Where are they now: JESSI SLAUGHTER [via coontails and snakies]

Via The Daily What:

Where Are They Now of the Day: Infamous Internet troublemaker Jessica Leondardt, AKA Jessi Slaughter, is a year older, a year wiser, and a year sorry for accusing Blood on the Dancefloor’s Dahvie Vanity of rape.

She’s in foster care now — in March she accused her father of punching her in the face — and claims to have been “locked up in mental institutions.”

Slaughter says she has lost her computer privileges, so asked a friend to upload this video of her apologizing to the people she’s wronged.

Of course, my first thought is to make some easy joke about how one of us will see her wearing those ill-fitting black polyester pants that make up one half of the Arby’s uniform, but I am hoping she does more than just silently fade into obscurity like every other white trash, sexual abuse survivor. Someone should encourage her to start a band- I’m thinking it would be pretty cool to hear her describe her music as “Wicked Wisdom meets Brokencyde.”

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10 Responses to Where are they now: JESSI SLAUGHTER [via coontails and snakies]

  1. dope says:

    she still looks like she has down syndrome. karma

  2. Anonymous says:

    dem teeth

  3. xStizzy says:

    Actually her dad died on thursday from a heart attack. It’s true, her mom posted about it on facebook.


    Weird that Zyzz died a few days ago as well from the same thing… hmm.

  4. Dirty Darko says:

    Wicked Wisdom… Now thats bad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What, no one is going to at least commend her for apologizing?

  6. Salli says:

    It’s still pretty bad what she did. Accusing some one of rape is one of the worse things you could do. I don’t think she should really be forgiven.

  7. SkylieHollywood says:

    So, i thought I’d share the fact I lol’d when she said “I’m sorry for accusing you of rape and everything” XD
    it’s like you cant really say that..
    it’s like…”i’m sorry i kind of bumped you in the hall and everything, that was an accident”
    you cant say that about accusing someone of rape wtf…
    That’s total shit that she has to deal with being Jessi Slaughter and stuff but it’s really dumb that she is now “rose” it’s like that name is already taken.
    Dahvie and Jayy are really nice guys, but if they see this I hope they see thee error.
    Also anyone else see that she wants us to feel sorry for her?
    “i”m sorry about everything that I’ve done. I feel really bad about it now. I’m in foster care.”
    where in the shit did the foster care mental institution shit even come from?
    Just No.
    To an extent I may have felt bad for her, now I’m just sorry that she’s trying so hard to get sympathy.
    Also, Sally stitches is like really fricken pretty and can pull of the LONG LONG hair and half shaved head.
    Short hair and half shaved looks dumb on girls.
    Horrible choice for her.
    She really just…If I saw her walking down the street I’d approach her nicely and ask her wtf she was thinking the past couple years.
    from the beginning it was “what 11 year old ‘fucks til they bleed’ ???”
    And, now she’s just milking it.. We stopped caring about you mann fack, just I hope she feels better about life….But I hope she never touches another computer again.
    How in the shit is she even supposed to get a job with a rep like this…damn.
    She’s worse than Jeffree star in my head book already.

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