LOL @ women when they try to do boy stuff [via X-Games]

The only exception I will make to the “women shouldn’t play sports” rule is surfing, because they wear really small bikinis and have amazing bodies that distract me from their lack of athletic ability.

How about you leave sports to the boys, and just work on your tan while you cheer for us from the sidelines?

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24 Responses to LOL @ women when they try to do boy stuff [via X-Games]

  1. Watt Par says:

    The only thing worse than girls doing guy things is when they feel special for doing so. Just search facebook for any of the “metal maidens” or related groups. “Check it out, we do a guy thing, we aren’t like other girls. Look at us in slutty clothes related to guy thing X.”

  2. JGD says:

    I detect a slight hint of sexism.

  3. Agreed! Only if you keep men out of my yoga, pilates and cardio barre classes. Watching a man do those things is so emasculating, it disgusts me. You’re a dude go play a real fucking sport and keep the ‘aerobics’ classes that focus on toning your inner thighs, abs and stretching to the ladies.

  4. sweatdripsfrommyballs says:

    The only “sports” women should be in is synchronised swimming and gymnastics. Real men don’t play that faggy shit.

  5. Mustard Tiger says:

    the only sport for women should be puttin the top piece of bread on my sandwich

  6. no fuck off says:

    why are they riding bikes? theyd be much faster on foot

  7. RandomFan says:

    ………….I was going to defend my sport and then I watched the video. *hangs head in shame* They should not be on the enduro course.

  8. Kenzi says:

    Now I’m sure a lot of people out there expect me to go all feminist and say shit like “how dare you say that, girls have an equal right to play sports,” blah blah blah… but to be honest I think most of those chicks are either total sluts who just want to wear skimpy outfits to get attention or total lumberjack lesbos. Like your surfers, skaters, motocross riders, soccer players… they all suck at it. Like when the American women’s soccer team lost that game they said they’d totally win? Pffft. You girls fail at life and you’re NOT special. You only exist because men like sports and boobs.:P

  9. VyceVictus says:

    Whenever we do unit organized sport competitions, each team must have 1 female. This means that one team might have some triathelte uberfrau west point graduate LT while the other team has brenda from admin who just got off her 2 month recovery from having twins, but just because they’re both females it’s somehow “fair”. Oh the hubris of equal opportunity policy.

  10. retard says:

    Females have no clue what they want in life. The only “sport” they can excel at is being passive aggressive little sluts.

  11. Sergeant D says:

    Did anyone watch the video tho?? One of the lulziest things of all time

    • pete says:

      yeah I did and then looked up the mens highlights. read some comment on there that said the “only reason why people are watching this is b/c they just saw the womens highlights”.

  12. Hutty says:

    Ok, I love everything on this site, but that had me laughing the hardest. The fact that it is the official “highlights” is just perfect.

  13. Kev says:

    @Vyce….I know exactly what you’re talking about. Just 2 weeks ago we had a company flickerball game, and all the other platoons have female LTs, all of whom played some some sport in college, and we have a 250 pound bitch who is overweight and a pt failure.

  14. vard says:

    just watched the video, lulzy as fuck.. oh girls…

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