Ultimate Britfagz: “Nylon Sky” Edition.

Nu-metal was massive ten years ago, so naturally my hometown, Guildford, churns out a Rap-Metal band now… in 2011…

There are few things better than when these Nu-metal bands decide to do acoustic versions of their badly written songs and pretend they’re all meaningful.

A few thing to note in the above video:

  • Graffiti, New Eras and Hoods up. The band come from possibly the poshest area in England, so this is their take on Gangsta.
  • The line: “There are so many beautiful things in this world… this word is FUCKED.” Lol, slipping a naughty word in there. Also, philosophising to sound all intelligent.
  • Two chord songs… cos… like… three chords is punk.
  • Rapping in a dialect that jumps wildly from British to American and then back again.
  • We finally get to the chorus at 2:03. It’s not worth the wait.
  • The super awkward interview after the song where they talk about “major labels” and not caring.

You’re probably wondering if they are better when not acoustic. Make your own judgement:

And, if you’re in a British Nu-Metal ten years too late, it’s important to wear your influences on your sleeve. Here is a Limp Bizkit cover:

In this video they pause, point at each other, and say “fucking up your program” in unison.

I challenge anyone out there to find a better example of Brits doing it wrong. Let me know in comments.

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15 Responses to Ultimate Britfagz: “Nylon Sky” Edition.

  1. EFG says:

    Oh man that brought some much needed laughs.

  2. xRCx says:

    This makes me sad to live near Guildford. I thought/hoped nu metal died 7/8 years ago.

  3. serious machine says:

    I can’t believe this real.

  4. Sergeant D says:

    “I challenge anyone out there to find a better example of Brits doing it wrong”
    well there is Jedward…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Scottish nu-metal http://www.psykodalek.com/, toured with LB recently.

    • Awesome Thunderbolt says:

      Upvote for web design and logo.

    • Alex_P says:

      “Psyko Dalek are a competent blend of the best of Machine Head metal, Rage Against the Machine groove, and Helmet Rock”

      I’m not sure they know what competent usually implies…

  6. Wintermute says:

    England: Ahead in electronic music, behind in everything else.

  7. NMHT says:

    GUILDFORD! youtube ‘man dem crew farncombe’ for similar fun

  8. CallPastorJerkface says:

    E. Town Concrete they are not.

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