Is ENTOMBEDCORE the next tr00 hxc trend??

The hardcore scene is very predictable: every 5-7 years, someone who is talented and willing to go out on a limb comes up with an awesome idea for a new twist on the classic hardcore sound- usually someone older and/or weird who doesn’t give a fuck. Then all the little kids who are much less talented and are definitely not willing to do anything different copy that idea and run it into the ground via their shitty bands.

In the 80s it was youth crew, then crossover. In the 90s it was vegan moshcore and basement emo, which turned into metalcore and deathcore in the 00s. So what will be the big trend for 10s “tr00 hardcore”?? My guess is ENTOMBEDCORE, which is basically what happens when you take Dismember/Entombed riffs, add some Bridge 9 vocals, and throw in a pinch of Repulsion-style grind. Oh, and Orange amps [via Southern Lord].


IMO the definitive ENTOMBEDCORE band is NAILS, who are also the only band in this genre that I actually like. Don’t blame Todd for all the shitty ripoff bands, though– it’s not his fault that he is a talented guy who is also weird enough to do something different, which means that every time he has a good idea, kids copy it for 3-5 years.


Not sure, but Trap Them might have come out before Nails? Either way, I think of Trap Them as the Carnage to Nails’ Entombed: they’re on the right track, but just not quite as good and sort of entry-level in general. The main issue is that Trap Them is missing the grind elements that make Nails so awesome– also, I feel like they lack a certain “I’m so bitter and I want to die” quality??


And then there is ALL PIGS MUST DIE. I can’t front, musically they are pretty sweet- if you gave someone the task of copying the first couple Grave records and adding Bitter End vocals, I would give them an A++. But once again, what’s missing is the “I hate myself because I was raised by a single mother on welfare in a trailer” feel- I get more of a “I read some shit in Decibel about ‘TOP 10 SWEDEATH BANDS U NEEDS 2 KNOW’ and bought an HM-2 off eBay” kinda vibe. Wack. Strong URBN OUTFITTERS cover art too.


Again, NEW LOWS are OK in a “band I would have seen at Gilman in 1995 open for Dystopia” kind of way. They don’t suck but IDK, I’m just not feeling it??? Zzzzzzzz


And then there are straight up NAILS ripoff bands like DEAD IN THE DIRT. Apparently this is a “vegan sxe grindcore” band made up of dudes from that mediocre mosh band FOUNDATION. Speaking of which, Foundation reminds me of some D-level band who would be on X Catalyst X and only tour in Italy, Germany and Belgium– why do people jizz over this garbage??? I thought we left it in the 90s, in the pages of Heartattack and other stuff I just want to forget because it makes me regret the first 23 years of my life. Can we just lock them inside Gilman and set the whole place on fire??


WAT U THINK??? In b4 B9 dorks start jocking the Carnage LP, and in b4 Todd Jones hides under a rock out of sheer embarrassment over what his imitators are doing.

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135 Responses to Is ENTOMBEDCORE the next tr00 hxc trend??

  1. Redfield says:

    Hopefully not, It’s not bad but I’m hoping more bands will be taking notes from Take Offense and Power Trip.

    • Brah says:

      I love Power Trip and Cruel Hand’s thrashy take on hardcore, but I also am prtygay for Entombedcore.

    • ThomGwarrior says:

      I hate when hipsters jump on bandwagons. A lot of these newer HxC bands are so insincere and phoney. They all sound like watered down Swedish death metal. I would say the Classics reign supreme, and new DEATH METAL bands like Cryptborn, Morbid Flesh, Entrails, and Morbider, etc, kick the shit out of bands like Black breath and Trap them. Hipsters never fully embrace metal they always poach certain aspects and try to use it in whatever fashionable trendy way they can.

  2. GoingDeaf? says:

    It’s already a trend… the whole “Power of the Riff” festival that recently happened on the west coast could have easily been called the “HM-2 Tour”. Trendy as it is, I much prefer this to Deathcore and other trends out there right now. At least it has some energy and aggression.

    Enabler is up there with Nails as the best I’ve heard in this style IMO…though they are lacking the HM-2 sound so maybe they don’t qualify?

  3. GoingDeaf? says:

    Also, I’ve seen all of these bands live except Dead in the Dirt and none of them use Orange… Come on, D! That’s for the Stoner and Doom crowd.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can get behind this trend.

  5. i prefer the metal zone MT-2

  6. Walker says:

    heh, this post is basically the sum contents of about 6 months worth of threads on the Decibel forum. Nails is the best, APMD is good too, TT/Black Breath/Masakari are all entry level

    • Brah says:

      Black Breath is HM-2, but it’s d-beat like Disfear, not Entombedcore.

