WHO IS THIS SCENEBRO: Skram life edition [via FIGHT FAIR]

The concept for “WHO IS THIS SCENEBRO” is simple: find a picture of some random kid on the internets, then make up a lulzy-yet-plausible description of who he is. For example, I might say something about how this kid is a high school senior from Dana Point, CA, is about to go to UC Santa Barbara for business administration, and is spending the summer interning at The Artery Foundation while playing a few shows with his entry-level easycore band.

“LOLOLOLOL, what a generic douchelord” we’d all say, smugly patting ourselves on the back for clowning this anonymous loser. But in this case, the scenebro gets the last laugh. You see, we don’t have to make up this scenebro’s life- he made a little documentary about how he and his bros roll.

In this video, him and his high school buddies go to Daytona Beach for spring break (spoiled, white, high school kids go on trips for spring break now), get wasted, and make out with hot jailbait while listening to Fight Fair (check 1:45 for the underage sl00t action). Say what you want, but this kid is living the dream as far as I am concerned. When I was 18 I was essentially homeless, girls didn’t shave their pussies, and the highlight of my summer was seeing Snapcase open for Sick Of It All and getting my heart broken by a lame girl who ended up fucking Frank from Ringworm/Hatebreed and telling me all the gory details.

U jelly of this scenebro?? Me too :(

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22 Responses to WHO IS THIS SCENEBRO: Skram life edition [via FIGHT FAIR]

  1. XIAMDOOMX says:

    Wait wait wait, you mean to tell me that “skram” is a word used outside of sywh? I’m legitimately astonished. But yea, fuck that kid. Way jelly.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Haha, yeah actually the singer for Fight Fair came up with “skram” I believe. If not, he definitely popularized it– this kid is a Fight Fair groupie.

  2. Lash says:

    Watching easycorebros get smashed was cool, but the vid was lacking some serious tail. I saw the same 3 (maybewouldsmash/10) chicks in the whole vid. Also: needs moar antics. Some clips of them doing drive bys with super soakers full of piss (ALA Sum41 or some shit) or something would’ve polished her off.

  3. Martin Regnen says:

    Documentary? You mean brocumentary!

  4. King Krakken says:

    extended chicken barbeque metaphors…

    Groan…. high school kids you say?

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is totally bullshit!

  6. Adolf Hitler says:

    This motherfucker needs smaller wheels and bigger pants.

  7. serious machine says:

    This is why Americans can make fun of Europeans.

  8. goingdeaf? says:

    I’m fully ready to be filled with jelly rage, but the video embed won’t load on this comp for some reason… actual youtube link anyone?

  9. Retard says:

    White girls not shaving their pussies is becoming a new trend, beware.

  10. This reminds me of some d00dz I used to go to high-school with. While I was struggling with my shitty prog-metalcore band, these bros fucking started off making Nu-Metal band coz Nu-Metal was cool for some reason in 2005 in Sydney, and then the second they finally heard All Time Low they switched their bands style over to pop-punk.

    The bros CONSTANTLY got laid and got up to antics like this all the damn time. Sort of makes me wish I had just done a few more lifts in highschool and gone into pop-punk. Not sure what music gets 20-somethings laid in Sydney.

  11. Alex_P says:

    My high school experience was decidedly lamer…

  12. Meggceee says:

    I took that picture!

  13. Skram Life Scenebro says:

    That entry level Easycore band: http://www.facebook.com/thedirective

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