What do you think about SLEIGH BELLS? [via Poison The Well and Jackson guitars]

There are only so many employment options for dudes who are into hardcore and approaching 30: bartender, tattoo artist, and drug dealer are some of the most common. Another popular option is starting an indie band, like Pitchfork-friendly duo SLEIGH BELLS. As you may know, the band is Derek from 90s metalcore pioneers Poison The Well and some homely, annoying hipster bish who sings. Sounds like stuff I hate, right? Not so fast!

Sleigh Bells “Infinity Guitars”


My favorite Poison The Well song, “Nerdy”

“I’m secretly playing a Snapcase riff”

While I’m not really into their music, and in many ways Sleigh Bells are pretty much a checklist of things I hate (Brooklyn, hipsters, dance punk, girls with indie bangs, etc), there is one thing that makes me love them: Derek’s sick Jackson guitar! Nothing says “awesome 90s metalcore” like a Jackson (as seen in bands like 18 Visions, Abnegation, Morning Again, Earth Crisis, etc).


Vintage mosh-era 18 Visions, circa 1997. Note James’ Vegan Reich shirt, Throwdown vocalist Dave Peters in the XL basketball jersey, and that BOTH guitarists playing Jacksons!

It’s a small detail, but it’s enough for me– I take it as a little nod from Derek that says “I might be in a Pitchfork band now, but I’m still a moshbro who remembers losing my shit at Strongarm shows.” Big ups to Derek for making some cash, and count me as a Sleigh Bells fan!

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19 Responses to What do you think about SLEIGH BELLS? [via Poison The Well and Jackson guitars]

  1. MobyIsADick says:

    Man, I haven’t heard Nerdy in forever, sick track. Had no idea that Sleigh Bells had ex-screamo cred, but it makes sense since SB is noiselectro and all.

  2. Isaac says:

    They remind me of shit like Wavves. SO terrible.
    I’ve never heard Poison the Well before, but they’re probably the best metalcore I’ve heard, not that I listen to much.

  3. Chainsaw Majini says:

    She’s just walking down the street and “singing” while he soon joins and plays guitar along with. Full-blown vocal effects and a guitar that sounds like it’s being played through a broken amp, yet they’re just walking down the street producing these sounds magically. It begs an explanation.

    Sounds like it should be a filler song on a Shiny Toy Guns album.

    • Sergeant D says:

      the singer for Shiny Toy Guns is a 90s hardcore girl according to some friends of mine who know her

      • Chainsaw Majini says:

        I like a lot of their music, from both of their albums (stg). They both have a few boring filler songs too, though. I am looking forward to the new one.

        It’s funny, I originally heard them because some myspace slut i dated a few times in 2007 loved the song “le disko”.

  4. Watt Par says:

    I’m really into “Infinity Guitars,” but I don’t like most of their other stuff. “Infinity Guitars” basically has an E-40 drum beat with a neat little repetitive guitar riff. Other than the singer bish, It’s basically perfect as far as I’m concerned.

  5. chris says:


    the lulziest part is all the comments on youtube asking “Is there a higher-audio-quality version of this?”

    • Sergeant D says:

      Ha! “is there a version with higher-quality video, too? The compression makes the singer look like shes a homely indie girl.”

  6. Austin Nutter says:

    So that Jackson guitar is kinda like me wearing my Cattle Decapitation shirt under a dress shirt and singing choir songs about Jesus. I get it.

  7. ob says:

    I like this band much, much more than poison the well.

  8. protofail says:

    I thought they were really catchy at first, then they got really old and now I despise them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    first of all, “homely”? come on… look at this fucking cutie

    second of all there are a lot of their songs i can’t really get into, but i really love a couple of them – “ring ring”, “run the heart”, “crown on the ground” etc. total summer jamz. i also think the intentional over-mixing is kinda cool. maybe it’s been done but obviously a lot of interesting innovations and effects in music come from people using their instruments/technology “wrong”.

  10. jmt says:

    They remind me of Atari Teenage Riot except not as good and 10+ years late. Also, I don’t understand where “homely” is coming from. I find Ms. Krauss rather cute.


    Poison The Well will forever own my heart.

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