I really enjoy The Story So Far and think they are better than Title Fight, but these guys take the cake for having the pussiest, beta lyrics I have seen.

Post your pick and a few bars in the comments.



Before you twist your tongue
Know there’s no chance at all
Came here against my will
And my wills tested strong

Until now, I know we’ve never met
But I don’t want to talk and I’m already upset
That you’ll meet your demise in a drunken man’s bet
Take another pull to make certain you forget

And to think that you’re somebody’s daughter
Away at college not getting smarter

Everything changes when all the lights in the room are as low as you,
But don’t trip you’ll sober up soon
Regain an honest perspective as you puke on the floor
Can’t remember why your knees are so cut up and sore

And you’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!)
You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!)
You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!)
You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!)
You’ll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!)


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  1. Sergeant D says:

    that image says it all, holy fukk

    • Martin Regnen says:

      Argh, I want to correct that… it should say “BUT NOBODY WANNA STOP NO BETA-ASS WHITE KNIGHTING”. It ain’t the same without no double negative.

  2. King Krakken says:

    Man, I always thought Fugazi’s ‘Suggestion’ was the most beta song of all time…

    Why can’t i walk down a street free of suggestion?
    Is my body the only trait in the eye’s of men?
    I’ve got some skin
    You want to look in
    There lays no reward in what you discover
    You spent yourself watching me suffer
    Suffer you words, suffer your eyes, suffer your hands
    Suffer your interpretation of what it is to be a man
    I’ve got some skin
    You want to look in
    She does nothing to deserve it
    He only wants to observe it
    We sit back like they taught us
    We keep quiet like they taught us
    He just wants to prove it
    She does nothing to remove it
    We don’t want anyone to mind us
    So we play the roles that they assigned us
    She does nothing to conceal it
    He touches her ’cause he wants to feel it
    We blame her for being there
    But we are all guilty

  3. serious machine says:

    Whatever Bright eyes song has the line, ” I drink to stay warm, and kill selected memories.”

  4. Walker says:

    Wow, those lyrics are pretty astonishing. Are the srsly that beat up about having a good time? Thats song reminds me of the homely, annoyingn friend that every group of hot girls has that passively-aggressively looks after them when they get way too trashed and make out with each other.

  5. Mustard Tiger says:

    maximum beta lyrics (beta max?)

  6. TheDude says:

    This song fucking rules. Girls are dumb drunk sluts these days. Love it!

  7. dirty ring says:

    Ian MacKaye: hardcore’s beta prince.
    Embrace – Building

    I can’t get what I want
    I’m a failure
    Nothing seems to
    work out right
    The way I planned
    I can’t express the way I feel
    The way I feel
    Without fucking up
    Something else

    Nothing seems to
    work out right
    And I can feel it building -

  8. AnsoDF says:

    Beta lyrics = 90% of the ’90s

  9. Christian Otte says:

    Fuck, is that what the “chorus” (the hungover part) is? Jesus, I knew that it was a song that basically complained about a girl having a good time, but damn.

    But fuck it, still a good song if you ignore the lyrics and the whole album is definitely awesome as well. I think “High Regard” especially has some pretty good lyrics about not taking shit from, well, another girl, haha

  10. Mike C says:

    Everything went up in flames
    And now I’m falling down
    I don’t know who to be
    And nobody’s around
    To hear my screams at night
    Or the lingering tears every day
    Because when I opened up
    Nobody cared to stay
    via some kid on my Facebook feed haha. He posts the most beta/entertaining lyrics around.

  11. Wintermute says:

    This song would be cooler if it was complaining about the 15 pounds the girls put on by engaging in said activity and not the Saturday they will spend hungover in sweatpants with no underwear on drinking water and craving hangover sex.

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