      • Sergeant D says:

        if there’s a worse genre than d-beat, I am having trouble thinking of it… non-ironically think ICP is 100000x better than Disfear

        • OBEY1019 says:

          What is d-beat? I think Disfear are lame so I have a feeling I won’t like it lol

          • T-Bone says:

            D-Beat stands for “Discharge Beat”. It’s an entire genre associated with drum beat that Discharge used on a majority of their early songs.

            Swedes, Japanese and smelly crusties from Portland LOVE THIS SHIT!

            Totalitar and couple others are pretty good, but most D-beat is super generic and sounds like they took the master tapes and threw them in garbage disposal

          • Brah says:

            D-beat is punk/hxc bands trying to sound like motorhead/discharge. It’s lame, but it’s not entombedcore.

  7. JS says:

    “this post is basically the sum contents of about 6 months worth of threads on the Decibel forum”

    Haha this is true.

    Great post, I like all this stuff, even the more mediocre stuff like the Secret and Early Graves.

    Pretty sure Trap Them was the first ones to do it. Their other old songs has more grind than the one posted.

  8. Chief666 says:

    this all sounds like entombed . maybe they took their unused songs :)

  9. Guido from italy says:

    “some D-level band who would be on X Catalyst X and only tour in Italy, Germany and Belgium” hahahahaha so sad so true!!

    also: The Secret are “entombed-core”? wouldn’t say so, more like “blackened crust wannabes that take too many showers to be the real thing”

  10. Telly says:

    There seems to be a concurrent trend, at least on this end of the pond, of hardcore kids pretending to be into Electric Wizard. No, I don’t understand why either.

    • m00k says:

      Hang the Bastard, Slabdragger, Moloch and such?

      • Paul Caudell says:

        To be fair I wouldn’t say that the popularity (amongst hardcore kids) of these bands was caused by anything but them being on Holy Roar. I still watch Slabdragger rip up stoner rock bills…

      • sam thredder - slabdragger says:

        hello. just found this comment. i’m in slabdragger. why would you assume that we are a part of a trend of ‘hardcore kids pretending to be into electric wizard’? i have recorded a bunch of hardcore bands and have played in a couple. i’ have never pretended to be into electric wizard (or ‘doom metal’ as i know you just used EW as an umbrella term for ‘doom’). i have infact been a fan of sleep since 1995 when i bought the earplugged VHS with the dragonaut video. i follow no trends. we follow no trends. we make music we like, simple as. no one else’s opinions come into play. we are as DIY as it can get. just because holy roar put our record out (they do really nice looking records. whats the problem?) do we lose points? i’m so very sorry.

  11. herry says:

    don’t forget the Cursed-core..

    • nonameisfinetoo says:

      Agree with this. IMO the precursor of this trend were CURSED, and were pretty good too. Shame the singer is now in a half-assed motorhead revival band…

  12. serious machine says:

    I fucking love Entombed.

    That said, I assume most of these bands are posers. I do really like All Pigs Must Die though. Most magazines(ha! print media is dead.) and blogs like to call them “the real thing” “back to the true roots of HxC”(please don’t ask for me to show my work) I still think it’s posers. It’s posers like things are hipsters. Not the music or the bands, but the fans and the bloggers that make them posers.

  13. OBEY1019 says:

    I never could think of a name for this genre but you nailed it D! I never could understand why some people love Trap Them…they sound like a sub par Converge.

  14. Stop Cunting says:

    The style should be called Medio-core, because I haven’t yawned this much during music since I was forced to watch Across The Unicerse (it was either that or get cunted at).

  15. Save Parker says:

    Quality post, though I doubt 90% of bands like this ever make out of hipstercore underground circles. Still, there should eventually be some imitators who care way too much about sounding exactly the same, and some imitators who will take this sound and add lyrics about their ex-girlfriend and/or clean vocals. Those two should be the most fun to watch.

  16. Ya mum says:

    Awesome, you just reminded me I have an HM2 sitting in a box in my cupboard. Now I too, can be tr00ly HXC.
    Thank you D.

  17. snikt says:

    great post D, fuck this trend. but for the record, the first trap them LP “sleepwell deconstructor” (shitty title i know) is way grindier/better than anything else in this style. everything they did after that sucked, but that record definitely brings the self-hate vibe

    and i like new lows, but for the life of me i can’t explain why :/

  18. cougar party says:

    In spite of the fact that I visit this site regularly, I hardly listen to any Hardcore and frankly know very little about it (other than what I have gleaned from this site). So maybe I’m just an entry-level noob, but for me APMD = YOU”RE FUCKING MOSHING!!!

