LOL remember when bands wrote songs about Myspace [via Eleventyseven]

Getting a strong Bowling For Soup vibe from these guys: bands with “witty” lyrics who sound like pop-punk, but don’t play with punk bands, and in high school they were band dorks/drama nerds who were never actually into punk. The lyrics aren’t nearly as funny as the guys in the band think they are, so they become embarrassingly dated with the quickness.

Parry Gripp “Young Girl Talking About Herself” = doing it right. Not only is the song much better, but the jokes are based upon a timeless fact: girls are totally fucking into themselves and it’s lulzy (also, the girl at :26 with the pink is so goddamn smashable it makes my dick hurt everytime I think about this song)

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17 Responses to LOL remember when bands wrote songs about Myspace [via Eleventyseven]

  1. cougar party says:

    I think you just gave the perfect description of Bowling for Soup.

    If all pop music was like that Parry Gripp song I would listen to nothing else.

  2. Wintermute says:

    Pwnd joo wif my taters! lol

  3. Wintermute says:

    Also, here is the pink-haired chicks tumblr.

  4. Nonsensei says:

    Good Clean Fun wrote a song about MySpace, but they were a legit Hardcore band. Ridiculous, regardless.

  5. Sergeant D says:

    “but they were a legit Hardcore band”

    I suppose… but fuck, I hated that annoying band and their equally annoying fans haha

  6. hankmccain says:

    Hollywood Undead made some good myspace references early on.

  7. xxxBROxxx says:

    Walk around with that beautiful face,
    That you photo-shopped for myspace,
    And the words that were on you’re page,
    Explain the way you hate me,

  8. jondabudz says:

    Totally did gain a few. Id still fuck the shit out of her though.

  9. anon says:

    yeah the offensively precious ‘cleverness’ kinda begins at ‘eleventy’

  10. Inmyheadache says:

    “In high school they were band dorks” is probably right on the money.

    I used to listen to Good Clean Fun and I can’t figure out why. What a worthless band.

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