Best comment ever (srs)


Srs though, this is awesome! Life is so much better when you aren’t an uptight snob and you allow yourself to have fun. Thanks to whoever sent this in– BRO FIST.

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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  1. logdeezy says:

    wow same thing happened to me. I only read metalsucks to hear of good bands, other than that they are a bunch of whiny elitist bitches

  2. Mike C says:

    Same here. It got to a point where I only read your posts, now I only read SYWH. Plus I like the hardcore coverage here.

  3. shitsandwich says:

    Doing drugs is alpha as fuck.

  4. Brah says:

    I sincerely think Devin Townsend is the most overrated dude in metal among betas.

  5. Philbasa says:

    I used to be beta as fuck about 8 months back..sywh and your posts on metal sucks have really opened my eyes…no guff…I keep my strong/douchey opinions to myself, I been deadlifting like a motherfucker, gettin contacts soon, and my gf is a 9/10 with some tiggo jugs:]]]]

    love you bro….no homo/brofist

  6. Austin Nutter says:

    Blink 182 and Devin Townsend are the shit. Your mind=blown.

  7. HERMAN says:

    SYWH has made me simultaneously less and more douchey.

  8. Mustard Tiger says:

    Fuck devin townsend entirely.

  9. cougar Party says:

    Definately like Metalsucks a lot, but the beta-ness wears on me sometimes.

  10. protofail says:

    Can’t I have fun without liking shitty pop punk and deathcore?

  11. Anonymous says:

    This comment embodies Sarge’s attitude of “IDGAF what you think, this is what I like.” So fucking refreshing!

  12. Merroonus says:

    Everytime I come on here it brings a smile to my ugly face!

  13. RugbyHomo says:

    yeah buddy!! +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  14. Pixy says:


  15. jondabudz says:

    Haha weed will never suck, but reading metal sucks does. 90% of that site is beyond gay.

  16. colinbine says:

    Holy shit, seriously. I started deadlifting like crazy, started talking to multiple women at a time, stopped smoking weed, stopped being overweight, and joined two bands since I started reading SYWH regularly. And I lol constantly at things on here that my elitist friends wouldn’t get at all. Thanks for giving me that inadvertent push Sarge!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not a fatty (I’m a scrawny fggt), but Sarge has inspired me as well to start lifting. “Disregard beta faggotry, acquire muscular alphaness.”

  17. Manuwar says:

    Sarge and SYWH made me realize how much i like lady gaga. idont know why.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My penis grew an inch after I started reading SYWH.

  19. Crane says:

    Weightlifting is gay as fuck, just accept you want to screw dudes and save yourself a lot of effort and money and terrible rashes

  20. the comment is a spy says:

    Gotta agree with the commenter. I feel pretty similar. Part of me will still always love beta techy metal faggotry (COME AT ME BROS), but every day I listen to more and more hardcore and pop-punk. And my “4 times a week running at the gym” has turned into “4 times a week running at the gym then blending in my average 170 lbs frame in with the other alphas by the benches while I throw up some iron to Terror, IDGAF”!

  21. jondabudz says:

    You probly wouldnt. Its for fat smelly dudes with cheeto fingers who dont have sex.

  22. grossj says:

    that was me dude!!!

    hell yes. I’m so pumped you did a SYWH post on it. I just got home from a ten hour work day. seeing this made my fucking night!

  23. Philbasa says:

    Cheeto fingers should be part of beta bingo

  24. Post-modern Warfare says:

    I need to figure out what deadlifting is so I can up my Alpha. I went to a Russian circles show last night and I haven’t felt this Beta in YEARS.

    Halp meeee

    • King Krakken says:

      Srs talk – Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote *the* book on body building “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” – buy it. Read it. Get gym membership & put it to use.

      I belong to a gym that looks like some kind of shitty Russian army outpost – all weights, like 2 treadmills, peeling decades old paint & everything – fuckin’ love it!

  25. Ada says:

    I work out but fuck a gym membership, save money and just work out at home.

    True question: Is having a weight bench on your porch redneck or ghetto?

  26. anon says:

    yeah i’ve gone from elitist THRASH IS TR00 FUCK KILLSWITCH ENGAGE POSER FAGOT to lovin easycore and all sorts of fun music. i’d say my life has improved tenfold since people now see me as this open-minded dude into all sorts rather than a nerdy metalfag. i think dead by april is a fun band to listen to cause they successful blend boy band pop with chugging core+synths. trying to uphold a credible music taste is pointless, i think i’d rather just have fun listening to music i know is pretty gay, but it’s fun. also people should dance to more breakbeat. most underrated dance genre???

    and i still think devin townsend is pretty rad, but the fanboys are terrible (all just “oh we like music other than metal! i like devin townsend hes amazin best musician evar he’s like 2deep and FAR BEYOND metal LOL”) blogs like this i can’t make up my mind if it’s satire or serious – but the comments by other posters give the impression that regardless of the authors intent the posters are definitely lapping up whatever he writes.

    fuck, metal is still great music, but the imagery is retarded and all fantasy based and has no relevance in the real world. so why do metalfags have to take it so bloody seriously?

  27. Dental Damnation says:

    It’d be better with Disqus, where’s the Disqus brah?

  28. grossj says:

    I don’t think it’s about “I listen to more and more hardcore and pop-punk” and “NOW I DEADLIFT BRAHHHHH”

    I think it’s about doing what you think is right and disregarding what people think you should do/be.

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