched a hole in the wall.

  9. DarthZedd says:

    This is pretty sick shit. My gym plays horribly unfitting music for lifting.
    brb squatting to Katy Perry.

  10. RJG says:

    Sarge, it’s like we’re soul-mates or something. Crusher > Crusades of Reality. Honestly this track is in the top 10 hardest songs ever and is PERMANENTLY on my lifting playlist.

  11. The Artist Formerly Known as Dan says:

    instant deadlift playlist qualifier. A current mainstay for me has been no regret by king conquer:

    breakdown that starts at 1:27: are those snare drums or shotguns???

  12. lil stevsie says:

    God knows why, but the Green Rage 7″ gets the job done every. Fucking. Time.

  13. Lear says:

    Saw them in Toledo, the singer definitely picked my friend up over his head and threw him into the crowd. He was also climbing on top of some arcade games in the venue during their set. I was really young and skinny. Seeing Grimlock in an uncontrolled environment was actually pretty frightening and awesome. Dude was raging HARD on some roids I’m sure.

  14. Lear says:

    Also I think you skipped a pretty significant part of the rage, violence and awesomeness that is Grimlock… The song “24″ written about Bob Probert!

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