New ME VS HERO video, wat u think??

Regular readers of SYWH know that I have a shameful secret: I’m a closet Eurocore fan. As much as I mock Eurocores (for good reason), I can’t lie, I love their music. And probably my favorite Eurocore band is ME VS HERO. “Can You Count Suckers” is easily one of my favorite songs of the last couple years, tied with Chunk No Captain Chunk “In Friends We Trust” for “videos I have watched at work so many times my coworkers are afraid I’m turning into a 17 year-old girl from Manchester.”

Anyway, I hadn’t heard anything from Me Vs Hero in quite a while and I thought they might be done, so I am super stoked that they have a new video for “What Seems To Be The Officer Problem”. My notes:

  • Concept is “band playing their heart out while their bros chill in the grass and kick it like an American Eagle photoshoot for their back-to-school campaign.”
  • Zany song title? Check.
  • Entry-level American streetwear/action sports brands? Check.

Overall I feel like they are in a transitional period– I kind of wonder if they are going to turn into tr00 pop punk soon?? On the one hand you have the bassist still rocking a 2008-style emo swoop haircut, but then you have the guitarist looking very tr00/Ikeacore in his glasses, 1950s dad haircut and Man Overboard shirt, so it’s hard to say where their heads are at. Personally I’d be very sad if they dropped the breakdowns and turned into a boring Transit/Title Fight dadpunk band, but I feel like it’s inevitable. Eurocores basically do whatever American bands did two years ago, so I give it another year before MVH start sucking.

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27 Responses to New ME VS HERO video, wat u think??

  1. can we finally just b frends irl

  2. Sounds JUST like ADTR/Four Year Strong mix. Guess that’s alright.

  3. bombonthebus says:

    I love this band too. This song is actually a few years old but since they just made a video for it maybe they still like EASYCORE? I hope so!

  4. toast says:

    +1 for GRASSY FIELD!

  5. Christian Otte says:

    One of their latest status updates on Facebook: “Ok, we’ve said this a lot lately, but we really are hard at working writing some awesome new tunes. Working harder than we ever have before. Who likes beatdowns?? Coz we do ;-) hint hint”

    Looks like they’re not going soft on us!

  6. pl says:

    sywh readers who like MVH, check out DECADE :
    so good

  7. Keka says:

    “my coworkers are afraid I’m turning into a 17 year-old girl from Manchester.”

    As a Brit, I know 17 year-old girls from Manchester. As such, I now assume that you drink way too much (Nothing less fun that fucking a girl who’d be awesome if she didn’t reek of vomit. It smells of wasted opportunity), have entirely flunked any semblance of education, and will put put for the first guy who plays to your daddy issues.

  8. Brah says:

    #YDSQUAD forever, if this is at all similar I will probably blast that shit.

  9. CallPastorJerkface says:

    Great song!

    I’ve managed to convince a couple of my fellow rock nerds of the power and the glory of Euro easycore so expect it to be held in the same reverence as old school power pop (The Records, Tours, Paul Collins’ Beat, etc.) in the near future.

  10. Save Parker says:

    This isn’t bad, I love any music with slight accents. They’ll probably go the ADTR route, which means more radio rock attempts, less breakdowns but still breakdowns, and a song that is just a breakdown inside of a breakdown. Not the worst thing that can happen.

  11. Mustard Tiger says:

    Its good but I feel like it sounds almost to similar to four year,

  12. Taytex says:

    I like this! It’s a lot more subtle than Chunk, which is a band where you can practically say “Okay, here is the pop part.” and “Now this is the -core part.”. I definitely see potential in them becoming tr00 pop punk, but I admittedly eat that shit up so either way I can dig it!

  13. King Krakken says:

    I thought Orange amps were a dead giveaway for tr00 pop-punk? Or am I getting mixed up again…

  14. Eurobeta says:

    Check this out:
    Italian Easysynthcore!

  15. BloodyGuts says:

    Whoa. This song rules and this is my new fav band.
    Be still, my beating (1996) heart! I want to marry the one in the HORN-RIMMED GLASSES!
    They dress exactly how I wish every boy on earth dressed. Skinny jeans, vans, hoodies, jean jackets, knit hat. SWOOOOOON!! That sounds so easy and basic, but really. I don’t know anyone who does it well.
    <3 brits <3

  16. Lewis C. says:

    Really like this song!

  17. Thetotalbro says:

    I think orange cabs are only a dead giveaway if the band is American. They seem to just be the amp of choice for Brits. Maybe they aren’t retarded expensive over in England?

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