GG Allin – the scumbag’s scumbag – I honestly have no idea if people remember this dude at all… he was pretty famous in the late ’80s/early ’90s for his stage show and “don’t give a fuck” lifestyle.

Born in Vermont as Jesus Christ Allin – screwed from the start? – which his older brother Merle mispronounced as ‘Gee Gee’ and the name stuck. He started his career as a sub-mediocre punk in the early ’80s and started to develop a completely wild persona/stunning mental illness.

Honestly so sorry about this pic!

As his song writing turned to topics of murder/drugs/mutilation his stage show followed suit – the dude had a hangup for letting people abuse his body. By the late ’80s he was missing 90% of his teeth from getting them punched out on stage. He would also get/give blowjobs to/from audience members, shove the mic/any available object up his ass and shit all over the place. He was also pretty famous for letting anyone tattoo whatever they wanted on him – often when he was passed/blacked out.

Amazingly tame GG performance – he doesn’t get cold cocked for a good 30 seconds and he manages to keep most of his clothes on.

The definitive documentary on him is called ‘Hated’ – def. worth tracking down… it shows him trying to launch a ‘tour’ with his band The Murder Junkies, however since his shows usually *started* with the antics listed above, 10 minutes would have been a long GG show – the cops were usually there within 5 minutes of him hitting the stage. Funny bits in the film are him talking about ‘living out of a paper bag’ and then holding up a literal paper bag that has all hisĀ possessionsĀ in it & film of some grose chick peeing in his mouth (for fun).

Side note: in ’85/’86 GG moved to Manchester, NH – right where me & a bunch of friends used to skateboard all the time. He would frequently yell at us, call us ‘fashion punks’ etc. Mostly it was just a stream of swears. I had no idea who it even was at the time – prob. 5 years later I learned who was yelling at us – we thought it was some random hobo/homeless person.

How sweet! Just like they found him!

GG OD’ed in ’93 – and now that it’s been 20 years, I can totally see today’s punks trying to get into him – calling him authentic/dangerous/whatever… which would be totally hilarious to anyone that knows 99.999% of people would avoid GG shows like the plague. Although catching Hep C from his flying feces certainly would be dangerous…

I can’t leave off the article without saying that the one thing I do kinda dig about GG was his artwork – his albums looked just as gritty/shitty as the music they contained (compare this to the slick Bold albums of the same era! Good design hiding so much shitty music…) Here’s a few album covers to illustrate what I mean:

Anyways – goes without saying his music was terrible, but I don’t suppose that was the point.

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60 Responses to DO U REMEMBER: GG ALLIN?

  1. Mustard Tiger says:

    Straight up grodiest dude ever.

  2. Philbasa says:

    pretty sure he eats a hotdog out of some girls snatch in that movie. backed

  3. idrivearangerover says:

    Remember when he was jerry Springer? That was actually pretty boring.

  4. xpedox says:

    Remember him? Srsly im not sure if it just the way of all crust/anarcho/teenscumbag punks style but in europe at least every leatherjacket on a punk kids/adults have something related to GG Allin. Never undestood that, dude made shitty music and was just… well gg allin. Id get it that kids would be all about him if he had made good music.

    On a related note Bad Luck 13 must be the hardcore version of GG Allin, with more people acting like douches

  5. weedlord says:

    His early punk garage shit is good, always was, is and shall be is a good record

  6. Awesome post! yeah i actually like his “gg and the jabbers” stuff, its basically pop punk.

    I think its also worth mentioning that the hated doc was directed by the dude who made the hangover movies. You can see where his love of micro-penis’s comes from.

  7. Taytex says:

    I always saw him as bring immortalized by his antics… no one else really takes it THAT fucking far. Other than that, his music was pretty shit and insignificant.

  8. Austin Nutter says:

    Ok I gotta ask, where is his dick? It’s like not there at all.

  9. jm6g90 says:

    y does he fight like an 8 year old girl tho??

  10. Tim B says:

    I remember first hearing one of his songs being covered by cky, “bite it you scum”(?) it was pretty cool but the more i looked into it the more awesome/fucked up it got. Worst/best dude

  11. Is that a penis

    Or am I just hallucinating

  12. cougar party says:

    Good article, King. I guess if there is one good thing you can say about GG Allin is that he makes “shock rockers” like Marilyn Manson look like complete pussies. The dude serious did not give a fuck about anything or anyone.

