WANT. Headlined by the almighty Winds of Plague, Thrash and Burn 2011 looks sick. You really can’t go wrong here. I’m already tired reading this lineup. I’m going to really have to whip myself in to shape to sustain. Hitting the gym right after I’m done here.

No dates yet, so I can only get so excited. But I’d certainly travel for this show.

This lineup could potentially set several Guiness world records: most t-shirt ink ever assembled in a single area, highest number of jailbait merch girls, most gym shorts in the same room, the accolades could spiral out of control. Most important record? MOST MOSHING EVER.

There’s also a vote going on now through September 5th for the final band, the opener. And wouldn’t you know, my boys DR. Acula are on the list! I’m not sure if you can vote the bands down, but either way, go to W.O.P.’s facebook page to vote. Those sneaky bastards force you to “like” their page (no reason you shouldn’t have already liked it) to vote, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m pretty pumped to see all of these bands, particularly Chelsea Grin and For the Fallen Dreams, but I can’t fault any choice on this bill.

What bands are you most pumped to see?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    vote for onward to olympas, i saw them play at a church once and i don’t think i’ve ever seen a jesus mosh that terrifying. not kidding when i say it was up there with bracewar, intensity-wise. i’ve never actually listened to them outside of that one show though, not really my thing

  2. Sergeant D says:

    Jailbait, mesh shorts, and moshing… Everything i love at once!

  3. Mustard Tiger says:

    1st thrash n burn was a million times better than this…but probably because I dont know who most of these bands are. The times they are a.changin

  4. The tumblr is a spy says:

    This tour ain’t got SHIT on the God Damn tour.

  5. Djentasshole says:

    Volumes won’t get that spot even though they’re the only band on the list that deserves it.

    • Briggzy says:

      I back this, because Volumes is great,,,, but too djenty for the rest of the line up. Across the Sun is a better fit and also pretty talented, but realistically Dr. Acula will probably get it.. :C

  6. Ink Deep says:

    The Plot in You is what the voting is all about. Breakdowns and rhymes about domestic violence = hard

  7. Mustard Tiger says:

    Yea with misery signals and basically every other band I liked back then

  8. DarthZedd says:

    This is definitely a step up from last year’s Thrash and Burn seeing as this is all deathcore.
    I like consistency, and I don’t think Kittie should ever tour with Periphery, Asking Alexandria, or Impending Doom(see Thrash and Burn 2010).
    I’ll be looking forward to this.

  9. Mustard Tiger says:

    Wasnt devildriver laat year also haha

  10. TheRealAnarack says:

    Last time I saw Chelsea Grin, two fights broke out during their set…and it seemed like after the band noticed, they got even heavier.

  11. Pixy says:

    Scenesluts everywhere are stoked

  12. ge5undhe17 says:

    Romantic Tragedy? HAHA

    Is that Arab guy still on keytar?

  13. Fred Durst says:

    Really, they need to call this shit tour thrash?

  14. SXEMTBLD says:

    Where is the Thrash? They should just call it something else.

  15. Taylor says:

    Does anyone know when dates will be released?

    Also, hoping either White Arms of Athena or This Romantic Tragedy wins.(x

  16. Phil says:


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