    Great live band.

  19. kmfcm says:

    I hate death’n'roll.

  20. D.Matt says:

    I know Dead in the Dirt. Haha. I was suppose to be their bassist at one point.

    I don’t hate the band, and the dudes are rad as hell.

    But instead, i joined a low-fi, noise-pop band. Playing things like SXSW and CMJ are more fun than crusty basments. That shit was legit when i was 19… but now i’m almost 30, and i opt for the free swag, free drink afterparties, and keute hipster girls with glasses.

  21. Alex_P says:

    I’ll take Nails, Early Graves and Trap Them. IMO Early Graves are the only band that come close to Nails in terms of pissed-off self-hatred, and Trap Them are just generally good songwriters. If I get 3 bands out of a genre, then it can be considered a success and I won’t worry about all the others I’m iffy on.

  22. Sergeant D says:

    I was just thinking, this could also be called DECIBELCORE

  23. grymboner says:

    D, what about Mammoth Grinder?

    They abuse that HM-2 pedal like a motherfucker but are they entombed-core?

    Plus, they have a Venom cover on one of their EPs, makes them cool in my eyes.

  24. The comment is a spy says:

    Unabashadley love this genre, come at me bro, DEFEND ENTOMBEDCORE!

    Trap Them live = you’re moshing, I don’t care what any 30+ crusty moshbros tell me

  25. serious machine says:

    Still I’d rather bands rip off entombed than some of the other crap that is out there.

    I’m okay with entombedcore/decibelcore. It the poser fans I dislike.

    Decibelcore is a great title, but it changes every six months or so. Decibelcore used to be isis, jesu, electric wizard. Then it was mastodon and municipal waste. trends.

  26. yeah i dunno if this counts as a trend, to me a trend requires a certain amount of popularity. ive seen most of these bands play in nyc and there were like 3-30 people in attendance, the real brooklyn hipster trend right now is to jock stoner/doom and blackmetal southern lord bands, and be really into weed.

    also left for dead sounded like this over 10? years ago?

    seeing these bands really brings back the 90s hardcore vibe tho, not a girl in sight.

    • dude says:

      you must not have seen nails/apmd/new lows play in brooklyn cuz that show was sold out

      • naa, that was at union pool right? whats selling out union pool like100 people? i mean thats cool i like nails. im just saying the internet always makes things seem overblown. like how people think furries are this big movement when is really like 300 people in the whole world.

    • HERMAN says:

      “the real brooklyn hipster trend right now is to jock stoner/doom and blackmetal southern lord bands, and be really into weed.”

      this is really a trend? a bunch of my hipster friends suddenly got into sludge and shit like that, which i thought was weird.

  27. mcsquish says:

    It’s definitely several years old from within the white-shirted hxc community. You really can’t fuck with His Hero Is Gone, so I generally ignore bands that sound similar and came after HHIG.

    What’s funny is seeing a white-shirts band covering Cursed, and then seeing a youthattack band cover Madball’s “Smell The Bacon/What’s With You?”

    • Sergeant D says:

      “What’s funny is seeing a white-shirts band covering Cursed, and then seeing a youthattack band cover Madball’s “Smell The Bacon/What’s With You?””

      haha thats a really good observation– THE IRONING!

  28. Anonymous says:

    im suprised his hero is gone hasnt been mentioned at all

  29. T-Bone says:

    I don’t think you are giving Trap Them and APMD enough “I hate my life and humanity” credit. I have seen both of them live (Trap Them numerous times) and both singers are some angry, hatred filled mother fuckers.

    Totally backing this genre. As others have mentioned all these bands = you’re moshing

  30. ps3 has no games says:

    Oh lawdie me. When I hear this all I can think of is middle aged fat neckbeards thrashing around. Then serving me breakfast the next day at Dennys.

  31. CallPastorJerkface says:

    I keep thinking I’ll “get” Entombed someday…just not today I guess.

  32. mcsquish says:

    Well when someone cites Entombed as an influence, especially in hardcore, they mean “Wolverine Blues”, and not the death-n-roll stuff like “Morning Star” or the band Systral.

    So if you don’t *get* “Wolverine Blues”, then there’s no need to go any further.