  13. HERMAN says:

    i actually really like some GG Allin songs (“die when you die” was my shit for a while), although i could never listen to a whole album.

    ROIR was giving away a GG Allin bobblehead earlier this year…i was super bummed i didn’t win, it would’ve made a great mantel ornament or keepsake for my grandchildren.

  14. Sergeant D says:

    Oh man I could go on forever about GG! The Jabbers stuff is obviously brilliant, but there are a lot of great songs in his later catalog: “Tough Fuckin Shit,” “Sluts In The City,” “Kill The Children,” and more. Seriously really underrated in terms of his actual music! His antics are hilarious and all, but I legitimately love his music.

  15. and all these years i though he was saying “violence, you scum”..

    oddly, that entire video is on netflix instant,

    • BDD says:

      Bite It You Scum is the closest thing GG ever had to a bonified “hit”… it’s the song everyone knows.

      I spoke with his brother Merle on the phone many years ago, after GG died, about selling some of his shit (videos, music, etc) through the small mail order distro I ran at the time. Nice guy, but wouldn’t cut me a break on bulk purchases. I wasn’t out to make money on his brother’s notoriety; I just wanted to break even and do my part to help get his stuff out there, but he wasn’t having it. He did, however, send me a pretty nasty video of GG pullling a tampon out of some nasty fat bitches vag and sucking on it. Blah…

  16. T-Bone says:

    Oh how I love GG!

    If you ever want a fun night, get a bunch of your best bros together, drink a LOT of hard alcohol, watch Hated and then go out to a bar/party. Somebody is getting punched and most likely everyone will get kicked out of wherever you go. Good times!!

    As ridiculous as his live shows were (it is funny a guy with micro penis that can’t throw a punch would constantly be getting into fights naked) his recorded music wasn’t that bad. It was catchy garage pop-punk, plain and simple. “Sluts in the City” is maybe my all time fave

  17. idrivearangeover says:

    I heard he used to drink vodka straight up. not even mixed.

  18. Alex bigman says:

    Huge gg fan…. His country album is fucking genius!

  19. rvzz says:

    love gg. tough fuckin shit is a solid anthem for sure! the banned in boston shit is poppy and hilarious. a really fun record. is that when he was playing with the jabbers?

  20. Sam Francisco says:

    Serg and Krakken! Your thoughts on Anal Cunt / Seth Putnam? Either/both of you should do an article about him.

    • King Krakken says:

      When I was actively going to Boston shows (late ’80s/early ’90s) they were just complete noisecore – I may have seen them once? Pretty much avoided them & continued to do so… amazing they developed any kind of fan base.

      • BDD says:

        I got clocked in the forehead by Seth’s mic at a Detroit show many years ago. He just looked at me, grinned, called me a scumbag, and kept going. Great show.

  21. dave says:

    I was looking for an old video where the geeg is so punk he can’t stand up and found a 6 song scumfucs video from 1984.
    Dude was a showman.

  22. Dirty Darko says:

    The drummers a weird fucker too. He’s all obsessed with some chick I can’t remember who though, cause it has been 10 years since I have seen Hated

  23. the Shiny Seaturtle says:

    GG Allin… He scares me. Haha but I suppose that is a good thing, no?

    Anyway, i just wanted to say something cos this guy was punk as fuck.

  24. Wintermute says:

    Scum Fuck is the original Scum Slut.

  25. Mustard Tiger says:

    Straight up piss. Not even mixed

  26. King Krakken says:

    Honestly, in Boston in the late 80s/early 90s the hxc kids had a real ‘punxs dead!’ attitude (via Slapshot’s song of the same name) – and we really did avoid GG & this kind of music. At that time would have been the super underground dirtbags listening to this.

    And I believe GG’s drummer’s obsession was with a young (10 year old?) girl – I remember that being a real turn off when watching Hated.

  27. Alexander says:

    I love the music, and definitely respect the guy. someone had to do it, right? but I wouldn’t go anywhere near a show, LOL.

    you know when stupid kids are like “yeah man if only I had been born in [year], I’d go see [artist] all the time?” it really takes the cake when they are talking about GG.

