Here is a screenshot of youth culture, circa 2011

Screenshot of some generic Tumblrbro’s blog– literally could not have chosen a lulzier combination of elements:

  • Trendy, over-hyped hipster hardcore band merch
  • Shitty fan art based on trendy, over-hyped streetwear brand (extra laffs in that whoever drew it didn’t even get the Supreme logo right)
  • Stupid “artsy” background photo
  • 14 year old with 2007-style Myspace swoop hair in a Suiside Silence basketball jersey. Pretty sure this is not actually the owner of the blog, which means either a) the blog owner is a girl, and he is some guy who makes her clit throb or b) the owner is a guy, and he used that pic because he thought it make tumblrsluts’ clits throb and therefore make him tumblrfamous. Either way ELL OH ELL.

My guess about the blog owner is that s/he is transitioning out of his mallcore phase and into her/his tr00 hardcore phase, which will turn into her/his indie rock phase, which will turn into her/his ikeacore/cooldad phase which will then turn into every other stupid white person with a normal dumb job aka real life.

Thanks to Mazzocchi for the link!

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13 Responses to Here is a screenshot of youth culture, circa 2011

  1. Christian Otte says:

    Which haircut should you get to score tumblrsluts “these” days?

  2. Tim says:

    lol @ ikeacore

  3. Brah says:

    I fucking hate cooldads.

  4. HERMAN says:

    defeater sound more like phaggy pussies to me than hipsters.

  5. Isaac says:

    Option C: Get face tattoos and 4-inch plugs; never get job

  6. DarthZedd says:

    Supreme = paying > 100$ for a simple hoodie because you want to look like Tyler the Creator.

  7. Anonymous says:

    seeing that defeater back patch makes me ashamed to have any kind of patch on my jacket

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