  33. balls deep in tumblr pussy says:

    trap them are my fav out of the entombedcore bands cuz their songwriting is on another level compared to the others, ryan mckenneys lyrics are probably the darkest out of all the bands. nails are good yeah, but their songs can seem a bit samey, and because its todd jones they have a bunch of b9 douche fans who windmill at their shows.

    i wouldnt really lump black breath in with the bands, they share the entombed influences and hm-2 sound, but their music is more straight up crust-with-entombed-riffing and the occasional fully metal song, whereas all the bands in this post are more on the converge and grind-sounding side of things

  34. Nico says:

    How can you not mention FULL OF HELL (
    in an ENTOMBEDCORE article?

    ……Love all these bands, btw.

  35. bob lablaw says:

    i hate nails ..theyve been the elm street of my local scene(you cant escape them) they get booked on everything from pv/fastcore shows to the leftover beatdown garbagecore bands that are still kicking around southern california and from what i noticed (friends have made the same comments) they cater to the particular audience theyre playing in front of (hands above eyes peering into the crowd…leather jacket leather jacket (play 50% faster) go! they are the carson daily of of hardcore/”entomedcore”/whateverthenightcallsforcore…proof? southern lord records??? what in the…..

  36. Austin Nutter says:

    Love this style. It’s heavy, it’s fast, it’s pissed, it gets my attention. Seriously, like most of the moshcore/wiggerish arm movementcore bands posted on this site fail to convince me, I just feel so much more energy coming from the bands in this style. I really wish it wasn’t trendy, but whatever, I like it and that’s enough.

  37. JS says:

    I just listened to the Dead in the dirt song, sound like a foundation song produced by kurt ballou with a grind part randomly thrown in. But thats not a bad thing in my book though I have yet to decide on this song.
    And nice to see Southern Lord is putting out their next release lolol good thing itll probably be limited to 1000 7″s cause this shit will be filling sale bins for years to come. eithar that or theyll just throw black breath cds randomly into people orders in the future.

    One of my favorite things about this genre is how is pisses of smelly crust punx… for starters you could say trap them or nails are better than discharge, then move on to telling them how much amebix and crass sucks to get them more stangry. And you can do it without lying.

  38. Paul Caudell says:

    Quite frankly this is one of the better incarnations of hardcore. Cursed and Entombed influenced bands are better than a ton of Norma Jean rip offs.

  39. mcsquish says:

    Let’s not blur the lines of distinction- Entombedcore is NOT bands like Full Of Hell. It’s when hxc mosh bros play false metal with a little pv/grind. Nails and Trap Them are perfect examples since, respectively, they have members of Blacklisted and 108 (amongst a huuuge number of past bands)

    Take the Wolverine Blues video- it’s a bunch of formerly-serious metal dudes who are having some tacky fun in their shittily-made music video.

    The misunderstanding that hxc bros have is that growing your hair out and wearing a Pulling Teeth shirt makes you more serious, yet the point in Entombed’s career they were ripping off was the turning point in which Entombed said, “fuck it, let’s have FUN and make some fuckin rock and roll.”

    It’s not about D-beat, japcore, Americans copying japcore, crust, youthattack, crustcore, etc.- it’s all about the tr00 hxc phenom where, as I’ve said before, “When white shirts turn black.”

    • Sergeant D says:

      “Entombedcore is NOT bands like Full Of Hell. It’s when hxc mosh bros play false metal with a little pv/grind”

      yes, exactly

    • Anonymous says:

      IF my under-30 yet over-21 non-trending eyes read correctly, if one views the pages of the (admittedly) cliche “bible” of death metalers and grinders, this whole production was mainly Sony’s fault. They just saw the word “wolverine”, and with thier $$$$ fueled minds, somehow got this “translated” from the Swedes. During this time of 90′s death metal, some of the groups who’d been gaining attention on indie labels i.e. Earache and Peaceville, got signed to majors. I believe “death’n'roll” that older Entombed and Carcass released was a butting of heads in disguise. I mean come the fuck on, who’d be tuning lower than D if it weren’t for the old guard?

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  41. navebucketdude says:

    guess I am a bit butthurt, I enjoy trap them and nails alot…but just wanted to point of that trap them was formed in 2001 and nails was formed in 2007… :lol: But trolls don’t do research…still I found this article very lulzy :rofl: this stuff is modern hardcore punk.

  42. Anonymous says:

    You guys are all dickfaggots. Putting a name to something, making it “——core” is dumb as fuck. If you like PV, cool. You like xVx, cool. You like punk, metal, indie, cool. Its all fucking music, stop trying to look cool for 16 year olds who don’t own record players, and haven’t been going to shows since way back when. I like almost all bands named. The fact that you guys actually take “fads” seriously, its very LOL.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Must not. You asked what I think.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Played a show with dead in the dirt once. I have to tell you the beardo hxc thing is pretty spot on. However, I feel you should add a hipster element to the whole thing. The “venue” was a hipster collective of “hardcore” kids under 21 (mostly high school fggts). Everyone acted like we were there doing something “relevant” or “important” and pretty much art fagged out. idk. n e ways dead in the dirt are nice guys, except the drummer… he’s a dick.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Trap Them already had a 7″ and a full length out when Nails formed.

