NEW JAMZ: Kid Ink “Tat It Up” [via getting blasted]

The black Rick Ta Life??

My girlfriend is from the Los Angeles area, and all her brothers and cousins are total Southern California aznbros. One them is like 19, goes to UC Irvine, is in a dance crew, and is generally a real cool guy. Last time we saw him, I invited him to come hang out with us later that night because I thought it would be sweet to kick it with his aznbro crew in the OC.

He looked bummed for a second, then his face lit up and he said “Sorry man, I can’t- I’m going to Hollywood tonight to get blasted!” We were very confused, and Mrs D said “Huh? Dude, you’re 19, you can’t get into bars there.” He rolled his eyes, disappointed that we were too old to understand his slang, pointed to his forearm, and said “Naw– I’m getting TATTOOED!”

Which brings me to this song by some dude named Kid Ink, a shitty rapper from LA whose gimmick is that he has a lot of tattoos. Mrs D and I laughed for months about him referring to a tattoo as “getting blasted,” but apparently the joke is on us. From what I can tell “getting blasted” is an actual Southern California altbro term, as heard at :45 of this forgettable song.

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21 Responses to NEW JAMZ: Kid Ink “Tat It Up” [via getting blasted]

  1. ShawnYouWillHate says:

    Is it time for a SYWH slang dictionary page on the blog?

  2. Save Parker says:

    I wonder if he’ll ever do a song about anything else.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Well, when you name yourself Kid Ink you do limit your options. Look out for his prodigy Lil Lip Piercing’s mixtape to drop soon. Your guess is as good as mine what to expect from the lyrical content.

  3. Alex_P says:

    I’m 20 and I’ve never heard this term. ‘Course, I’ve got no tats and probably won’t get any until 2016. And I’m also not from So-Cal.

    There is no way Kid Ink will ever regret any of his tattoos ever. He will especially never regret those face tattoos when he’s looking for a real job.

  4. Austin Nutter says:

    “Whose gimmick is that he has a lot of tattoos”
    Really now? That’s it? A musician with tattoos, that’s just wild! Next we’re gonna see a gimmick band whose gimmick is all having long hair, and one whose gimmick is playing instruments that are tuned to the same tuning. Wow that is just lame.

  5. Kenzi says:

    This guy’s song writing is totally lame. And most of his tattoos are downright dumb. And what the Hell? Gauges? Has anyone noticed there have been a lot of black people entering the scene lately? Not to sound racist or anything, there really isn’t anything wrong with it. It just makes you go “what the fuck?!” My black friend Kalif went to my friend’s concert with me a few weeks ago and he’s saying shit like “they need to bring on some fucking death metal!” Props, ‘Leefie.

  6. Broseph Stalin, Esq. says:

    Black people are always late on the latest trends/scenes. Not being racist, just being real [via being black also]

  7. MobyIsADick says:

    Not much straighter than a crew of shirtless men bleeding in front of each other /nohomo

  8. I be gettin’ blasted.

  9. Chainsaw Majini says:

    I love the tattoo sound effect in the chorus. It should have gotten its own solo, kinda like Jackyl’s chainsaw in “The Lumberjack”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m 22, tattooed and have worked in tattoo/piercing shops and have only heard this term when we were making fun of these people. I have never heard them refer to it like this though.

  11. Francisco says:

    The very best part of this is at the end, when an ad goes up for what I hope is the shop featured in the video. Chepesttattoos! Quality awaits!

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  13. Sammantha23 says:

    Thisz Blog Is stupidd Kid Ink Is A Bombb Rapper You aintt gotta Hatee Causze Youu Ainntt Him, Shitty Rapper PLeasze He is THe BEszt Barely None But ISz Gonna BE At THe Top He Isz Bombb CUtee A’f! SO Hahaa Kicckk Rocckksz

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