  28. Totes says:

    I don’t know anything about GG Allin except that he pooped on stage and that when I worked at a record store, all the aging punks still wearing misfits everything and raising 2.5 kids treated him like he was the jesus of shock rock, which is true, I guess.

    do u guyz mbr the mentors? (I don’t, I just know they were “shocking” too, or whatever)

    • dave says:

      I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ll occasionally youtube Donkey Dick or Free Fix for a laugh. There was way more intrigue surrounding Duce’s death than GG’s too.
      Also, I can’t talk about purposefully offensive 80′s bands without mentioning the Meatmen. Come On Over To Mah Crib is as funny as it is outdated.

  29. guillo says:

    hated is great, honorable mentiongoes to the scene when gg is doing spokenword and beats up a woman. the drummer was obsessed with the lunachicks and was arrested for exposing himself to a young girl.

  30. Mustard Tiger says:

    Wasnt he born in a shack or some wierd shit?

  31. JW says:

    One of my father’s exes lived next to GG when he lived in Manchester. Said he was always pleasant with her and never wanted to shit in her mouth or ask her to punch his scrot or whatever. He gave her a pressing of his first LP and she still had it when they were together. Shit would probably be worth something to some Williamsburg “punk” homo.


  32. Inmyheadache says:

    It’s not surprising that his birth name was Jesus Christ, because he is “both alpha and omega”.

    The Jabbers stuff is so great. Really retarded lyrics and melodies stolen from Mad Magazine music and shit like that.

    I think the farthest I could go with him is probably Freaks, Faggots, etc and that might be based solely on the strength of Die When You Die. It sounds like it’s being punched out of the guitar.

    Hated was funny but it basically shows how pathetic this dude was (and his fans as well, if they are to be represented by that Latino dude with the glasses that was repeatedly interviewed)

  33. pdf says:

    I saw GG live in ’92 – in fact, the show I was at is in the movie Hated; it’s the one at Space at Chase in NYC. You can see me for like 2 seconds walking out after the cops show up. I remember the whole thing lasted like 10 minutes. The band started playing, two skanky strippers on either side of the stage were trying to dance sexily and failing, then GG came out wearing nothing but cowboy boots. He sang maybe three lines, then squatted down and shit on the floor. It looked like runny mud. He picked some up, smeared it on his chest, picked up some more and started throwing it at people. Then he grabbed some girl by the hair and started dragging her across the floor and humping the top of her head with his tiny penis. By this time we were all already fleeing. As I passed the camera crew, I suddenly realized why all their equipment was wrapped in plastic and they were all wearing yellow rain gear. The best/worst part was that we all got ridiculed by the bartender in the club’s main room. As we were running past, he was shouting “What are you running from? Isn’t this what you wanted? Get back in there and party with him!”

    • Sergeant D says:

      oh man that’s one of the best scenes in the movie– I almost wish I was there, but then I think about the non-zero chance of getting hep C from GG’s runny feces and I change my mind

  34. Blahblahshittyinternetname says:

    so, just as this predicted, a 15 year old scene chick at my highschool posted a facebook status about how gg allin is her new idol. fucking perfect. then some dude posted a reply about how GG is his idol too, and how he got this tatooed on his knuckles because of that:


  35. Garrett Downz says:

    GG Allin was fuckin awesome, he took it waaaay 2 far which is the way 2 go, just like the mentors and before gg and the mentors was the DAYGLO ABORTIONS who pretty much had the same type of hardcore punk/metal/thrashness to it, Its 2 bad hes not here, GG Rules

  36. Rick says:

    GG Allin is a God. If you don’t understand and appreciate his music then you know nothing about music. You can learn 100 times more in the world by listening to a GG record than you can in any classroom. People way GG was disturbed and retarded. He was simply acting out what society repsresents. Society is trash and rock n roll is trash too now. Eat it. GG is my savior. If you don’t like it your a fraud and a coward. The trendy word around southern california nowadays is perfect. Everyones looking for perfection because they’re jacked up in their shallow minds. Perfection is boring and doesn’t exist. I wish GG would throw feces all over southern california.

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  38. Chris says:

    The creep had borderline personality disorder – what do u expect from scumbags like that? They have no conscience, are extremely unstable and just major attention whores. They are empty, soulless beings who can’t love anyone, most of all they can’t love themselves.

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