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  47. Fight titles says:

    This is like pittsburghs entire scene. Except Pittsburgh has a kick ass scene. If you can hate Code Orange Kids (angry//angsty as fuck true but… Dem breakdowns!), heartless, and girlfight there’s something wrong. The scene is a funny mix of fggty hs kids like meh and crusties who still jock the Aus Rotten swag though.

  48. artxxx says:

    Love the way you write about Foundation. One of my fav bands tho
    APMD are way too overrated (ben koller is the reason)
    But Sarge, Trap Them are really catchy and amazing, y u no see this?

  49. floss says:

    don’t forget death breath! their totally jumping THEIR OWN TRAIN!

  50. fuzzyxpickles says:

    Has anyone heard Entombeds Same difference? i think im the only one who liked that….

  51. ariane says:

    Massive Assault…/ new band
    It’s crustcore and deathmetal mixed.
    Very entombed!

  52. Mein Kunt says:

    I have all these bands tagged as Dark Hardcore, because I refuse to use the term Entombedcore.

  53. I heard that there are a bunch of hardcore bands that sound like “Slaughter of the Soul”!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      yup! most will admit too!! I bet you could easily come across some bukakke article on how all the early to mid 00′s metalcore bands lived off of small shreds of the album’s sleeve or something

  54. Skinfather and Harm’s Way are probably the most bare-bones hxc bands doing this that I’ve heard so far, the others up the top doin’ thangs are all doing really different things.

  55. no one says:

    trap them rules. some of the more cynical, sarcastic, pissed off music you will ever find. you’re just not paying attention.

  56. CrucifixionMMXI says:

    You sir, are an elitist internet faggot.
    By the way: Fucking up about modern music in the internet is very Hardcore 2012. Hipster.

  57. Joh Paul says:

    The author needs to actually research the bands he criticizes. I know it’s all supposed to be funny, but you really must not have looked to far into DITD if you really think that they are just “bros from foundation”.. I don’t know the drummer personally but the other two guys in this band have been playing in non hardcore bands for their entire lives. Not that it should even matter. I hate the “Entombedcore” HM2 bullshit trend as much as anyone else, but at some point you all just look naive calling these bands out.

  58. thedisappoint says:

    I got lots of love for all these bands. DEFEND ENTOMBEDCORE!
    I also listen to tr00 beardo tech-death and generic deathcore in equal amounts, should I give any fucks about being called a poser??

    • jordude says:

      u dig wht u dig, bro. i enjoy the site but sarge seems hypocritical sometimes.
      ‘ppl who bash genres r lol’ yet here we are.

  59. gath says:

    entombed are such an amazing band. so so underrated – hopefully that will change soon enough! been a fan for many years but saw them at hellfest 2012 for the first time and it was the rowdiest set of the weekend, only topped in heaviness by obituary who still managed to be utterly devastating with a guitarist missing. Such nice/humble guys as well, more than happy to chat with a fan about metal and musicianship, both of which they have in spades! If you are interested in swedish death metal i highly, highly recommend reading this book:

    Also this band from Olympia WA, USA. Legit as fuck old school death. better than any of the bands listed in these comments.
    Bone Sickness

  60. xheartburnX says:

    I just feel that I should remind everyone that Converge covers wolverine blues on their split with Napalm Death. Not that converge is Entombedcore, but that one dude from Converge is in APMD. so there’s that.

  61. Noj666 says:

    I don’t understand all the hate, I see these bands with just a wide metal and hardcore punk influence that makes metal punk. There’s always going to be posers in any scene. But it sure beats any other trend that’s going on, I mean I’ve seen a hand full of these bands play and they really have a lot of energy and emotion.

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  63. hollowman says:

    Let’s get drunk and play some fun riffs. who cares that fuckin core.
    HM-2 will never be replaced for some serious Death Metal stuff.

  64. Turbodildos says:

    I honestly like most of these bands. One day though I was on and found a band called Deathrite that sounded just like every band listed and I realized this shit was overflowing.
    Anyways though, the way I see it, Trap Them were the first ones doing this, they started in 2001 after all and had stuff out before Nails did, I also think they are the best “entombed-core”. These bands owe a shit ton to Cursed and His Hero Is Gone. Even though I do like this style, I will agree it’s becoming rather stagnant.

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